Sora Chracter Render


Sora is one of the main protagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover from Season 14 onward. Sora was invited to compete in Super Smash Bros. and was allowed to battle early. Sora became good friends with Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of the heroes. In Season 14, Sora begins to play a more important role. Sora is seen training with Cloud Strife when Naruto arrives and tells them about his encounter with Sephiroth. Sora is startled when Naruto says that Sephiroth plans to beat all the Heroes of Legend and tells Naruto to keep his guard up at all times.


  • Sora and Cloud are the second pair of characters that initially played a minor role, but began to play a bigger role when their nemesis became a major antagonist. The first was Link and Zelda.

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