Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is a robotic copy of Sonic the Hedgehog, and is a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 23, and although Metal Sonic had a change of heart in Season 32, the Phazon Corruption inflicted on Metal Sonic in Season 33, coupled with his descent to darkness throughout Season 34 and restoration of his damaged memories causes Metal Sonic to revert to his original personality at the end of Season 35, making him an antagonist once again. However, following the events of Season 36, Metal Sonic has become more of an anti-hero than a villain, although he is still intent on killing Sonic.


Origin and the Robotnik Family TreeEdit

Metal Sonic was created by the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik during the development cycle. The elderly Dr. Robotnik explained to Metal Sonic during his construction that he was the first robot that Dr. Robotnik built that didn't rely on an animal for a power source, and was based off another robot known as Mecha Sonic that went renegade years ago, albeit without Mecha Sonic's ability to fuse with other Sonic robots. Metal Sonic then asked Dr. Robotnik about the Eggmobile, and learned about the execution of Gerald Robotnik and Maria Robotnik, and that Dr. Robotnik received the Eggmobile from a masked woman who claimed that it was a gift from his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik. After Dr. Robotnik tells Metal Sonic that the masked woman called Gerald "Grandfather", Metal Sonic asks for an image of Maria and the masked woman. Dr. Robotnik then left to confront Sonic while he left his computer to finish Metal Sonic, but told Metal Sonic about Princess Sally Acorn, who Dr. Robotnik intended to mold into his successor until her death, and told Metal Sonic that if he doesn't survive, Metal Sonic has to transfer Dr. Robotnik's intelligence into a robot modelled after Dr. Robotnik. Metal Sonic then shut down while the computer finished constructing him, and learned that Maria and the masked woman were one and the same in the process.

The Hunt for Maria and Mecha Sonic, Fractured Memories, and the Birth of Dr. EggmanEdit

Eventually, Metal Sonic was completed, but learned that Dr. Robotnik didn't escape the Death Egg in his last encounter with Sonic. Although the computer told Metal Sonic to fufill Dr. Robotnik's final order, Metal Sonic took matters into his own hands and ordered EggRobo and Silver Sonic to hold Sonic at bay while Metal Sonic left in a new Eggmobile to hunt down Maria Robotnik and his own predecessor, Mecha Sonic. Metal Sonic eventually arrived at Midna's lair, where Maria was located, and effortlessly defeated the R.O.B. Bros. After openly confronting Midna, Ghirahim, Gardevoir, and Maria, Metal Sonic asked Maria to give him the ability to reanimate the dead through roboticization, which would allow Metal Sonic to ressurect Sally as Mecha Sally. Maria complied with Metal Sonic's request, but remained with Midna in order to avenge her grandfather. Metal Sonic then headed to the Antartic, where he found Mecha Sonic frozen in ice and set him free. Although Metal Sonic intended on building a new Mecha Sonic, the damaged Mecha Sonic decided to upgrade Metal Sonic after noting how similar they were. As a result of Mecha Sonic's upgrade, Metal Sonic gained the unholy ability to merge with other Sonic robots, although Metal Sonic's memory was damaged in the process. Metal Sonic then returned to Dr. Robotnik's base, where he fufilled his task given to him by Dr. Robotnik and transferred his intellect into the robotic body. This robot would eventually become the current Dr. Eggman. From then on, Metal Sonic faithfully served Dr. Eggman, although he secretly resented Dr. Eggman since he wasn't truly Metal Sonic's creator.


