Spengbab is a member of the Pecking Order and a secondary antagonist in Season 14. Spengbab is basically a demonic version of the character Spongebob. Spengbab was incapable of speaking proper English, and Psycho Kirby was the only one capable of understanding him. However, in Season 14, Spengbab begins speaking in proper English due to Psycho Kirby's defection. In Season 23, Spengbab is upgraded by Wiseman, NER Jigglypuff, and Dr. Eggman for the upcoming war. Despite his upgrade, Spengbab is killed by Zenet Surrow and Krillin, but not before he kills Piccolo. For some reason, Spengbab is revived when the Heroes of Legend and the Offspring of Zorc undo the damage Wiseman caused despite being loyal to Wiseman. Spengbab is later killed again by Fabia Sheen, who cuts him up into several pieces with Psycho Kirby's butcher knife. Spengbab returns in Season 29 without any explaination, as he is seen arguing with the other villains. Spengbab is later erased from existence along with the other villainous creepypastas by Sonic.


  • Spengbab may be one of the oldest members of the Pecking Order, as the final punishment revolves around creepy Spongebob songs, which may have been suggested by Spengbab
  • Unlike Spongebob, Spengbab did not wear any clothing. However, after being upgraded, Spengbab wore the same outfit as his counterpart.
  • Spengbab is the first member of the Pecking Order to participate in a true battle.
  • Spengbab is the first member of the Pecking Order to be killed, and the only one to die twice.

Battle RecordEdit

Spengbab only fought twice in the entire series, and lost. However, Piccolo and Zenet were enhanced by the Smash Core at the time.

Battles Outcome
Piccolo, Zenet Surrow, and Krillin

Win (Piccolo)

Lose (Zenet and Krillin)

Fabia Sheen Lose [Tag with Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged)]

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