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This Wiki is about a fan made series between many famous series like Naruto, Ben 10, Dragon Ball Z, Bionicle, Halo, Bakugan, Super Smash Bros, Sonic, Mario, SpongeBob SquarePants, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh! etc.

Main Plot (Super Smash Bros. Crossover)Edit

The Heroes of many franchises have united to fight a war against the villains to prevent an apocalypse from befalling the Earth as the Shy Guys of Icicle Mountain and Psycho Kirby predicted. In Season 12, Yami Bakura was revealed to be the mastermind behind the apocalypse. However, it is revealed in Season 23 that Coredegon is the true mastermind behind the apocalypse. At the end of Season 25's first arc, the multiverse is reset by Drago, but he dies as a result and the heroes are scattered. In Season 32, it is revealed that the apocalypse is nothing more than a diversion set up by Master Hand as part of his plans to destroy all dimensions, although things become more complicated when it is revealed that Mephiles the Dark was impersonating Master Hand.

Prologue(Prequel) Edit

Season 1 Plot Edit

Master Chief, Toon Link, and Kirby have been invited to visit Mario, Luigi, and Wario at Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately Mario and his friends soon find out that The Covenant have invaded Mushroom Kingdom and are captured having Master Chief, Toon Link, Kirby, and Yoshi who they meet up to fight off The Covenant. During the battle the heroes meets an strange being known as Mata Nui saves the heroes as well as freeing Mario and his friends from being captured by The Covenant. Mata Nui later reveals that The Covenant are not only conquering Mushroom Kingdom but are also searching for the Chaos Emeralds. It is up to Master Chief, Toon Link, Kirby, Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi to stop the The Covenant. In the end, The Covenant have been defeated.

Season 2 Plot Edit

The Covenant may be defeated but Mushroom Kingdom hasn't been liberated and soon begin their next conquest to Dreamland, Mata Nui teleports Master, Mario, Wario, and Kirby to Dreamland to find where The Covenant was last seen. As the heroes search across Dreamland, they encounter an group of powerful criminals known as Marauders. The Marauders easily take down Mario and Kirby however are defeated by Master Chief and Wario. Later an mysterious rock tribe known as the Skrall led by an Elite called Stronius appears and tells Kirby that they can help the heroes find The Covenant and defeat them. Suddenly as Master Chief realizes that Kirby is falling into an trap. The Skrall reveal that they as well are in search of the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald and are hunting down and kidnaps Kirby. Leaving the heroes to chase down the Skrall to an jungle where they meet up with Meta Knight on the way. Mata Nui and Mario begin to fight off Skrall warriors to allow Meta Knight and Wario battle Stronius. Luckily Master Chief was able to help Meta Knight and Wario defeat Stronius and rescue Kirby.

Season 3 Plot Edit

The heroes begin to learn from Knuckles the Echidna that an strange being known as Teridax has hid the Chaos Emeralds scattered across several different locations and are now being hunted down primarily by an evil faction known as the League Of Six Kingdoms led Pridak and must be found before they do. While collecting the Chaos Emeralds Mario, Kirby, Toon Link, Yoshi, Meta Knight, and Wario encounter the League Of Six Kingdoms and begin fighting them. Unfortunately this was an distraction and led Takadox to steal Toon Zelda's soul to help Pridak locate the Chaos Emeralds. However the heroes were able to defeat them by an mysterious heroic team known as the Glatorian Guardians.

Season 4 PlotEdit

Almost every hero has been captured. As Psycho Kirby is about to die, he recalls his painful past to a hypnotized Luigi. Luigi soon regains his will after hearing the sad tale and tricks Kirby into using a Beam Sword to free him so Luigi can free the others. Luigi is successful and frees Naruto, Goku, Drago, Sonic, Kirby, and Yoshi. They soon free some of the others. Fabia soon joins them in their struggle. At the end, everyone is freed and the villains are sent to the Doom Dimension.

