Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged)

Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged) is a member of the Pecking Order and serves as a secondary antagonist. Mr. Popo is quite scary and as such is the second-in-command. In Season 14, Mr. Popo is reluctant to allow NER Jigglypuff to enter the Pecking Order, but is outvoted and NER Jigglypuff becomes the new leader of the Pecking Order. Mr. Popo also expressed annoyance that Zombie Zelda and Spengbab were speaking in clear English. Mr. Popo's opinion on NER Jigglypuff quickly changed when she successfully helps the group make a theme song and promises several changes. In Season 23, Mr. Popo is revealed to be a creepypasta. Later on, Mr. Popo is killed when Fabia Sheen straps him to an electric chair and electrocutes him. In Season 29, Mr. Popo comes back through unexplained means, and is seen arguing with the other villains. Mr. Popo is later erased from existence along with the other villainous creepypastas by Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • Mr. Popo was one of the last members of the Pecking Order to be killed.
  • Mr. Popo's death is one of the most violent scenes in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.

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