Ryuga is a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 30. Ryuga made several cameos in Season 29 during The Grand Finale, but vanished after Mechtavius Destroyer caused the villains to separate from the heroes.

Ryuga reappears in Season 30 with a much bigger role. Ryuga is first seen with Fawful as they communicate with Sasuke Uchiha following the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village, and give him a sticker containing the power of the Dark Star. Ryuga later accompanies Fawful to Other World and helps him break down Abraxas and the Dark Star and integrate them both into the Heroes of Legend and their friends. However, Ryuga is then betrayed by Fawful, who blasts him away to an unknown area.

Despite this, Ryuga reappears following Mechtavius Destroyer's downfall, where he gives Sasuke another sticker which contains the power of Ryuga's Beyblade, L-Drago Destructor. After Sasuke leaves to follow Sakura Haruno as part of Coredegon's final request, Ryuga is seen in front of the S.S. Aqua as Silver approaches him, where it is revealed that Ryuga has recruited Silver to help him end the conflict between the heroes and the villains. Ryuga then uses a unique fishing rod to pull Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova towards the United States.

Ryuga and Silver later save the Heroes of Legend and their friends from Ultimate Reed Richards. Ryuga then has Silver teleport the Dome right next to Volcano Island, where Ryuga then informs everyone gathered of his plan to end the conflict between good and evil by having them battle in a free-for-all tournament where alignment means nothing, and the winner will get a chance to fight Master Hand and remake the universe if they win. After explaining the rules, Ryuga leaves the scene, and does not return until Silver stirs up another conflict between both sides, where Ryuga reveals his alliance with Reed, exposing Ryuga as a villain, much to the anger of the heroes. Ryuga then assists Sakura and Silver in defeating the heroes and villains. After the battle, Ryuga reveals that he intends to use Sakura for his greater plan.


  • Ryuga is the first character from Beyblade to play a major role.
  • Ryuga is the fourth villain to operate independently of the League of Villains, the others being Mechtavius Destroyer, Fabia Sheen, and the Maker.

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