SMG Polari


Polari is a brown Luma that acts as an advisor to Rosalina, similar to how Toadsworth acts as an advisor to Princess Peach.


Polari first appears when Rosalina arrives on Earth. Polari notices that Smash City looks too peaceful for a war to be going on here, and concludes that the Akatsuki have been defeated. However, Rosalina says there is a new threat on the horizon, and Polari says that Rosalina promised to help the Heroes of Legend defeat the Akatsuki, not any other villain, but eventually lets Rosalina help, but he advises her to be careful.


  • As a reference to how he is similar to Toadsworth, Polari is more protective of Rosalina, unlike in Super Mario Galaxy, where he did show concern for Rosalina, but on a lesser scale.

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