Mecha Sally is the roboticized form of Princess Sally Acorn, and is a major character in Super Smash Bros.

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Mecha Sally's current appearance

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Mecha Sally's second appearance

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Mecha Sally's original appearance

Crossover. In each of Mecha Sally's appearances except for Season 33 and Season 35, Mecha Sally acts as an antagonist. Mecha Sally is one of the primary antagonists of Season 34 and the first half of Season 36



Mecha Sally first appeared in Season 23, where she was reanimated from the dead by Metal Sonic as part of his plan to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog. After defeating the Heroes of Legend, Metal Sonic brings out Mecha Sally to torture Sonic further. Mecha Sally then proceeds to brutally defeat the Heroes of Legend with her laser. Mecha Sally later battles against Yamcha, and is surprisingly defeated despite being stronger than him. Mecha Sally is later electrocuted by Sonic, resulting in her death. Mecha Sally is later revived and returned to her organic form.


Mecha Sally later returns in Season 25 after Metal Sonic roboticizes Sally again, and battles against Sonic alongside a Metal Sonic clone, Metal Tails, and Metal Knuckles, but the fight is cut short when Metal Sonic destroys the barriers of time and space. Mecha Sally later shows sympathy to Sonic after his mental breakdown, and is later returned to normal before Season 32.

Eggman's Upgraded Enforcer and RedemptionEdit

In Season 32, Mecha Sally returns once again, only this time she is roboticized by Dr. Eggman. While travelling to the Comet Observatory, Dr. Eggman weaponizes Mecha Sally, trapping her in that form. Mecha Sally then attempts to convince the mentally unstable Rosalina to join the League of Villains, an offer that Rosalina refuses, resulting in a conflict with Rosalina, the Heroes of Legend, Bass, and E-123 Omega. During the fight, Mecha Sally is injured severely by Rosalina and Bass, resulting in Sonic taking her to the Egg Carrier for repairs. When Mecha Sally asks why Sonic would save her, Sonic replies that they are still friends, something that shocks Mecha Sally. Due to the damage inflicted on her, Mecha Sally's free will is restored, as she helps Sonic and the other heroes and villains fight against Dr. Eggman. Following Rosalina's defeat and Dr. Eggman's death, Mecha Sally remains with the heroes for a while until Master Hand is defeated by Sonic.

Turning Point and SacrificeEdit

During the events of Season 33, Mecha Sally learns that Sonic has betrayed the Heroes of Legend and intend to use Phazon Matter to enslave everyone in the dimensions to bring about true peace. Shocked at Sonic's betrayal, Mecha Sally goes beserk, transforming into her own version of Metal Overlord. Before any damage can be done, Mecha Sally is rebooted by Metal Sonic. Seeing the weakened Heroes of Legend due to Phazon Corruption, Mecha Sally makes the ultimate sacrifice and gives up her life to restore the Heroes of Legend.

Ressurection and VengeanceEdit

Mecha Sally is later revived by Mechtavius Destroyer along with Ridley and Ino to compete in the second Neo Smash Champion Tourney, stating that the Heroes of Legend are competing in the tournament. Still enraged at Sonic's betrayal (unaware that Ganondorf was manipulating Sonic), Mecha Sally agrees to work with Ridley and Ino, forming Team Metal. Mecha Sally later battles against the Heroes of Legend after an encounter with Team Corruption, consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, Samus Aran, and Fawful. During the battle, Mecha Sally makes it clear that she is out for blood, and pushes the Heroes of Legend into a corner due to being given numerous upgrades by Mechtavius Destroyer, such as a Phazon Detector, being coated in Adamantium, being immune to external hacking, telekinesis, and Galvanic Mechamorphs (Upgrade's species), and being able to copy the data of her opponents. Despite her upgrades, Mecha Sally is defeated by the combined efforts of the Heroes of Legend and Team Corruption. Following her defeat, Mecha Sally is brought to the Egg Carrier by Ridley and Ino for repairs.

