The Super Hero Squad is a group of heroes that defend Earth-91119 that debut in Super Smash Bros. Crossover in Season 22.


Iron Man - The leader of the Super Hero Squad. Like the mainstream Iron Man and Zombie Iron Man, this version of Iron Man is a super-genius, but is obsessed with technology for even the simplest of things.

Hulk - Unlike his mainstream counterpart and Zombie Hulk, this Hulk is always the Hulk. This Hulk is also more child-like than the original Hulk or Zombie Hulk.

Thor - Like the mainstream Thor, this Thor is ready for battle. Unlike his counterpart though, this Thor is overly enthusiastic about anything.

Wolverine - Like the mainstream Wolverine and Zombie Wolverine, this version of Wolverine is a loner, but is less violent.

Falcon - The jokester of the Super Hero Squad. Falcon owns a bird named Redwing, who assists him in battle.

The Silver Surfer - The genetic base for The Dark Surfer seen in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. The Silver Surfer has apparently served his time in prison, as he is once again a member of the Super Hero Squad.

Scarlet Witch - The only female member of the Super Hero Squad. Scarlet Witch works well with Falcon.

The SquaddiesEdit

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