In Season 1 to Season 22, and the first half of Season 23, Metal Sonic was forced to help the heroes fight against a greater threat, notably helping Sonic fight against Mecha Sonic in Season 1 and battling Mechtavius Destroyer alongside his younger self, Mecha Sonic, and every creation of Dr. Eggman in Season 23. After Wiseman is sent between dimensions, Metal Sonic retrieves his helmet, which Wiseman is forced to use to communicate with, and promises to create a synthetic body for Wiseman if he tells him how to beat Sonic, but warns Wiseman that he will go into the past and kill his creator (Fury) before Coredegon was spawned if Wiseman betrays him. Metal Sonic then learns from Wiseman about Princess Sally Acorn, and that she is important to Sonic in some way since he was disturbed by a creepypasta of her, and is told he may be able to beat Sonic if he copies Sally's appearance. Despite this, Metal Sonic is unable to defeat Sonic. Later, Metal Sonic assumes his Metal Overlord form and battles against Modern and Classic Sonic, who have fused with the other Heroes of Legend and the Offspring of Zorc, Even though the Sonics are assisted by Modern and Classic Tails, Modern and Classic Knuckles, and Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Overlord is able to defeat them with ease due to the higher amount of data he has copied. After reverting back to his original form, Metal Sonic adds insult to injury by calling out Mecha Sally, the roboticized and reanimated Sally Acorn, much to Sonic's horror. Later, Metal Sonic comes to the aide of the Dark Heroes of Legend by attempting to shatter the Infinity Sword. However, Mechtavius Destroyer vaporizes his body. Metal Sonic's head is then crushed by Tikal, but not before he tells the Dark Heroes of Legend to release their full power. Metal Sonic is later reborn when his younger self saves his memory chip and puts it in another Metal Sonic robot, revealing that Dr. Eggman has mass produced copies of Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic later fights alongside the other villains against the heroes, but is incarcerated following their defeat.

Escaping PrisonEdit

Unlike the other villains, Metal Sonic and his younger self did not go insane following their defeat, but went into a state of meditation (according to Pichu). After being inspected by Pichu and Spectra Phantom, Metal Sonic launched an stealthy escape plan by hacking into his cell's lock and giving the code. Metal Sonic and his younger self then left the other villains to rot in prison.

Reshaping the Eggman EmpireEdit

Metal Sonic's first order of business was to destroy Sonic permanently, but first he decided to anger the hedgehog by revealing crucial information about Tikal and Wiseman (partially due to his own suspicions). Sonic did not believe his robotic doppleganger, but Chaos showed up with a microchip which served as Tikal's diary. While Sonic went to fetch the other Dark Heroes of Legend, Metal Sonic took the time to confirm his own suspicions by reading the microchip, where he learned of Tikal's true colors as a traitor. When the Dark Heroes of Legend soon found out about this, Metal Sonic fled the scene, leaving Sonic and his friends to struggle.

Showdown with 3 SonicsEdit

Metal Sonic reappears after Naruto Uzumaki (Present and Past versions), Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern, Dreamcast, and Classic), Sasuke Uchiha (Present and Past versions), Fabia Sheen, and Ren Krawler defeat Dr. Eggman's Egg Dragoon, where Modern and Classic Metal Sonic challenge Sonic with 2 Egg Emperor mechs. However, the Metal Sonics are overwhelmed by the heroes, and Metal Sonic attempts to destroy Dr. Eggman's base (unaware Dr. Eggman was still inside) to kill the 3 Sonics, but is unsuccessful. Furious, the Metal Sonics attack again, and Modern Metal Sonic reveals that with the small amount of time left before Mechtavius Destroyer annihilates the Smash Bros. Galaxy, he wants to at least be able to kill Sonic. Modern and Classic Metal Sonic are soon caught off guard by the arrival of Dreamcast Metal Sonic, but team up with him regardless to destroy all 3 Sonics. However, the 3 Metal Sonics are damaged severely after trying to kill Fabia and Android 18 for robbing them of the glory of killing Sonic.

Rebirth and Release from Dr. Eggman's controlEdit

Following his defeat at the hands of Fabia and Android 18, Metal Sonic' memory chip is taken by the heroes to prevent the psychopathic robot from ever returning. However, Metal Sonic is restored regardless, ironically by Fabia Sheen, the one who damaged him. In addition, Metal Sonic is also freed from Dr. Eggman's control, meaning he is no longer inhibited by his creator. Metal Sonic then proceeds to challenge Sonic, and ultimately kills Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic in the process. Afterwards, Metal Sonic tries to steal the Chaos Emeralds from the heroes, but is thwarted by Spectra Phantom. However, Metal Sonic tells Spectra that he made a foolish move as the League of Villains, Fabia and Android 18, and Scourge and Fleetway Super Sonic will try to get the Chaos Emeralds for their own goals. Metal Sonic and Sasuke then retreat to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds, and Metal Sonic tells the heroes to stay out of his way.

