The Meta-Knights are the loyal servants and crew of Meta Knight himself. Although Meta Knight and the Halberd appeared prominently in the series, the Meta-Knights did not appear until Season 31. The major members of the Meta-Knights consist of Blade Knight, Sword Knight, Sailor Dee, and a blue Mace Knight.


The Meta-Knights as a crew first appeared in Season 31, where they were brainwashed by Nacrolepsy to attack Meta Knight and destroy Smash City. While some of Meta Knight's unaffected crew tried to help him, Nacrolepsy took control of all of them except for Sword Knight, who he only controlled briefly to tell Meta Knight he would return the Halberd if he could beat Galacta Knight. Unfortunately, the Nomadic Mechtogan were revived due to the intensity of the battle, and Meta Knight ultimately had to sink the Halberd in an attempt to stop them. However, the Meta-Knights were freed by Nacrolepsy as he fled for his life, and the Meta-Knights abandoned ship before the Halberd landed in the ocean.

The Meta-Knights as individuals reappeared in Season 32, having been put on patrol by Meta Knight to find Galacta Knight and bring him to Meta Knight. The Meta-Knights ultimately located Galacta Knight and told him Meta Knight wished to fight him, which Galacta Knight agreed to because he had unfinished business with Meta Knight.

Major MembersEdit

While there are many members of the Meta-Knights, the major members of the Meta-Knights are the ones listed here.

  • Blade Knight
  • Sword Knight
  • Sailor Dee
  • Blue Mace Knight


  • The main Meta-Knights, with the exception of the blue Mace Knight, have some important connection to Meta Knight in the Kirby franchise.
    1. Blade Knight and Sword Knight are Meta Knight's servants and allies in the Kirby anime and serve as Meta Knight's Helpers in the Meta Knightmare Ultra subgame from Kirby Super Star Ultra.
    2. Sailor Dee is one of Meta Knight's crew who has dialogue in the Revenge of Meta Knight subgame from Kirby Super Star and its remake.
    3. While the blue Mace Knight has no important connection to Meta Knight, it is a reference to Metal Sonic, which is why it has a bigger role.
  • Of all the major members of the Meta-Knights, Sword Knight is the only one who wasn't turned against Meta Knight by Nacrolepsy, although he was possessed briefly so Nacrolepsy could communicate with Meta Knight.
  • Of all the major members of the Meta-Knights, Sailor Dee is the only one who is also a major member in Kirby Super Star and its remake.
  • The Meta-Knights debuted in this order;
    1. Sailor Dee
    2. Blade Knight
    3. Blue Mace Knight
    4. Sword Knight
  • Sword Knight and the blue Mace Knight are the only major members of the Meta-Knights who have interacted with the other heroes.
  • The Meta-Knights have the most external links leading to the same wiki, surpassing Cell in this regard.

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