Formation of the Metal Empire and Return of the Egg CarrierEdit

Realizing she needs to step her game up, Mecha Sally upgrades herself further in order to destroy Sonic once and for all. In the process, Mecha Sally gains more abilities, such as the ability to reprogram other robots to serve her as well as gaining the knowledge of how to create robots from scratch, which she uses to make Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles, Metal Amy, and Metal Scourge. In addition, Mecha Sally upgrades an ability she was given by Mechtavius Destroyer, the ability to roboticize beings with a touch. With this upgrade, Mecha Sally roboticizes Ino so she won't interfere with her again, something she couldn't do before since Ino was zombified and Mechtavius Destroyer made it so zombies can't be roboticized. Mecha Sally then has Mecha Ino undergo weaponization so the process couldn't be undone while she tests her new abilities by challenging Team Corruption, Team Wolf, and Team Z to a Battle Royale. However, Mecha Sally ultimately retreats after the Heroes of Legend enter the fray, telling Sonic to come find her in order to settle things. Mecha Sally then upgrades Mecha Ino to her level and launches the Egg Carrier, which she had the robots onboard repair, in order to locate Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. Mecha Sally later confronts the League of Villains, demanding they hand over their robots. When Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily attempt to have their robots attack, Mecha Sally reprograms them to serve her before decimating the League of Villains. Mecha Sally then engages in battle with Sonic once more, and ultimately ends up overpowering him. However, Mecha Sally finds herself unable to kill Sonic, remembering their past together. Mecha Sally is about to forgive Sonic, but Sonic then reveals he recruited Ganondorf into the Heroes of Legend and helped ressurect Mechtavius Destroyer. Once again enraged by Sonic's actions, Mecha Sally attempts to kill him, but the Heroes of Legend ultimately escape her grasp once again.

Final Assault and DefeatEdit

Following the battle on the Egg Carrier, Mecha Sally visits King Dedede and informs him about Wolf O'Donnell's goals and history, resulting in King Dedede calling Wolf to his office for questioning. Mecha Sally and Team Metal later battle against the Heroes of Legend, Team Ganon, and Team Chaos after Wolf organizes a match between them. Mecha Sally later absorbs the Grand Ztar after it is ripped out of Mephiles, and copies the data of Master Hand as a result. Using her new power, Mecha Sally roboticizes the population of the Smash World and turns every hero and villain with the exception of Sonic into trophies before turning into her Metal Overlord form, prepared to kill Sonic once and for all. However, Mecha Sally is caught offguard when Master Hand ressurects the Heroes of Legend, who convince Sonic to continue fighting. Mecha Sally is then assaulted by the Heroes of Legend, who ultimately defeat her Metal Overlord form due to the support of the other heroes and villains, who were freed by Sonic through the Chaos Emeralds. However, Mecha Sally refuses to give up, and engages the Heroes of Legend in battle once again. Despite using the powers of every fighter in the Smash World, including growing to giant size, Mecha Sally is defeated again with the Grand Ztar being destroyed in the process, effectively eradicting all traces of Mephiles' soul. Unable to comprehend her defeat, Mecha Sally asks why she is unable to defeat Sonic, with Sonic stating that the Heroes of Legend fought to save the dimensions while Mecha Sally fought for revenge. Having reached her limits, Mecha Sally passes out, and is taken by Ridley and Mecha Ino to the Egg Carrier for repairs.