After Drago alters history, Metal Sonic rejoined Dr. Eggman, but deleted him as his master after learning that he replaced Robotnik Prime. Metal Sonic then goes into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with the inactive Mecha Sonic and some other Sonic robots so he can retain his memories of the second timeline, since the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is immune to the changes like the White Space. Despite fusing with the other Sonic robots, Metal Sonic is defeated by the Heroes of Legend and returns to his normal form in the process.

Later, Metal Sonic is tricked by Scourge the Hedgehog into freeing Dr. Eggman and his counterparts from the White Space. Metal Sonic then rejoins Dr. Eggman as his second in command. Metal Sonic later goes into the Doom Dimension to fight Sonic, but ultimately helps him escape the Doom Dimension. Metal Sonic later leaves the Doom Dimension after failing to find Fleetway Super Sonic, and sneaks into the Vestal Destroyer with Scourge. At the end of Season 24, Metal Sonic, Scourge, and Fleetway Super Sonic are sent to the past and prevent the Smash Core from exploding and scattering across time and space, effectively erasing Mechtavius Destroyer from existence.

Rise to PowerEdit

In Season 25, Metal Sonic betrays and roboticizes Scourge. Not long after this event, Metal Sonic (in his Neo Metal Sonic form) goes to the Doom Dimension to release Fury. Upon returning from the Doom Dimension, Metal Sonic is informed by Metal Scourge that Metal Tails and Metal Knuckles are complete, which pleases Metal Sonic. Afterwards, Metal Sonic states that his reign of terror is about to begin. Metal Sonic then ambushes and roboticizes Sally Acorn. Metal Sonic then reminds Mecha Sally that her purpose is to destroy Sonic and that she will be assisted by Metal Scourge, Metal Tails, Metal Knuckles, and another model of Metal Sonic. When Mecha Sally asks why he isn't participating, Metal Sonic replies that it is more fun to put the blame on others and that he has personal matters to attend to. Metal Sonic then teleports to the temple where Nazo is imprisoned and liberates the malevolent entity from his prison and leaves him with instructions to kill Shadow and Silver. Afterwards, Metal Sonic returns to Smash City and attacks the Heroes of Legend (with the exception of Sonic who went to meet up with Sally at the mall before she was roboticized) with the intention of killing them. However, it is eventually revealed that Metal Sonic's true intention was to use the energy from the intense battles to pull the Smash Core to the Smash World so he can create a new reality and restore those who were erased from history.

Helping the Heroes Again and Partial Revelation of A ProphecyEdit

During Season 30 and Season 31, Metal Sonic assists the Heroes of Legend and their friends in the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer. In fact, Metal Sonic is the one who tells Naruto Uzumaki that he is the only one capable of defeating Mechtavius Destroyer permanently. Metal Sonic later accompanies the other villains to the Fourth Dimension, and witnesses Naruto and Drago's fusion and final defeat of Mechtavius Destroyer.

Ressurection of the League of VillainsEdit

Following the final defeat of Mechtavius Destroyer, Metal Sonic returns to the prime dimension. With Mechtavius Destroyer locked up and the D-Stars out of their reach, the League of Villains are uncertain as to what they should do next. Metal Sonic then reminds the League of Villains that they have gone toe to toe with the heroes many times and that they have grown stronger as a result. Metal Sonic then states that he recorded and copied all the data from the final battle, and that the other villains will observe the data to improve themselves and surpass Mechtavius Destroyer. Metal Sonic then takes up the mantle of leader of the League of Villains, and states their main priority: the destruction of Naruto Uzumaki, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Goku. Despite the increase in power of the League of Villains and revelation that Giga Bowser was sealed within them, Metal Sonic and the other villains are defeated once again by the Heroes of Legend.

Final Defense of the Smash Bros. DimensionsEdit

When Master Hand reveals his true colors as a destructive entity, Metal Sonic, in a shocking move, decides to put himself at risk by fighting the ressurected Giga Bowser, Male, and Female in order to protect the dimensions from being destroyed by Master Hand's army. During the fight against the destructive trio, Metal Sonic reveals how much he has changed since he lost Giga Bowser's power by effortlessly tossing Giga Bowser away. However, Metal Sonic is unable to win due to Male and Female leaving to help Master Hand. Metal Sonic later gives the Heroes of Legend his strength so they can defeat Master Hand for good. Afterwards, Metal Sonic gives up on his goal to defeat Sonic, and becomes an ally to the other heroes for any future threats that may come their way.

