Shun Kazami

Shun Kazami is a supporting protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He first appeared in Season 5 as a cameo, where he was humorously kissed by Kirby. Shun cameos again in Season 8, but unlike last time gets involved in the plot, and tells Master Hand to stop keeping secrets from the heroes. Shun reappears after a long absence in Season 22, where he becomes a main character, and he helps the Heroes of Legend fight against Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

  • Ventus Master Ingram
  • Ventus Hawktor
  • Ventus Taylean
  • Ventus Jaakor
  • Darkus Orbeum
  • Darkus Skytruss
  • Ventus/Darkus Magmafury (Baku-Sky Raider combination)


  • In Season 5 and Season 8, Shun wore his Mechtanium Surge Arc 1 outfit, but in Season 22, Shun wears his Arc 2 outfit.
  • Shun is the first cameo character to become a main character.


Even though Shun has not been seen in most of these outfits, he has worn them in the Bakugan anime.

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