Char 14442

Phantom Virus

Noah! Have mercy!

-The Phantom Virus begging to be spared.

The Phantom Virus is the second of Noah Kaiba's assassins in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He is assigned to defeat Sasuke Uchiha by forcing him to battle the Phantom Virus without using violence. The Phantom Virus gives Sasuke the choice of battling with his Bakugan or the deck he took from Pandoria. The Phantom Virus then duels Sasuke, but is defeated at his own game because he lured Sasuke to his location by leaving Ojama cards in the sand, which Sasuke added to his deck and used them to perform a One Turn Kill. The Phantom Virus later returns with Thrax and Sarah Ravencroft to attack the heroes again. After Marik's plane is destroyed, the Phantom Virus duels Naruto Uzumaki and Jaden Yuki with both players having 8000 Life Points and having to wear electrodes while being bolted to the duel arena. However, the Phantom Virus is ultimately defeated, and afterwards Noah destroys him for his failure. After a long absence, the Phantom Virus returns in Season 23, where he is revived by Mechtavius Destroyer, who integrates the Phantom Virus into his being.


The Phantom Virus looks just like he does in Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase. During his duel against Sasuke, the Phantom Virus wore a Duel Coat identical to the one used by Professor Viper.


The Phantom Virus is quite arrogant, as he used Ojama cards as a way to lure Sasuke to his location, most likely because he considers them weak. The Phantom Virus also uses puns related to baseball. During his duel with Naruto and Jaden, the Phantom Virus is much more sadistic, as he bolts their feet down to the duel arena so they wouldn't get blown away by his attacks and has them start with 8000 life points rather than 4000 life points while wearing electrodes to further their suffering.


The Phantom Virus uses a Torture deck, using cards that deal Direct Damage to the opponent which is made more painful since he has 3 copies of each and he makes his opponents wear electrodes. The Virus also includes strong Fusion monsters, which he splits back into their materials to get around Tribute summoning.

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