Fate of the Dimensions, Mental Breakdown, Redemption, and Becoming a Hero of LegendEdit

When Meta Knight declares war on the Heroes of Legend, Metal Sonic and Kirby do not choose to side with Meta Knight, but do not side with Marth either. Metal Sonic then tells Kirby after everyone has left that he is no longer intent on killing Sonic, and that peace sometimes must be obtained through violence. Metal Sonic then leaves for the Mystic Ruins to try and find a new purpose. Upon arrival, Metal Sonic reviews his memory banks and his past, hoping to find a new purpose. Remembering how Dr. Eggman is from another reality, his teamwork with Scourge the Hedgehog, the ressurection of the League of Villains, and the words Sonic said to everyone before passing out after beating Master Hand ("Live your lives to the fullest"), Metal Sonic becomes visibly depressed at how his entire life he has been used and even when rising to power was still nothing compared to his organic counterpart. When Jill returns to the past to fix the future, Metal Sonic has a mental breakdown and asks that she kills him for everything he has done, stating he cannot find a new purpose. However, Jill refuses, and instead tells Metal Sonic that his new purpose can be to make right what he did wrong, just as Zombie Spider-Man did. Jill's words motivate Metal Sonic to continue on with his life and fix all the mistakes he has made under Dr. Eggman's control. Metal Sonic later joins the Heroes of Legend due to the fact that he has kept a Smash Core fragment hidden within him and that he has proven his worth.

Mentor of Bass and SacrificeEdit

In Season 33, Metal Sonic learns of Bass' origins and how he was created to defeat Mega Man, but was unable to. Sympathizing with Bass due to his similar background, Metal Sonic offers Bass a position as a Hero of Legend, and offers to train Bass personally, an offer Bass accepts. Metal Sonic later learns of Sonic's betrayal and is shocked. Metal Sonic is then assaulted by Phazon along with the other Heroes of Legend, but is freed from paralysis when Bowser and Gohan resist Sonic's paralysis. However, Metal Sonic passes out along with the other Heroes of Legend, but with the ounce of power he has left, Metal Sonic reboots Mecha Sally after she goes beserk upon learning of Sonic's betrayal. Before passing out, Metal Sonic tells Bowser and Gohan to defeat Sonic and bring back his "soul".

Finding a New PurposeEdit

Metal Sonic is later revived by Mecha Sally at the cost of her life, but succumbs to Phazon Corruption and assists Sonic in his plans of conquest. However, it is later revealed that Ganondorf was controlling Sonic to make him look like a villain. Angered at Ganondorf's deception, Metal Sonic forgives Sonic and watches him seal Ganondorf and Fawful away. Feeling hurt and betrayed by the other heroes, Metal Sonic helps the Heroes of Legend ressurect the Nomadic Mechtogan to find out their purpose. With Marth's help, Metal Sonic and the Heroes of Legend realize that they can remake the world as they see fit.

Descent to Insanity, Mentor of Ino Yamanaka, and Rejoining the Heroes of LegendEdit

During the conflict against Solaris and Sonic.exe, Metal Sonic continues to help the Heroes of Legend against the onslaught of foes, but begins to recall the memories that were locked away by Mecha Sonic. Later, when the Dark Star X is ressurected, Metal Sonic becomes Metal Overlord and fights against Metal Solaris, the Solaris Dimension Ship containing the Smash Bros. Galaxy, to prevent it from killing any more innocent lives. Although Metal Sonic is initially overpowered, he recalls how Dr. Robotnik called him his strongest creation. Through this flashback, along with Sonic using the Master Emerald to empower Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic charges at Metal Solaris while declaring that he is the ultimate overlord and the real Sonic, and sends Metal Solaris reeling while he returns to normal and heads back inside Metal Solaris. Metal Sonic then contacts the recently deroboticized Ino Yamanaka, who is still depressed over Mecha Sally's death, and informs Ino that since she was Mecha Sally's strongest servant while roboticized, that technically means Ino is now in charge of Mecha Sally's army. Metal Sonic then offers Ino a chance for revenge against Sonic for letting Mecha Sally die, showing that Metal Sonic has reverted to his original ways. Metal Sonic later rejoins the Heroes of Legend during the conflict with Kabuto Yakushi, and fully rejoins them after the tragic events in EXE City, although he still intends to kill Sonic one day. However, during the events of Season 37 and Season 38, Metal Sonic begins to abandon his vendetta against Sonic and slowly begins to forgive the Smash World due to the influence of Batman and Superman.


