The Razenoids are Razenoid of every attribute who serve as one of the primary antagonists in Season 20, the others being the Akatsuki, Yami Bakura/Yami Zelda, Pandoria, and Infinity Mecha Sonic, and continue to be antagonists until Season 22.

In Seasons 5-7 (First Arc)Edit

The first of the Razenoid to debut was Subterra Razenoid, who appeared to be manipulated by the Dark Smashers.

In Season 9Edit

The next Razenoid to debut was Mag Mel's Razenoid. In Season 20, it evolved into Evolved Razenoid, and later died with his master in an attempt to kill Madara Uchiha. Before his death, he gave birth to a young Dharak.

In Season 20Edit

During the first arc of Season 20. Sasuke Uchiha's Evo Phantom Dharak mutated into Razenoid. After the war began, Subterra Razenoid revealed his true colors and informed the rest of the Razenoid of what happened, and also inviting them to participate in the war.

During the second arc, Mutant Elfin murders Ventus Razenoid and takes 2 secret Razenoids from the Razenoids. It is later revealed that they are a Combat Razenoid and Clear Razenoid.

In Season 22Edit

During the Countdown to Doomsday Arc, Ventus Razenoid is revived through unknown methods, and the Razenoids begin to launch their master plan under the command of Zelda, who is being corrupted by their influence.

In addition, the Razenoids have spawned hundreds of Dharaks and Phantom Dharaks as the generals for their Chaos Bakugan and Mechtogan.

Later, Subterra Razenoid reveals that Mutant Elfin was responsible for mutating them. Later, the Razenoids sacrifice their lives to contain Evolved Razenoid's self-destruct, with the only Razenoids left being the Darkus and Subterra Razenoids, who redeem themselves and join the heroes. However, the other Razenoids are later shown to have survived the explosion.

The RazenoidsEdit

Ball FormEdit

Dharak OffspringEdit


Phantom DharakEdit

Evo DharaksEdit

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