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Mira Clay

Mira Clay is the younger sister of Spectra Phantom and a supporting character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. She first appears during the finals of Round 1 of the Neo Smash Champion Tourney, where she tells Krillin and Yamcha some more information about Spectra that he didn't reveal. When the finals were interrupted by Wiseman, Mira is infected by the Evil Seeds, but is cured by Piccolo. Mira is later seen discussing the current situation with Wiseman, and tells the others that another planet has been pulled into the Smash Bros. Galaxy. In Season 23, Mira continues to play a supporting role as she provides her friends with the Battle Suits along with Gus Grav.


Mira's appearance is based off her appearance in Mechtanium Surge. When Mira was infected by the Evil Seeds, she was pretty much the same, except her eyes became purple and she had fangs.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Subterra Magma Wilda

Subterra Roxtor (Shares with Marucho Marukura)

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