Originally, Metal Sonic was nothing more than one of Dr. Eggman's robotic servants created to kill Sonic the Hedgehog. In Season 23, however, Metal Sonic gained independence and a personality of his own.

Metal Sonic has been shown to be obsessed with defeating and killing Sonic, which is what he was programmed to do. However, this causes Metal Sonic to act reckless, as he was willing to restore Coredegon to his former strength just to learn the secret to defeating Sonic. Metal Sonic isn't foolish though, as he threatened to erase Coredegon from existence if he were to betray him before learning that would mean that the Smash Bros. Galaxy would be wiped from existence, including himself, and put up a barrier when he revealed to Sonic that he knows Fabia lied to Sasuke so that Sasuke wouldn't turn against him. However, Metal Sonic was upset after Sonic and the Heroes of Legend took on the role of creators of the Smash World, as he had come to respect Sonic at this point and was angry that he was leaving his friends behind.

After defeating the Ultimate Fusion, Metal Sonic revealed that he is even crueler than Dr. Eggman, as he roboticized the deceased Sally Acorn just to torture Sonic further. If Eggman had been the one to defeat Sonic, he would have simply mocked him instead of torturing him further.

Even though he has independence now, Metal Sonic does have a degree of respect for Dr. Eggman, as he has worked with his creator every now and then. However, this doesn't mean Metal Sonic is still loyal to the doctor, as he has also betrayed Eggman twice, first by usurping him and later by abandoning him in jail.

Like Wiseman, Metal Sonic doesn't lose his cool when he is beaten, shown by the fact he didn't go insane like the other villains did when they were incarcerated.

Despite wanting to see Sonic die, Metal Sonic doesn't like it when Sonic is killed by someone else, shown by him attacking Android 18 and Fabia Sheen for killing Sonic. For some reason, Metal Sonic was content with letting Tikal and the Super Androids kill Sonic, though he told his Classic self that he knows Sonic won't lose, meaning that Metal Sonic respects and despises Sonic.

Despite being Sonic's enemy, Metal Sonic realizes the threat that Naruto Uzumaki poses to the League of Villains. However, Metal Sonic has a decent amount of respect for Naruto as well.

Despite his role as an antagonist, Metal Sonic revealed during Master Hand's siege that he will put his life on the line to protect the dimensions that he wants to conquer.

After Sonic and the other Heroes of Legend take over as the Creators, Metal Sonic becomes visibly depressed, no longer willing to kill Sonic and being unable to find a new purpose. This, coupled with his dark past, causes the once ruthless Metal Sonic have a mental breakdown to the point of asking Jill to kill him. However, Jill encourages Metal Sonic to redeem himself instead, and Metal Sonic ultimately takes her words to heart by erasing Dr. Eggman and his programming from his system, being reborn as a hero in the process.

Metal Sonic has since become kinder to others. Following a conversation with Elise's Skrull impostor, Metal Sonic has become sympathetic to the Skrulls, and is currently trying to get a new home on Earth for them. Despite his change of heart, Metal Sonic retains a slight bit of arrogance.

