The source of the "exploding truck" and "impalement" gags

Unlike previous seasons, there are a few running gags in Season 20.

Exploding Truck GagEdit

One of the running gags is that during the impalement gag, a vehicle, namely trucks, crashes, causing a huge fire. Its a running gag because the impaler purposely does it where a vehicle can crash.

Impalement GagEdit

The gag began during Piccolo's battle with Nagato. While the characters being impaled isn't funny, the repetitive impalement is whats funny.

According to Yami Bakura, the gag just doesn't feel right without the "Exploding Truck" gag.


  • Both gags were inspired by the scene where Yamcha got impaled by Dr. Gero.
  • Ironically, Yamcha has been impaled twice, once by Nagato and once by Infinity Mecha Sonic.

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