Mystical Elf

The Mystical Elf is a Duel Monster that serves as the spirit partner of Tea Gardner after she is liberated from Nightshroud's control. Mystical Elf first appeared during Tea's Tag Duel against Naruto Uzumaki and Zane Truesdale while possessed by Nightshroud. Mystical Elf showed sadness at the violence going on, and was saddened at the sight of Exodia Necross. Afterwards, Mystical Elf showed concern for the tramuatized Samus Aran.


Mystical Elf is a peaceful spirit who hates violence, as she was saddened by the Tag Duel. Mystical Elf also cares about others, as she had a worried look on her face when Samus was crying due to trauma.


  • Its possible Tea had Mystical Elf before she was possessed by Nightshroud, seeing as Mystical Elf remained with Tea after she was freed.

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