The Smash World Grand Prix is a tournament that was hosted by Master Hand in Season 5 and has been going on until Season 15. It is also a major event to the series.

Season 5Edit

The tournament had begun because Master Hand believed the war against evil was over. However, the nightmare was far from over due to the arrival of Cyborg Helios, who had appeared earlier in Season 4. Eventually, Dark Marth was revealed to be the true villain, but he was defeated and the tournament resumed.

Season 8Edit

The tournament eventually attracted the attention of Team Shadow, consisting of Venus, Leon the Yoshi, Shade the Pikachu, Flare the Bowser, and Blaze the Lucario. However, the team was working for Xaos, who sought the keys to Pandemonium. However, the tournament faded into obscurity at the midway point.

Season 9Edit

The Heroes of Legend were put in charge following the death of Master Hand. However, the tournament is eventually hijacked by Anubias and Sellon, who were working for a being known as Mag Mel. Eventually, the Heroes of Legend were able to gain control of their powers and defeated Mag Mel. Afterwards, the tournament was returned to normal.

Season 13Edit

The Heroes of Legend, Pichu, and Super64 were made moderators of the tournament to keep things in order. However, the tournament faded into obscurity during the second half of Season 13.

Season 15Edit

Master Hand announced the tournament will be over soon. He also announced that the Heroes of Legend, Ganondorf, Link, Zelda, Infinity Mecha Sonic, Zombie Reed, and Sephiroth were currently in the lead. However, Yami Bakura decides to put his ultimate plan into motion, the ressurection of Zorc Necrophades, and he uses the tournament as the setting for the final nightmare. Later, Sephiroth launches his master plan, but is defeated. Afterwards, Master Hand declared Naruto Uzumaki as the champion.


  • The Smash World Grand Prix is the longest tournament in history, even if it is fanmade.
  • For some reason during the tournament, the sky looked as if the Smash World was digital.

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