Master Chief

Master Chief is an main protagonist in Super Smash Bros Brawl Crossover. He is a SPARTAN-II commando of UNSC and is(in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Crossover only) the protector of Tikal The Echidna from Coredegon whom he hates due to him trying to kill her.

History Edit

He alongside Toon Link and Kirby were invited to visit Mushroom Kingdom to see Mario, Luigi, and Wario in Season 1. Mario, Luigi, and Wario soon received an invitation for an party at Princess Peach's castle. Mario and his friends begin to race to the castle where Master Chief, Toon Link, and Kirby try to catch up meeting Yoshi along the way. Unfortunately Mario and his friends soon realize that The Covenant have invaded Mushroom Kingdom and imprison Mario and Wario. Leaving Master Chief, Toon Link, Kirby, and Yoshi to stop The Covenant. Somehow with the help of Master Chief, Toon Link, Kirby, and Yoshi easily counter all of The Covenant's attacks which grew The Covenant angered and sent in endless waves of Elites and Hunters to surround the heroes. However just before the aliens could capture them. An mysterious being known as Mata Nui appears and saves them as well freeing Mario from The Covenant. He alongside Mata Nui, Toon Link, Kirby, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi fought against The Covenant and eventually defeated them however the The Covenant have begun going their next conquest to Dreamland having Mata Nui teleport him, Mario, Wario, and Kirby. In Season 2 the heroes encountered an strange group of criminals known as Marauders. The Marauders easily defeat Mario and Kirby but Master Chief and Wario however managed to defeat them, later Kirby then encounters an strange faction known as League Of Six Kingdoms whom can assist the heroes into defeating The Covenant. Unfortunately them along with their leader Pridak was revealed to be allied with The Covenant and kidnaps Kirby, having Master Chief, Mario, and Wario have to rescue him as well recruiting with Meta Knight on the way. He along with Mario fought off The Covenant while Meta Knight and Wario battled the League Of Six Kingdoms. With the help of Mata Nui, Meta Knight and Wario somehow were able to defeat League Of Six Kingdoms and rescue Kirby.

Exploring Angel Island and Meeting With Tikal Edit

After escaping, in season 20 he saw and traveled to Angel Island to explore life on the planet. Later upon landing Master Chief hears an voice coming from Mystic Ruins, he follows the voice and sees Tikal. Master Chief is delighted to see her prettyness and introduces himself to her. Master Chief soon begins to explain his post mission being attacked by Mephiles and Razenoid to Tikal. Tikal begins to recognize the Nonet Bakugan and talks about them to Master Chief. Master Chief also stated that while being dragged Razenoid, he had an illusion of Coredegon. Meanwhile Wiseman suddenly realizes that Master Chief is getting to know his true form and future self and if he is fully aware of his weakness, Master Chief can be the hero to destroy him along with the Heroes Of Legend. He sends the Master Hand and Crazy Hand to corrupt Tikal, the hands to go corrupt Tikal to summon Wiseman. This caused Master Chief to go after the hands.

Confronting Barodius Edit

When Master Chief goes after the Hands. He gets in his mongoose atv to catch up on them. Crazy Hand begins to attack Chief, however Chief jumps and knocks out Crazy Hand where Master Hand tries to defeat Master Chief for payback, he dodges it to let Crazy Hand get blasted instead. He begins interrogating them where Tikal was taken. They state that only Mag Mel knows being located in Gundalia. Later in season 29 when Master Chief heads there and faces him. As soon as he reaches their, he is challenged by the Chaos Bakugan. Master Chief comes out victorious and soon hears Mag Mel's voice where he steps out and fights Master Chief, Mag Mel draws out his darkus saber while Master Chief draws out his Energy Sword whom he stole from the Convenant. With Mag Mel winning the duel he begins taunting Chief that about him saving Tikal, this grew Master Chief angered and he drew out and duel wielded two energy swords with Mag Mel outshone and is defeated. Master Chief begins beating Mag Mel asking where Tikal is, Mag Mel laughs and alerts Master Chief that The Covenant are now arriving forcing Master Chief to escape

Learning Coredegon's Plan Edit

While rushing to save Tikal, he dose not know where she is, luckily his partner Lucario stops by and asks his help to know where she is, Lucario gives the location and Master Chief thanks him, however he encounters and is attacked by the Nonets, but somehow Master Chief calls in his UNSC aircraft to distract the Nonets and cause Master Chief to defeat them using his energy sword, he interrogates them where he is captured by Mechtavius Destroyer and is taken captive. Later he seeing Tikal merging with Chaos to become Tikahos, he broke out of Mechtavius Destroyer's cell out of rage and saw her being recorrupted by Mechtavius Destroyer and was ordered to defeat the Brawlers at Angel Island, he overhears Coredegon's plan and is decieving her discovering that Coredegon will kill her when she returns. Fueling Master Chief's hatred and revenge towards him. Just before the berserking Master Chief can strike at Mechtavius Destroyer, he meets Arbiter, who was an Convenant soldier. Arbiter explains that the pyschopath is to stronge to defeat Master Chief and must first rehabilitate Tikal. Master Chief uses his cloak to sneak away from Mechtavius Destroyer and alert Tikal.

