Razanak in Silly Melee Universe Ganondorf's body.

Razanak is a malicious spirit and the third primary antagonist of Season 17 along with Samus Aran and Yami Bakura.


When the villainous characters of the Silly Melee Universe decided to take over their world, Fox was captured after he learned too much of their plans. However, instead of getting brainwashed, Fox was possessed by the spirit of Razanak, who then possessed Ganondorf. Razanak then crossed over to Brawl in order to possess the strongest character for his own sinister motives, while using Fox to act through Melee. Razanak is followed by Jigglypuff of the Silly Melee Universe, but his power causes her to flee. Razanak soon learns about the Heroes of Legend, and decides to possess them for his own motives. Razanak soon runs into Samus Aran and Yami Bakura, and the trio joins forces in order to fufill their selfish desires. After recruiting Thrax and Infinity Mecha Sonic to their cause, Razanak takes part in the attack on Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain Falcon, Solid Snake, and Zelda. In the ensuing chaos, Razanak possesses Iron Man as well. Razanak then meets the Heroes of Legend for the first time and declares he will possess their bodies for himself, and releases Iron Man as a request from Yami Bakura. Later, Razanak is betrayed by Yami Bakura, who absorbs his spirit and transfers it into Zorc Necrophades. In Season 23, Razanak is revived and integrated into Mechtavius Destroyer.


  • Razanak is similar to Yami Bakura and Nightshroud as they both require a host to survive and can possess multiple people at one time.
  • Razanak is quite powerful, as Yami Bakura was able to sense him on Earth despite being on Gundalia at the time.

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