Operation: Smear was an event orchestrated by Mephiles the Dark. The plan was to launch a smear campaign against the Heroes of Legend and convince the world they are evil so that Mephiles can divert the attention of the villains towards the Heroes of Legend while he goes to usurp Metal Sonic. The plan was a success, since it appears that Mario and Princess Peach are now the only ones who still believe in the Heroes of Legend, Ben Tennyson, and Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Smear CampaignEdit

Mephiles' first step of Operation: Smear was to create videos featuring the Heroes of Legend's worst moments, which was quite simple due to the recent events that have occured and due to Mephiles' abilities. After this, Mephiles went to the headquarters of the Will Harangue Nation and tricked Will Harangue into assisting him by stating that Ben Tennyson was the mastermind behind the Heroes of Legend. Since Will Harangue thinks that Ben is a threat, he agreed to watch the videos and then air them on the Will Harangue Nation. Mephiles then deceived Will Harangue into thinking that he was Shadow the Hedgehog, which was easy due to his shapeshifting abilities and Harangue's own stupidity.


Operation: Smear was a complete success, since everyone now knows about the possible apocalypse and are convinced that the Heroes of Legend are going to orchestrate it. In addition, due to Mephiles' deception, Ben Tennyson is now feared and hated by everyone since they think he is the brains behind the Heroes of Legend. While Shadow is now famous since everyone thinks he gave Will Harangue the footage, the other heroes accuse Shadow of being a traitor since they think he sold out his friends.


  • Mephiles framed Shadow as the one who revealed the truth about the Heroes of Legend as an act of payback for being sealed in the Scepter of Darkness.
  • Mephiles didn't really care about Ben, since he doesn't view him as a threat. Mephiles only ruined Ben's reputation because Will Harangue wouldn't accept the footage otherwise.

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