Neathia is Fabia's home world and a location in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Naruto, Sonic, and Drago came here during Season 5 because they needed to control their powers in isolation from their friends. Bowser, Ganondorf, Kazarina, and a reluctant Sasuke followed them to get revenge. Goku, Kirby, and Ness came here to bring Naruto, Sonic, and Drago home but decide to help them train instead. Cyborg Helios came here in search of Naruto, Sonic, and Drago. At the end of Season 5, everyone but Fabia returned to Earth because of Dark Marth. Fabia will occasionally go from Neathia to Earth to help the heroes. Neathia reappeared in Season 16, where it was attacked by Gigadark Bowser. Neathia is mentioned in Season 19 when Sasuke states after destroying Earth, he will destroy Neathia, Gundalia, and New Namek. In Season 24, Neathia is destroyed by Mechtavius Destroyer, but is restored by Drago's alteration of history. Later, Mechtavius Destroyer attacks Neathia again in Season 28, and burns it to the ground.

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