Saving Tikal Edit

Master Chief rushes to Angel Island to warn Tikal about her fate in the future. Just as he arrives, he sees her, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand fighting the battle brawlers. Master Chief breaks up the fight by telling Drago about the whole future fate. The Bakugan Battle Brawlers defeat her with the help of Master Chief and revert her back. He tells Tikal and her friends the news which shocked them. Dan Kuso later states that she will be safe in Smash City. So Master Chief and the Battle Brawlers took Tikal to Smash City safely.

Defense Edit

While living safely in Smash City, Master Chief told Tikal that she needs to learn to fight in order to defend herself from Coredegon and his villains. He took her to the training arena and taught her fighting skills, later Drago stated that he give Tikal pyrus abilities due that he can absorb the Master Emerald. Master Chief states that is an risk but Drago tells Chief to trust him. Drago absorbs the Master Emerald and gives Tikal bakugan powers, Unfortunately Master Hand and Crazy Hand are possessed by Razenoid sent by the enraged Coredegon. Chaos attempts to protect Tikal and Master Chief but is defeated. This brought Tikal into anger to see her allies fall. She defeats the Hands by using her fire ball and sends them back to Coredegon.

Illusions Seen Edit

After Fight To The Finish 2 Arc, Master Chief began having an conversation with Tikal, She began explaining while being afiliated with Wiseman she as well had an illusion where she saw his true form and saw him merging with the Nomadic Mechtogan to become the Mechtavius Destroyer. Later on Master Chief had suddenly encountered an entity known as Nazo, at first he was about to attack but Nazo then confirms himself to be good. Tikal suddenly senses an illusion that an creature known as Gravemind has been brought to life from the destruction of Pillar Of Autumn and has an reanimated an undead species known as the Flood. Nazo explains that he knows everything about the Flood and can help Master Chief defeat them. But asks to have support so that the Flood won't destroy him. Master Chief sends out his UNSC to protect him. Tikal then suddenly has recieved an income that an unidentified ship is approaching Angel Island. She decides that it would be best for him to investigate it along with her.

An New Threat Edit

In season 24, When Master Chief, Tikal, and Nazo investigate the ship heading Angel Island from space Master Chief realizes that the ship turned out to be Truth and Reconciliation, the previous covenant ship now being operated by the Flood. They head there, and investiagate it, Master Chief alerts Tikal and Nazo to watch out for enemies, Tikal wonders what Flood really are despite seeing an illusion of them, Suddenly he sees an destroyed robot, which confused him. He asks that the covenant never made robots in their ship. He and TIkal suddenly hear an voice who taunts him, Later the robot confirms himself to be Ultron. The robot awakens turning out to be Ultron and attacks him, Master Chief tries various ways to destroy Ultron but loses this time due to the Flood distracting him. The Flood then begins going after Nazo, where the UNSC attempt to protect him but are infected. Tikal wipes out the Flood using an wave of flame on them. Ultron begins to taunt Tikal that no one can save her especially while Master Chief was unconcious. However just before Ultron can destroy her, an new spartan saves her whom is called Spartan David. By the time Master Chief awakens he sees an incoming Flood enemy attempting to strike at him, however Tikal blasts fire at the Flood to save him. Ultron unfortunately disables the ships that Master Chief and Tikal were boarding on. Luckily an unknown figure comes out of nowhere and assaults Ultron thus reactivating the ships that Ultron previously shut down. Master Chief is poised to see who the mysterious figure is, it turns out that it is Captain America. Captain America states that Spartan David can shut off the ship in order to stop letting it going to Angel Island, Chief states that the Flood may be too dangerous to let David shut off the shield. So He comes along with Spartan David and rush to the control command. By the time they reach their, an army of Flood ambush them. The spartans fend off the Flood and disable Truth and Reconciliation to make it stop invading Angel Island and the four heroes escape the ship. Master Chief wonders where Nazo is with Tikal stating that he probably escaped

The New Heroes Edit

Upon returning to Smash City, he and Tikal meet up with Captain America and Spartan David and about Gravemind. Spartan David explains that he knows everything about Gravemind and the Flood due that he fought since the Flood-Human war. He also explains to Master Chief how it is was formed and states it will continute to summon and reanimate it's Flood army and will not stop until it succeeds it's goal. Master Chief interrupts that he wants to destroy Coredegon and his Nomadic Mechtogan immediately, Spartan David states that he must form alliance to stop them and enhance his powers. David comes up with an idea that he has an plan to form an alliance to stop the Gravemind and the rest of the villains. So then Master Chief begins to contact Arbiter to join his side. Arbiter arrives in an covenant ship and he, Master Chief, David, Tikal, and Captain America unite and form an team now known as the Spartan Squad.