The Truth Revealed, Sigma's Plan, Corruption, and Dark RebirthEdit

Following her repairs, Mecha Sally leaves the Egg Carrier to look for Wolf in order to learn how to defeat Sonic once and for all. During her search, Mecha Sally is confronted by Tobi and Ganondorf, who reveal that they are planning to usurp the Heroes of Legend, but need the assistance of the League of Villains, who have gone into hiding as a result of their humiliation at Mecha Sally's hands. Mecha Sally mocks Tobi and Ganondorf, stating they haven't done much during the Neo Smash Champion Tourney, and asks how they intend to defeat the Heroes of Legend. However, Tobi reveals to Mecha Sally that Mechtavius Destroyer absorbed the energy of her battles against the Heroes of Legend to increase his strength. Realizing that she was being used, Mecha Sally attempts to kill Tobi, but is unsuccessful due to his intangibility. Tobi then reveals to Mecha Sally the full truth behind Sonic's betrayal and the actions of the Heroes of Legend prior to the reset. Mecha Sally initially refuses to believe that Tobi is telling the truth, but after remembering her past with Sonic, Mecha Sally finally realizes that Sonic was being manipulated by Ganondorf. Tobi then informs Mecha Sally that it is too late for redemption, as she has commited too many atrocities in her quest for vengeance on Sonic. Shattered and emotionally broken, Mecha Sally is then offered by Tobi the chance to willingly help Mechtavius Destroyer and the other villains remake the world in their own image, stating that the other heroes will never forgive Mecha Sally for her crimes. However, before Mecha Sally is able to answer, Sonic arrives and attacks Tobi out of anger. Mecha Sally then watches as Tobi forces Yami Bakura to reanimate Madara Uchiha, who releases the contract of the Impure World Ressurection before Yami Bakura can send him back to the afterlife. When Tobi asks Mecha Sally once again if she is willing to help Mechtavius Destroyer and the League of Villains remake the world in their image, Mecha Sally coldly refuses to help, stating she would rather die before turning the peaceful world Sonic and the Heroes of Legend built into a nightmare. However, Mecha Sally then attacks Sonic, stating that she is too far gone to be saved and plans to kill him regardless of the truth. During her battle with Sonic, Mecha Sally tries to convince him to give up on trying to save her, but is shocked that Sonic still wants to save her. Although she is touched by Sonic's kindness, Mecha Sally tells Sonic to prove that there is still hope for her by defeating her. Despite being evenly matched, Mecha Sally ultimately emerges victorious, but decides not to kill Sonic as Sasuke comes to the battlefield. Mecha Sally then tries to sympathize with Sasuke, stating they are alike as they walk on paths of revenge that are pointless, only for Sasuke to explain the reasons behind his revenge. Mecha Sally then attempts to leave, but is ambushed by Sigma and Vile, who intend to infect Mecha Sally with the Maverick Virus for their plans of world domination. Refusing to go down without a fight, Mecha Sally temporarily teams up with Sonic and Sasuke to defeat Sigma and Vile. Unfortunately, Sigma manages to infect Mecha Sally with the Maverick Virus, causing Mecha Sally to go insane. However, Mecha Sally refuses to obey Sigma, stating that she doesn't take orders from anyone. Mecha Sally then attempts to kill Sonic, Sasuke, and Meta Knight, but they manage to escape before Mecha Sally can kill them. Following this, Mecha Sally attempts to keep her new psychotic personality under control through intense meditation, but is attacked by Sigma when he transfers his soul into her in an attempt to possess her. However, Mecha Sally somehow fuses with Sigma's soul, effectively remaining free of Sigma's control. Unfortunately, the effect of Sigma's unintended fusion with Mecha Sally causes her to lose any remaining trace of sanity. Reborn in a darker light, Mecha Sally announces her new goal to eradicate all sentient life and remake the world as she sees fit.

