The Mechtogan War Arc is a story arc in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. It is the continuation of the Creepypasta Arc. This arc focuses on the Dark Heroes of Legend and their friends as they face a full out assault from Coredegon's forces as they launch a full scale siege upon the Smash Bros. Galaxy.

Main CharactersEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

Team Dark/Sonic

Z Warriors

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

The Galacti

Ren's Team


The Avengers


  1. Darkus Betadron
  2. Darkus Mutabrid
  3. Darkus Kodokor
  4. Pyrus Spatterix
  5. Subterra Stronk
  6. Aquos Balista
  7. Ventus Worton
  8. Haos Tremblar


Renegade Mechtogan

  1. Darkus Coredegon
  2. Pyrus Slycerak
  3. Haos Exostriker
  4. Aquos Mandibor


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