Meta Knight's Last Stand was a major event in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. After being defeated by Link, Meta Knight resolved to redeem himself by releasing the Dark Heroes of Legend of their rage by dying at their hands. Ultimately, Meta Knight fought against Sonic the Hedgehog, the one who unintentionally caused Meta Knight's downward descent and lost. In his dying words, Meta Knight tells Sonic that he has finally avenged his friends and apologizes for killing them. Meta Knight also tells Sonic to stop Wiseman once and for all.

Second Final StandEdit

In Season 32, following the Heroes of Legend becoming enraged at the deaths of Zombie Giant-Man and Jen, Meta Knight resolves to defeat Galacta Knight as a final act of redemption for his past actions and massacre. Unlike with Sonic, Meta Knight put up a much better fight with Galacta Knight. Ultimately, Meta Knight and Galacta Knight both collapsed from exhaustion. When Galacta Knight questions how he could've lost, Meta Knight tells Galacta Knight of how he was the top tier and was undefeated until Samus Aran enhanced her power and humiliated him, how he tried to work his way back up to the top to give his title meaning, and how he went insane and killed the Heroes of Legend's loved ones, ultimately triggering the events that would cause the ressurection of the Nomadic Mechtogan. Meta Knight then explains that Galacta Knight lost because he fought for selfish reasons while Meta Knight's motivations were pure. Meta Knight then apologizes to the Heroes of Legend, stating that he never meant to kill Zombie Giant-Man and he attacked them because he feared that their new power would drive them insane like Samus did in the past, but all he did was cause them more suffering.


  • Even though Meta Knight redeemed himself earlier, he acted like he really wanted to kill Sonic. The reason for this is to convince Sonic that he was still a psychopath.
  • Meta Knight's death in his first Final Stand is similar to how Itachi Uchiha died.
  • This is the first event to truly occur twice. The Neo Smash Champion Tourney occured twice, but the second instance was only a dream.
  • Unlike the first Final Stand, Meta Knight did not die after his battle with Galacta Knight.

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