Mario (Silly Melee Universe)

This version of Mario hails from the Silly Melee Universe. During the tier wars, Mario would fight on the side of the low tiers unless he was captured. During the recent tier war, Mario betrayed the low tiers and joined Peach, but left her after being humiliated by Kirby. Mario then tried conquering his world, but was stopped by Luigi, Kirby, Pichu, and the reformed Zelda. Mario was then exiled to Brawl, Mario then had a change of heart and requested to stay there after he met a pair of Ice Climbers who befriended him. Mario soon reunited with Crazy Finger Samus and the other Kirby from his world and started living with them. In Season 17, Mario, Kirby, and Crazy Finger Samus reunited with Jigglypuff, and the trio learn about Razanak.

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