Noah Kaiba

Noah Kaiba

Noah Kaiba is a member of 4Kids and the main antagonist of the first arc of Season 16. Noah Kaiba called Marik Ishtar and told him that Super Smash Bros. Crossover was to be cancelled after Season 15 due to copyright infringement. When he saw Marik refused to listen, Noah decided to teach Marik a lesson and started sending assasins to Super Smash Bros. Crossover to bring it down, with the first being Thrax from the movie Osmosis Jones. When Noah is questioned by Team 4Kids what should happen if Thrax failed, Noah says he is prepared. Noah reappears when Sarah Ravencroft is liberated and wins her over by promising to destroy her spellbook if she does what he asks. Noah reappears to recall his 3 assassins and blows up Marik's plane. Later, Noah destroys the Phantom Virus for failing to defeat Naruto Uzumaki and Jaden Yuki, and decides to send Team 4Kids (Big 5) to do some damage. However, when Crump is easily defeated, Noah decides to handle things personally, but in the end, Noah is utterly helpless and is forced to hear creepy Spongebob songs, is nearly devoured by Zombie Giant-Man, and faints after the Annoying Orange shows him a video of him that looks creepy. Humorously, Noah is then devoured by Colonel America.


Despite his death, Noah is revived during the Time Eater Arc, due to the damaged timeline blurring the borders of the living and the dead. Noah then goes along with Madara Uchiha and Mutant Elfin to get revenge on the Heroes of Legend.


  • Noah seems to have an addiction to Warner Bros. movies, as his assasins are almost entirely from Warner Bros. movies.
  • Noah is the first character shown to be devoured by a zombie.

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