Purification and Inner ConflictEdit

Following the absorption of Sigma's soul, Mecha Sally begins to plan her next move, but King Dedede attempts to find a compromise when he can come up with one. Mecha Sally and her teammates are later hired by King Dedede to find the renegade Heroes of Legend and bring them to the containment cell he has prepared for them, but Team Metal falls apart after Ridley reveals his status as a triple agent and the Heroes of Legend's newest plan, resulting in King Dedede changing the task to eliminating the Heroes of Legend, which results in friction between Mecha Sally and her teammates to the point where Mecha Ino attacks her as Ridley teleports the Egg Carrier to Norfair. Mecha Sally ultimately overwhelms Mecha Ino, but is interrupted by Sonic. Mecha Sally then watches as Sasuke declares that the Heroes of Legend's actions are only to establish their own identities. Mecha Sally then becomes conflicted on what to do as she recalls her past once again, resulting in Sigma attempting to manipulate her once again. However, Mecha Sally decides to purge Sigma and the Maverick Virus from her body, but is nearly overwhelmed by the Sigma until Sonic comes to her aide. With the help of Sonic, Princess Peach, and Meta Knight, Mecha Sally purges the Maverick Virus and Sigma from her body. Mecha Sally is then embraced by Sonic, who states that while he is about to go down a path he can't turn back on, his only regret was turning Mecha Sally into a criminal, and tells her to live her life to the fullest as she wants to. Later, Mecha Sally allows Proto Man to reform the Freedom Fighters, but is visited by Orochimaru during the modifications of Jill, Necrosis, Neon, Dusk, and Nathan. While Mecha Sally is wary, she is given a CD containing a message from Dr. Eggman. When the Heroes of Legend board the Egg Carrier, Mecha Sally views the message from Dr. Eggman, who tells Mecha Sally that he had a secondary purpose for her, to mold her into his successor, but needed her to be an independent being, and congratulates her for pushing Sonic beyond the point of redemption. Upon hearing this, Mecha Sally has a mental breakdown and begins to question her existence and purpose in the world, not sure if she is meant to be a weapon of mass destruction or the savior of the Heroes of Legend. However, King Dedede tells Mecha Sally that she is now able to choose what she wants to do with her life, and asks her what she wants the most. Realizing that she wants Sonic to return to the side of good, Mecha Sally assists her friends against the Heroes of Legend, but the battle is left inconclusive as the Heroes of Legend flee to the interdimensional meeting.

Ultimate Destiny and RebellionEdit

Mecha Sally attempts to help prevent the Heroes of Legend from sinking any lower by trying to beat them to the meeting, but arrives too late as Vile has instigated a war between the dimensions. Mecha Sally later learns that she was ressurected to be the vessel that would remake the world in a new image. Still conflicted on her identity, Mecha Sally synchronizes herself with the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, where she confronts her inner darkness about her history. However, Mecha Sally overcomes her darkness, stating that she is the key to remaking the world. Mecha Sally is then fully synchronized with the Demonic Statue, but since she wasn't built for that purpose, she unleashes a flash of energy that unlocks everyone's full potential before passing out. Mecha Sally is then taken by Sasuke, who plans to use Mecha Sally to make the most of the current situation. Mecha Sally is later returned to Team Metal, and is told by the Heroes of Legend to wait for them to contact her. Eventually, however, Mecha Sally begins planning her own rebellion with the intention of ensuring the Smash World's evolution, and retrieves Vile's body from the Revolutionaries HQ in an attempt to recruit Vile to her side. However, Vile refuses to help Mecha Sally begin a rebellion, calling her intentions Maverick talk since he knows that a fragment of Sigma's soul is still in Mecha Sally. However, Mecha Sally informs Vile that her rebellion has already begun, but is rebuked by Vile, who declares his intentions to stop Midna and Mecha Sally by gathering The Creator's Triune. Unintimidated by Vile's threat, Mecha Sally allows Vile to leave, stating that he can't stop her rebellion on his own. During the Battle Against the Revolutionaries, Mecha Sally has Mecha Ino capture Gwen Tennyson, and proceeds to roboticize Gwen after reprogramming E-123 Omega, E-102 Gamma, and R.O.B. to serve her. After Midna is defeated, Mecha Sally unveils the rebuilt Metal Series, consisting of Metal Scourge, Metal Tails, Metal Amy, and Metal Knuckles, as well as the new Mecha Series, consisting of Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic, Mecha Knuckles, Mecha Ino, and the recently weaponized Mecha Gwen, to her army, declaring that with the combined forces of the Metal Series, the Mecha Series, Dr. Wily's Robot Masters, Sigma's Maverick army, and the Freedom Fighters, they will ensure that the Heroes of Legend remake the world as they see fit.

Conflict with Sonic.exe and DeathEdit

When Sonic.exe and Solaris begin their plan to ressurect the Dark Star X, Mecha Sally, along with the rest of the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune, attempt to stop Sasuke from killing the other Master Hands, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Mecha Sally, along with Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Cream, then proceed to help Sonic defeat Sonic.exe once and for all, with Sonic and Mecha Sally dealing the finishing blow. However, Mecha Sally uses up all of her energy doing so, and is left critically injured. Although Sonic attempts to help her, Mecha Sally asks Sonic if she is now able to go to heaven, which Sonic says she will, but that he won't lose her again. However, Mecha Sally tells Sonic to just let go of the past, as he is better off not needing to protect her. In her final moments, Mecha Sally tells Sonic that she finally understands that she was brought back to help Sonic realize that he shouldn't do everything on his own, and finally succumbs to her injuries and explodes.

