Reed Richards (Ultimate)

Reed Richards, also known as the Maker, hails from Earth-1610. Unlike other versions of Reed Richards, with the exception of Zombie Reed, this Reed is an antagonist.

Reed is first mentioned by Zombie Hulk when he recalls how Reed came to their world once, and that if he was able to contain the zombie Fantastic Four, then he could help remove the DNA of the Nomadic Mechtogan from the heroes. However, Zombie Wasp states that Reed has since become a villain, though the other Galacti don't believe her since she found this information from Wikipedia (a joke at how people shouldn't always believe Wikipedia). However, Zombie Wasp is right about this, as Reed orders an attack on the Galacti once they approach the Dome, but lets them in after Zombie Wasp uses Slycerak's power to repel the attack. Reed then explains to the Galacti that he was once a hero, but following the Ultimatum event that killed many, the Fantastic Four of his reality disbanded and Reed pondered what to do. However, Reed saw Mechtavius Destroyer pull his Earth out of its location and put it in the Smash Bros. Galaxy. After looking into Mechtavius Destroyer's eyes, Reed comes to a false conclusion that Mechtavius Destroyer is trying to bring about a new age of peace by removing the "imperfect" worlds from existence while preserving the "perfect" ones. Following this, Reed realized that his world is "imperfect" and needs to be changed, eventually founding the organization known as the Children of Tomorrow. The Galacti then requests that Reed remove the Nomadic Mechtogan DNA from the heroes, which he agrees to, but then alters the request in his head to being to remove anything but the Nomadic Mechtogan DNA. After requesting that Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Wasp wait with him, Reed reveals his true intentions to the duo and tries to remove all but the Nomadic Mechtogan DNA from them by force while having the Children of Tomorrow attack Zombie Hulk and Zombie Luke Cage while triggering the Dome's defenses to attack Zombie Giant-Man, ultimately causing the Heroes of Legend and their friends to arrive, where he subjugates them to the same torture as Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Wasp. However, Reed is thwarted by the timely intervention of Ryuga and Silver, who teleports the Dome next to Volcano Island. Unfortunately, Reed appears to be working with Ryuga and Silver, as he is later seen with Silver as he prepares to put Sakura Haruno under the Dome's training program in order to awaken her full potential.

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