Facing The Enemy And Becoming Mega Chief Edit

In season 30 The newly formed Spartan Squad head out to Mario's world, to investigate incoming reports of the Flood. When they reach their, Master Chief slowly searches for hostile activity, suddenly he hears an noise, Master Chief is poised to attack where it turns out to be Mario just searching for mushrooms, he asks Mario if he has saw sightings of the Flood, Mario states that he has seen one last coming from an warp pipe. He lets Tikal and Captain America check out the warp pipe, when they come out they are being chased by Flood infected bricks Tikal uses an fire shield to protect them. Suddenly Coredegon arrives and begins attacking Mario, however Mario eats an fire flower to paralyze him using his fire powers this annoyed Coredegon and he summoned the Nomadic Mechtogan to become Mechtavius Destroyer. Upon seeing him Master Chief became goes after him, however he bumps into an block where jumps on it and an Mega Mushroom came out. For the very first time ever Master Chief removes his helmet unveiling an scarred man and eats it. As an result, he begins to have an stomach ache and begins to grow, he has become gigantic being twice the size of Mechtavius Destroyer and is known as Mega Chief. He shocked and even brought the pyschopath in fear begins to squash every Flood infected goomba he sees and begins uses his punches to strike the Mechtavius Destroyer aggressively for trying to kill Tikal. This caused Mechtavius Destroyer to be reverted back to the four mechtogan and attempts to retreat with Mega Chief snatching every Nomadic Mechtogan he sees and throws them far away. Mario and his kingdom celebrate with Mega Chief and thank him for saving them from Coredegon. Mario also asks to join with the Spartan Squad where Tikal accepts his request thus recruiting him an new member of the Spartan Squad

Distrust On Master Hand And Crazy Hand Edit

After defeating Mechtavius Destroyer, Master Chief decides that he wants to hang out with Tikal so that he learn more about her and she can learn more about him, however when he arrives he discovers that she is not there causing him to go find her, he suddenly sees the cosmic footprints and suggests that she might be after it and caused him to follow the trails. When he reaches the destination and sees that Tikal is battling against Mephiles. Master Chief saves her just when Mephiles was about to strike on her after she was distracted into defeating Iblis, he asks why didn't she tell him before Tikal explains her reasoning that she saw Chaos and the Master Emerald were missing had to find them and also saw that Master Hand and Crazy Hand were captured too. He releases Chaos and the Master Emerald but dosen't release the Hands because he explains that they had worked for Wiseman and he instead takes them to prison at Smash City alongside Mephiles.

Confrontation Edit

Master Chief locked up Mephiles and the Hands at Smash CIty and began interrogating them. He asked the Hands about why did they have to corrupt Tikal and letting her be in the body of Wiseman and Mag Mel. the Hands refused to reveal the truth. With no choice Master Chief calls Lucario to read their minds. Lucario discovers their true inner intentions and is shocked. Lucario had discovered how Gravemind was formed and found tells Master Chief that the Gravemind and had controlled Master Hand and Crazy Hand to absorb Tikal's dark energy after she had been rehabilitated and now has set his way to plague the entire multiverse into Flood. Then when Master Chief walks up to Mephiles he realizes that he attacked him during his escape from Season 10. Master Chief began furious and just when he was about to strike on Mephiles, Lucario stops him and decides to his mind as well. Lucario had also discovered that when Razenoid imprisoned Tikal, Gravemind had sensed and absorbed Razenoid's energy increasing his power and thus creating an new threat.

The Battle Begins Edit

Master Chief was shocked about hearing the news and Tikal suddenly learns that Shadow The Hedgehog in Gundalia where it is now occupied by the Flood and is being attacked Razenoid. The Spartan Squad began searching for Shadow in Gundalia where they find him fighting Razenoid and the Chaos Bakugan. However Tikal realizes that the Razenoid and his Chaos Bakugan have been infected by the Flood which made them find out that Gravemind has infected the Chaos Bakugan to bring Shadow. Tikal fights off every Flood infected Bakugan burning them with her fire powers. Just when the Flood infected Razenoid was about to capture Shadow, the spartans save Shadow by assaulting his weak spot. Mario suddenly gives his Fire Flower to Master Chief and this turned him into Fire Chief. Fire Chief begins burning all of the Flood's control of the bakugan and also defeating them. Later Fire Chief begins teaming with his Spartan Squad to exterminate the Flood's control over Razenoid. After fending off the Flood, Master Chief begins interrogating Razenoid about what he knows about Gravemind. Razenoid reveals that Gravemind was actually responsible for sending out Mechtavius Destroyer to defeat the him and was furious to see the Nomadic Mechtogan return cowardly from Mega Chief and now has an plan to infect any character into the Flood. Shadow The Hedgehog decides to join the Spartan Squad to help defeat Gravemind and his Flood Army.

