397px-Ripto Scepter


Ripto is the nemesis of Spyro the Dragon and a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 21. Ripto is first seen during the villains meeting, where Uka Uka is chewing them out for their constant failures. Ripto then suggests that instead of attacking directly, they should reawaken the evil within all the known villains, but is told by Smithy that he already tried that. Ripto then suggests that they recruit more villains, as their numbers aren't enough to combat the heroes, which Uka Uka states that might actually work. Later, Ripto volunteers to seperate the Heroes of Legend from Samus Aran, as they are making the villains he recruited look like fools, therefore making Ripto look like a fool.


  • Ripto is the only villain who has noticed there is a higher amount of heroes than there are villains.
  • Ripto is one of the shortest villains in history, the others being Yami Kirby and Uka Uka.

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