Porygon is a member of The Porygon Family. He initially appeared as a minor antagonist in Season 10, where he and the other Porygon evolutions put Pikachu on trial for getting them banned from the Pokemon anime due to the seizure incident, which was caused by Pikachu. The Porygon eventually realized Pikachu was only defending himself and were about to forgive him, but Zombie Zelda, who they called in as Pikachu's lawyer, got them arrested, and they swore revenge on Pikachu. In Season 14, Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged releases them from prison to boost the ratings of the series by adding more antagonists. The Porygons act as secondary antagonists in Season 14. Porygon and his brothers moved to Smash City during Season 20. At the end of Season 20, Porygon and his brothers abandon their grudge with Pikachu.


  • Like Sasuke Uchiha, Porygon and his brothers seek revenge. However, the difference is Sasuke seeks vengeance on the Hidden Leaf for manipulating the Uchiha clan while the Porygon merely want revenge for getting banned from the Pokemon anime for something they didn't do. The Porygon also redeem themselves like Sasuke did.

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