False Alarm Edit

When Master Chief told Shadow to interrogate Mephiles in order to reveal what he is up too. Shadow states that he since he hates Mephiles, he has hard times controlling his temper, forcing Master Chief to calm down during his interrogation. During the interrogation, Despite anger issues, The Spartan Squad were still able to gain information from Mephiles. He reveals that Gravemind had drained the powers of Master Hand and Crazy Hand and gave them to Mephiles. This made Tikal get involved into the interrogation and is wanting to strike on Mephiles. However just before Mephiles can be punished, They recieve an income that an threat is now invading Mobius. Master Chief hires Android 18 to keep an eye out on Mephiles and the Hands and make sure they don't escape. As The Spartan Squad head out, however oddly they no detect no threats around Mobius.

Ultron's Trap Edit

When Master Chief and the Spartan Squad return, Master Chief senses that they might be falling into an trap, as they head back to Smash City they discover Mephiles and the Hands still in prison but no sign of Android-18, Master Chief begins to angerly asked Mephiles where Android-18 went. Mephiles laughs and states that the threat was actually located in Smash City. The corrupted Android-18 bursts in the prison and attacks the Spartan Squad in attempting to free Mephiles. Tikal blasts an fireball at Android-18, she wonders how did Android-18 get corrupted thinking that Mephiles had possessed him. But when Lucario senses Android-18 he finds out that Ultron had took control over Android-18 and begins fighting on Lucario and Tikal. Tikal and Lucario win the fight but Ultron uses shuts down the city, rescues Mephiles and captures the Hands and gets away, Angered to fall into Ultron's trap, Lucario, Tikal, and Shadow go after Ultron with the rest of the Spartan Squad trying to catch up with them.

Relationships with other characters Edit

Master Chief has had developed relations with characters throughout the crossover, depending on the actions the characters do, it will always give an impact on Master Chief

Coredegon Edit

Master Chief's arch enemy, he has hated him since season 23, this is due to the fact that Coredegon had planned to kill Tikal The Echidna. As an result Master Chief has begun to fight and beat up any villains who work for Coredegon. Whenever Master Chief sees him or Nomadic Mechtogan, he will always lose his temper and will go in rage wanting to destroy and perish the pyschopath in pieces. Master Chief regards Coredegon as Tikal The Echidna's biggest threat

Gravemind Edit

Master Chief's biggest threat. Gravemind

Personality Edit

Master Chief is usually bold and peaceful. He can hotheaded whenever he sees Coredegon or other villains.

Transformations Edit

Master Chief has the ability to possess powers he used from one of Mario's items

Mega Chief Edit

Master Chief has the ability to transform into Mega Chief, which is an supersized version of him after he eats an MegaMushroom he was given by Mario. He easily defeats various villains and is twice the size bigger than Mechtavius Destroyer, even being able to bring him to fear and defeat him.

Fire Chief Edit

Similar to Fire Mario, upon eating the fire flower, his armor changes into red with lava stripes and is capable into defeating Flood infected characters

Battle Record Edit

Master Chief was very brave into fighting his opponents with all his strengh, so far he has been undefeated.

Opponents Outcome
Master Hand and Crazy Hand Win
Mag Mel Win
Tikal(As Tikahos and tag with Master Hand and Crazy Hand Win(Tag with Bakugan Battle Brawlers)
Master Hand and Crazy Hand Win(Tag with Tikal and Bakugan Battle Brawlers)
Ultron No Outcome(Tag with Tikal, Spartan David, Captain America, and Nazo)
Mechtavius Destroyer Win(As Mega Chief and tag with Spartan Squad)
Razenoid(Infected by the Flood) Win(As Fire Chief and tag with Spartan Squad)

Trivia Edit

  • Master Chief and Tikal are so far the only characters that can have illusions
  • It is quite odd that Master Chief sees Coredegon in his illusion who is Tikal's threat wheras Tikal sees Gravemind in her illusion who is Master Chief's threat.
  • Master Chief is the first and only character in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Crossover not to lose an single battle
  • Master Chief is responsible for foiling any plans set up by Coredegon.

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