Ojama Black

Ojama Black is one of the 5 Ojama brothers that serve as spirit partners to Sasuke Uchiha. Ojama Black was used by the Phantom Virus as bait to lure Sasuke to his location, which proved to be his downfall. Sasuke kept the Ojamas in his deck after this incident. During the final duel against Nightshroud, Ojama Black's energy was drained by the Sacred Beasts, but was restored after the battle. In Season 19, Ojama Black begs Sasuke not to be betray his friends. Ojama Black is then killed by Yami Bakura along with the other Ojamas, except Ojama Yellow. Ojama Black is revived and returns to the spirit world at the end of Season 19.


  • Ojama Black was the first Ojama card Sasuke found in the desert.
  • Ojama Black is not the same one from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, though his personality is the same.

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