Season 35 shows newer aspects to Metal Sonic's personality while restoring his old personality, as it is revealed that Dr. Eggman is merely a robot containing the consciousness of the late Dr. Robotnik. As a result, Metal Sonic secretly resents Dr. Eggman since he is not his true creator, though he still respects him. It is also shown through his flashback that when Metal Sonic becomes focused on one goal, he will not stop until it is achieved, which explains why he would never give up trying to kill Sonic. Metal Sonic is also shown to be emotionally fragile like his organic counterpart, as he lamented at how he failed to protect Mecha Sally, who Dr. Robotnik intended to turn into his successor. After learning of Mecha Sally's death, coupled with his own fall from grace, Metal Sonic's hatred towards Sonic is also renewed, as he blames Sonic for failing to protect Mecha Sally and becomes determined to eradicate Sonic once more, indicating that Metal Sonic harbored feelings for Mecha Sally. Despite having a more legitimate reason to hate Sonic, Metal Sonic takes advantage of Ino's sadness over Mecha Sally's death by warping it into a way to have Ino seek revenge on Sonic, showing that Metal Sonic will not hesitate to take advantage of the emotions of others as long as his goal is accomplished. Following the tragedy in EXE City, Metal Sonic abandons his vendetta against Sonic due to understanding the pain he has had to endure. Despite this, Metal Sonic maintains his amnosity towards the Smash World due to the stress that the Heroes of Legend have had to endure, although Metal Sonic has slowly begun to forgive the Smash World due to the influence of Batman and Superman.

Younger CounterpartsEdit

Classic Metal SonicEdit

261px-Sonic Generations Metal

Classic Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic 2

Dreamcast Metal Sonic

Classic Metal Sonic is Metal Sonic's younger self. Unlike the other younger characters, with the exception of Classic Eggman, Classic Metal Sonic debuts in Season 23, which is after the Time Eater Arc. Like his future self, Classic Metal Sonic wants to defeat Sonic, though he wants to defeat Classic Sonic instead of Modern Sonic. During the battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, Classic Metal Sonic throws Modern Metal Sonic at Dark Wasp so he can shatter the Infinity Sword, but is forced to watch in horror as his future self is destroyed by Tikal. Classic Metal Sonic later plays a key role in reviving his older self. Classic Metal Sonic later assists his older self by attacking Sonic, Naruto, Sasuke, Fabia, and Ren with his own Egg Emperor, and teams up with Dreamcast Metal Sonic and Modern Metal Sonic to destroy all 3 Sonics. Following Modern Metal Sonic's upgrades, Classic Metal Sonic becomes the controller of his future self's "Metal Sonic Destroyer" form. Classic Metal Sonic has yet to reappear in Season 25.

Dreamcast Metal SonicEdit

Dreamcast Metal Sonic is Metal Sonic as he appeared in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Dreamcast Metal Sonic first appears out of nowhere to destroy Dreamcast Sonic, where he meets his Classic counterpart and his Modern counterpart. After a little confusion, the 3 Metal Sonics prepare to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog permanently.

Unlike his Modern and Classic counterparts, Dreamcast Metal Sonic can't talk.

Relationships with other charactersEdit

Due to his original desire to crush Sonic, Metal Sonic didn't focus on anyone but his primary target. However, he does have interactions with some characters nonetheless.

Dr. Ivo RobotnikEdit

Metal Sonic has a deep amount of respect for Dr. Ivo Robotnik, since he created him, and was devoted to Dr. Robotnik's cause to the point of carrying out his order of transferring Dr. Robotnik's intelligence into the robot that would become Dr. Eggman even though Metal Sonic could've have claimed full power over Dr. Robotnik's army. Dr. Robotnik's death also had an emotional impact on Metal Sonic, and was partially responsible for shaping Metal Sonic into the cruel being he is today.

Dr. EggmanEdit

Metal Sonic has a unique relationship with Dr. Eggman. Although Metal Sonic essentially created Dr. Eggman, Mecha Sonic's upgrade damaged Metal Sonic's memories, and as a result believed that Dr. Eggman was his creator. As a result, Dr. Eggman's claim of being from another dimension was one of the partial causes of Metal Sonic's mental breakdown.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Metal Sonic despises Sonic completely, as he was created to destroy him and also blames Sonic for letting Dr. Robotnik die. Despite this, Metal Sonic has a degree of respect for Sonic, as when Classic Metal Sonic questioned his older self on why he left Sonic to battle Tikal and Master Hand, Modern Metal Sonic stated he is confident Sonic will defeat them. When the Heroes of Legend took up the role of creators of the Smash World, Metal Sonic was affected the hardest, and regretted constantly trying to kill Sonic. Metal Sonic's newfound respect for Sonic would serve as part of the robot's mental breakdown and rebirth as a hero. However, Metal Sonic was devastated at Sonic's betrayal, but forgives him after it is revealed Ganondorf was manipulating Sonic. Later, however, Metal Sonic's hatred of Sonic is renewed when he learns of Mecha Sally's death, as he blames Sonic for failing to protect her.

