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Message to Tigura21 is the sixth community message as well as the fourth audition video. It is a request to Tigura21 to help turn Super Smash Bros. Crossover into a YouTube series.

Characters FeaturedEdit

Mechtavius Destroyer

Fleetway Super Sonic

Dark Silver

Mephiles the Dark

Metal Mario

BEN (cameo)

Zombie Zelda






  • This is the only community message that doubles as an audition video.
  • This is the first audition video with more than one song.
  • Despite the fact that a character will not appear if they already were featured in an audition video, Metal Mario was included despite getting an audition video all to himself.
  • This is currently the only audition video with errors.


Message to Tigura2101:33

Message to Tigura21

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