Marucho Marakura

Marucho Marakura is a member of the Battle Brawlers and a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 23. Marucho made a cameo appearance in Season 5 in one of 2 photos that Goku looked at to get on a lock on Bayview, where there was a gateway to Neathia. However, Marucho didn't debut until Season 23, where Kirby tried to get the others up so they can help the Heroes of Legend. Marucho later helps out during the Fight to the Finish 2 Arc.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Aquos Preyas (Shares with Ben Tennyson)

Aquos Minx Elfin

Aquos Akwimos (Shares with Ben Tennyson)

Aquos Infinity Trister

Aquos Radizen

Subterra Roxtor (Shares with Mira Clay)


  • Marucho is one of the three Battle Brawlers who share their Bakugan with a character outside the Bakugan franchise, the others being Dan Kuso and Gunz Lazar. However, unlike Dan and Gunz, Marucho only shares Preyas and Akwimos, as they are the only Bakugan he has that debuted before him.


These are the outfits Marucho has worn over the course of the Bakugan anime.

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