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Metal Sonic sees Shadow differently than Sonic. Metal Sonic considers Shadow as a rival to test his skills against, shown in the beginning of Season 24 where he challenged Shadow to a friendly race. However, he has a mutual dislike for Shadow as well. In Season 25, this is proven when Metal Sonic releases Nazo and instructs him to kill Shadow and Silver the Hedgehog.

Sasuke UchihaEdit

In Season 23, Sasuke and Metal Sonic didn't really interact with each other. However, in Season 24, Metal Sonic starts working with Sasuke after he becomes an antagonist again. Metal Sonic respects Sasuke's power, but still sees him as nothing more than a pawn to help him destroy Sonic. Due to history being altered, Metal Sonic didn't join forces with Sasuke.

Silver the HedgehogEdit

Although Metal Sonic and Silver haven't really interacted, the fact that Metal Sonic instructed Nazo to kill him and Shadow shows that Metal Sonic dislikes Silver. Although Metal Sonic confronted the Heroes of Legend in Season 30, he ignored Silver completely.

Naruto UzumakiEdit

Like with Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic has a unique relationship with Naruto Uzumaki. While Metal Sonic's primary goal is to kill Sonic, he is aware of the threat that Naruto poses to him and the other villains. In fact, Metal Sonic is the only villain who sees Naruto as a threat. However, Metal Sonic respects Naruto as well, as he defied the other villains to tell Naruto that he is the only one who can defeat Mechtavius Destroyer.

Fabia SheenEdit

Metal Sonic's first interaction with Fabia was in Season 23, where he furiously attacked her for killing Sonic since he wants to kill Sonic personally. In Season 24, Metal Sonic was liberated by Fabia, though he no longer held a grudge. In Season 30, after escaping the creepypasta realm, Metal Sonic found Fabia battling against Zombie Zelda and, suprisingly, saved Fabia from Zombie Zelda.


Like with Silver the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic and Goku haven't really interacted. However, after taking control of the League of Villains, Metal Sonic declares that their main priority is to kill Goku, Naruto, and Sonic, showing that Metal Sonic viewed Goku as a threat.


Metal Sonic's most prominent interaction with someone other Sonic is his interaction with Bass. After learning how Bass was created to defeat Mega Man and abandoned Dr. Wily to try and achieve this, Metal Sonic gains sympathy for Bass, as Metal Sonic has gone through the same thing with Sonic. Metal Sonic is also the one who recruited Bass into the Heroes of Legend, and has agreed to train him personally.


  • Metal Sonic was created by Dr. Eggman to replace Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic, who was the original Metal Sonic. This is confirmed by Metal Sonic having the same voice as Mecha Sonic.
  • Metal Sonic is very intelligent as he knows how to operate the Time Eater.
  • Metal Sonic is the only inorganic character to have a younger self, with Classic Metal Sonic being the younger version of Metal Sonic.
  • Metal Sonic has a deeper voice than Classic Metal Sonic despite being his future self, though this can be attributed to actual aging.
  • Metal Sonic is the first character that has defeated the Ultimate Fusion.
  • Metal Sonic has none of the past primary antagonists' weaknesses. However, following the Heroes of Legend's ascension, Metal Sonic does gain one weakness.
    1. Metal Sonic isn't inhibited by emotion like Sasuke. This is no longer valid following the Heroes of Legend's ascension to Creators.
    2. Metal Sonic doesn't reveal the truth to his allies and lose them as a result like Yami Bakura.
    3. Metal Sonic is arrogant, but doesn't underestimate his opponents like Coredegon.
  • Metal Sonic is responsible for Drago's death since he nearly caused the apocalypse, which Drago prevented at the cost of his own life.
  • Metal Sonic is the only robot that has been seen crying, although he leaks oil as tears.
  • Following his reprogramming, Metal Sonic's eyes have become green like Sonic's, but they return to red after his descent to insanity.
  • Metal Sonic is the first inorganic Hero of Legend.

Theme SongEdit

Metal Madness - Sonic Heroes Music Extended30:00

Metal Madness - Sonic Heroes Music Extended

Metal Sonic's Theme. This theme plays during a crisis.

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