Rogue was a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. She was a member of the X-Men, but she is eventually overshadowed by the Heroes of Legend. In Season 4, Rogue was one of the many heroes who were captured by the villains. She is freed shortly before Fabia Sheen joins the freed heroes. In Season 16, Rogue was the only one able to escape when Ganondorf erected a barrier so Giovanni could capture Samus Aran, and went to get help.

The Ultimate SacrificeEdit

In Season 18, Rogue is infected along with every other hero and villain, with the exception of the Heroes of Legend. Rogue later attempts to devour Yami Bakura when he tempts the zombies to try and eat him. Later, Yami Bakura tosses Princess Peach's crown onto Rogue after killing Peach. Yami Bakura attempts to kill Rogue shortly afterwards, but Gambit pushes Rogue out of the way. Yami Bakura attempts to kill her again, with his reason being that she is nearby, but is interrupted by Goku. After Yami Bakura is defeated, Rogue absorbs him and requests to be killed so the malicious spirit can never return. Despite their reluctance, Rogue is killed by Cyclops, and she states before her death that she was happy to be a member of the X-Men before her head is blasted to bits.

Reanimation and RevivalEdit

Rogue is later revived as one of Yami Bakura's reanimated soldiers along with his other victims. Oddly, Rogue is not infected despite dying as such. Rogue is later revived by Shenron.

Second Ultimate SacrificeEdit

In Season 26, in an effort to stop Mechtavius Destroyer from returning The Offspring of Zorc to normal, Rogue absorbs half of the energy he launched at them. However, Rogue was driven insane by this power and was mutated as a result. Rogue is eventually restored to normal thanks to the efforts of Darkstar and Vilgax, but is still insane regardless, prompting her to absorb more energy that causes Rogue to mutate again.

Return to NormalEdit

Later, Rogue battles against Silver the Hedgehog and Zombie Wolverine while Ben Tennyson battles Ultimate Kevin. Eventually, Rogue and Kevin are returned to normal when Shadow the Hedgehog uses Chaos Transfer to transfer their negative energy into Psycho Kirby, who is unaffected by it due to being a creepypasta. Following this event, Rogue joins the Heroes of Legend in their struggle against Metal Mario, who is later revealed to be Zombie Reed in disguise.


Rogue's appearance is based off her appearance in Wolverine and the X-Men.


Rogue was a lone wolf since her powers prevented her from touching anyone without her gloves on. Rogue also had feelings for Gambit, as they are seen together often, and Rogue was devastated when Gambit was killed by Yami Bakura.

After her act of sacrifice, Rogue is driven insane by Mechtavius Destroyer's power, even after being stripped of it, but her sanity is later restored by Shadow.

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