Ressurection, Renewed Vengeance, and RedemptionEdit

Mecha Sally's body was later salvaged by Sasuke Uchiha, who proceeded to capture Naruto Uzumaki, Starly, ThorPikachuMason Brown, and Jesse Glenn and steal the Chaos Emeralds in order to ressurect Mecha Sally. Upon her ressurection, Mecha Sally attempted to go to Sonic, but Sasuke stopped her by stating that Sonic was a man full of lies, and told Mecha Sally the truth behind Metal Sonic's past and Dr. Eggman's origins, while omitting the fact that Sonic didn't think Dr. Robotnik would die. Conflicted by this new information, Mecha Sally runs out and locates Sonic, and learns from Mecha Sonic that Sasuke wasn't lying. Feeling betrayed once more, Mecha Sally's old desire for revenge against Sonic is renewed, no longer able to trust him after everything he put Metal Sonic, Ino, and herself through, and becomes a member of the Neo Subspace Army. Mecha Sally later forgives Sonic again after learning that Sonic.exe possessed Sonic during his final battle with Dr. Robotnik, and accompanies him as he continues to search for answers regarding the past of the Smash World. Mecha Sally is later drawn into the final conflict between the Heroes of Legend and the League of Villains, and declares that as one of the Creator's Triune, she will save the Smash World from the League of Villains.


Mecha Sally's original appearance is based off her first design in the Archie Sonic comics. Mecha Sally is later weaponized by Dr. Eggman, and her appearance changes to that of her weaponized design from the Archie Sonic comics.

Mecha Sally's third appearance is similar to her second appearance, except that her limbs are bulkier.

During the time she had Sigma's soul in her, Mecha Sally gains some aspects of Sigma's appearance, such as an extra set of shoulder armor, a pair of spikes protruding from her back, two purple lines across her eyes, and a red gem on her forehead (although the latter is hidden by her hair).


Initially, Mecha Sally was nothing more than a robotic slave that was completely loyal to Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic. However, after being damaged severely by Rosalina and Bass and getting saved by Sonic, Mecha Sally regains her free will, as she helps Sonic and the other heroes and villains fight against Dr. Eggman and Rosalina.

Unfortunately, after learning of Sonic's betrayal, Mecha Sally goes beserk to the point of becoming her own version of Metal Overlord. However, Mecha Sally is later returned to normal by Metal Sonic after he reboots her.

After being ressurected by Mechtavius Destroyer, Mecha Sally becomes determined to kill Sonic for his betrayal, unaware that he was being manipulated by Ganondorf. As a result, Mecha Sally becomes more brutal and agressive, as she ruthlessly pulverized the Heroes of Legend during their first encounter in the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. In addition to engaging her opponents with agression, Mecha Sally also engages her opponents psychologically, as she heartlessly ridiculed Sasuke by calling his desire for revenge pointless as the Uchiha betrayed themselves. Later, Mecha Sally's cruelty reaches new heights by roboticizing and weaponizing Ino. Mecha Sally is also arrogant, viewing her opponents as nothing but a way to test her abilities. However, Mecha Sally is also stubborn, as even after being told that Ganondorf was manipulating Sonic, she refused to accept it as the truth. It is only after Tobi reveals the truth in full detail that Mecha Sally finally accepts it as fact. Unfortunately, Mecha Sally's desire for revenge is renewed after Sasuke ressurects and lies to Mecha Sally by making her believe that Sonic never cared for her. Mecha Sally later learns that Sonic was being possessed by Sonic.exe during his final battle with Dr. Robotnik, realizing that Sonic does care for her, and makes amends with Sonic.

