283px-Pyrus InfinityHelios BD

Pyrus Infinity Helios in Bakugan Form

Pyrus InfinityHelios Open

Pyrus Infinity Helios in Ball Form

Pyrus Infinity Helios is a Bakugan that makes his debut in Season 23 of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Since his debut, Pyrus Infinity Helios has been a main protagonist, especially during the Fight to the Finish 2 Arc.


Prior to his debut, Pyrus Infinity Helios lived a carefree life style, but was a bit harsh towards others. When New Vestroia was pulled into the planetary spaceship that would eventually become the Smash Bros. Galaxy, Helios wound up on Earth and wandered about. Infinity Helios would later have the unfortunate fate of meeting BEN and the Pecking Order, who subjected him to creepypasta torture for an unspecified amount of days. This experience not only traumatized Helios, but changed him into a better person as he was less mean towards others. When BEN offered Pyrus Infinity Helios to come along with the Pecking Order, Helios fled to the bedroom, hoping to forget this encounter. However, Helios would soon reveal his backstory to the Bakugan of the bedroom, who resolved to stop the Pecking Order's reincarnation. Pyrus Infinity Helios would become a crucial ally to the heroes at this point, due to his tremendous power and knowledge on the Pecking Order.


  • Despite being a major protagonist, Pyrus Infinity Helios has barely interacted with the heroes.

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