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ROBLOX Guest, is The Mascot of ROBLOX, Which is not treated very well to players. All because of their noobiness.

Moto For Trailer Edit

Guest Signs In!

Attacks Edit

  • A - Sword
  • B - Slam
  • Up A A - Sword Slash
  • Up B B - Slam Smack
  • Down B Special - Admin
  • Up Down B Special - Ban Hammer
  • FINAL SMASH - TEH EPIK DUK IS COMING!!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!

KO Sounds Edit

  • Oof!

Orgins Edit

The ROBLOX Crew, Made Their Own Account Name ROBLOX, Which is disigned as a Guest. Guests are Most hated By players That they wish players can only play by Logging in. Each guest can choose a gender. Male or Female. If the player chooses Male, The Character will wear a hat. When Female, They will recieve pink Hair.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason in HIDE AND SEEK EXTREME, Guest Images are displayed as naked persons.

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