Despite her coldness and cruelty, Mecha Sally is ultimately a tortured soul, as she has constantly been used as a weapon of destruction by others, and the only person she truly trusted was Sonic, who she believed had betrayed her. Despite being sadistic to her opponents, Mecha Sally refused to kill anyone other than Sonic, as she stated that she doesn't want to kill the Heroes of Legend, but has to since they are a threat. Mecha Sally also believes that removing someone's personality and emotions is the same as murder, as she left Ino's personality intact after roboticizing her, merely deciding to supress Ino's emotions. Even though she wanted revenge on Sonic, Mecha Sally still remembers their past together, as she could not bring herself to kill him. However, as time goes on, Mecha Sally continues to sink deeper into insanity, as she attempted to become the new Creator and remake the world in her own image. Ironically, Mecha Sally's ideal world is a world inhabited by robots without any free will, despite the fact that Sonic (under Ganondorf's control) attempted to remove everyone's free will to bring about peace, making Mecha Sally a hypocrite. However, Mecha Sally only wanted a world inhabited by robots because she doesn't want anyone else to suffer the betrayal she had to endure.

After learning of Sonic's innocence, Mecha Sally is left emotionally shattered, as she thought that Sonic betrayed her only to learn he was a pawn in Ganondorf's plan, and due to Mecha Sally's actions during her quest for revenge on Sonic (and in part due to Tobi's manipulations), Mecha Sally believes that none of the heroes will ever accept her back and decides to continues to try to kill Sonic, as she believes she is too far gone now. Mecha Sally is later driven insane after Sigma infects her with the Maverick Virus, causing Mecha Sally to want to cause unholy destruction on anything living. However, Mecha Sally retains a bit of sanity, as she attempts to keep her destructive impusles under control through meditation. Unfortunately, Mecha Sally becomes obsessed with eradicating all sentient life after Sigma's soul fuses with her programming, effectively losing her sanity in the process. However, Mecha Sally later purges Sigma and the Maverick Virus from her body, but is left emotionally shattered as a result of her recent actions under Sigma's control. Mecha Sally's mental instability worsens after Dr. Eggman congratulates her for torturing Sonic to the point of becoming a criminal, and starts to question her own existence and purpose, unsure if she is meant to be a weapon of mass destruction or a savior of humanity. Even after being lectured by King Dedede, Mecha Sally remains conflicted on her purpose and identity, but ultimately decides to ensure the rebirth of the Smash Bros. dimensions. However, this new desire, coupled with the remaining traces of Sigma's influence, causes Mecha Sally to go insane again, as she begins a rebellion of her own in an attempt to fufill her destiny. During the final battle against Sonic.exe, however, Mecha Sally realized that she was brought back to make Sonic realize that he doesn't have to carry the burden of protecting everyone alone anymore, and embraces her inevitable death after she finally fufilled her purpose.


  • Despite her intellect, a running gag involving Mecha Sally is that she constantly refers to Ridley as a robot even though he is a cyborg.
  • Mecha Sally is the first Archie-exclusive Sonic character to appear in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • Mecha Sally is the first Sonic comic character to appear in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • Mecha Sally is the second character to have an audition video exclusively for her, the first being Metal Mario.
  • Mecha Sally is essentially a spiritual successor to Metal Sonic, since Metal Sonic also wanted to kill Sonic before his redemption.
  • Up until Season 32, Mecha Sally was always roboticized by Metal Sonic.
  • Mecha Sally is the first robot to purge the Maverick Virus from her body.


Due to Mecha Sally's death, all the robots that have been reprogrammed by Mecha Sally have had their freedom restored. In addition, Ino Yamanaka was returned to normal after being roboticized, although she is no longer zombified. Unfortunately, Ino was left traumatized and fragile because of this, and now wants revenge on Sonic for letting Mecha Sally die due to Metal Sonic's manipulation. Ino's desire for revenge remains intact even after Mecha Sally is ressurected by Sasuke.

Mecha Sally's death also had a deep impact on Metal Sonic, who secretly harbored feelings for her. Because of this, and Metal Sonic's restored memories, Metal Sonic returns to his original, destructive personality, since he believes that Sonic failed to protect her.

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