Season 5 PlotEdit

Naruto, Sonic, and Drago are now the strongest heroes on the planet, and Master Hand decides to hold a mega tournament to celebrate the end of the war. However, there is a new threat in the form of Darkus Cyborg Helios, the Bakugan who helped the heroes in the final battle, who desires Drago's power. The Shy Guys of Icicle Mountain and Psycho Kirby's powers that have been bestowed upon Naruto, Sonic, and Drago are harder to control than our heroes had thought. To make matters worse, the villains have escaped the Doom Dimension. At the midway point of the season, every hero and villain on Earth are defeated by the Dark Smashers. At the end of Season 5, Dark Marth is finally defeated.

Season 6 PlotEdit

Drago has been having nightmares about a mysterious Bakugan, telling him strange messages. During a fierce battle with Cyborg Helios and Dharak, Drago shocks everyone when he spawns 4 Chaos Bakugan. After Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, Helios, and Dharak retreat, the heroes learn that Razenoid, the Bakugan haunting Drago's dreams, has been trapped in Drago's body since the end of Season 3. However, the villains are determined to get their hands on the Chaos Bakugan. Even worse is that the events of another tier war in the silly Melee universe has caused the Peach and Zelda of that world to become corrupted and get exiled to Brawl. In the end, however, they are restored and the villains are defeated again.

Season 7 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Razenoid will be freed from Drago's body soon, meaning the villains are running out of time to get the Chaos Bakugan from the heroes. The heroes aren't in the clear yet though, as their foes are relentless in their plans to get the Chaos Bakugan. However, it is revealed at the end of the first arc that Razenoid was manipulating the heroes. After Fear Ripper is erased from existence, Drago forces Razenoid out of his body and defeats them with Chompixx. However, Razenoid survives and scatters his Chaos Bakugan worldwide and swears vengeance on Drago.

Season 7 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

The heroes, villains, and the Smasher teams are now tasked with stopping Razenoid and his Chaos Bakugan permanently. However, Razenoid had spawned hundreds of Chaos Bakugan, and whoever picks up the Chaos Bakugan are brainwashed. However, there is a greater evil that is responsible for all this, the true Dark Smashers. Despite their best efforts, the heroes, villains, and Smasher teams are all defeated. Even worse, when the Dark Smashers escaped, the high tiers of the silly Melee universe became corrupted by the negative energy. However, Sasuke managed to avoid capture and freed some of the others with the Beam Sword. At the end of Season 7, Mecha Sonic is revealed to have orchastrated everything along with Zombie Reed. However, they are defeated by Drago. Afterwards, Bowser, Ganondorf, R.O.B., Frieza, and Cell rejoin the villains, Psycho Kirby and the good zombies remain on Earth, and Fabia returns to Neathia.

Season 8 PlotEdit

At the end of Season 7, Naruto received a mysterious key from Dark Marth. Now Naruto and the others face a new threat in the form of the mysterious Xaos, who is after the keys to Pandemonium so he can be freed. Xaos sends Team Shadow, consisting of Venus (Zero Suit Samus), Shade (Pikachu), Blaze (Lucario), Flare (Bowser), and Leon (Yoshi) to get the keys for him. The stakes were high, but Naruto, Sasuke, Goku, Sonic, Zombie Spider-Man, Fabia, Ren, and Psycho Kirby win after Master Hand and Crazy Hand give them the Smash World Core. After beating Xaos, they are bestowed with the power of the core of Pandemonium.

Season 9 PlotEdit

The Smash World Grand Prix has gotten out of control ever since Ren decided to make the tournament open source. During battle against Anubias and Sellon, the Heroes of Legend learn that the power of the core of Pandemonium is too unstable for them. Even worse is that Anubias is now the manager of the tournament. While the Heroes of Legend try to control the chaos, an insidious foe is pulling the strings. The fight was tough, but the Heroes of Legend managed to defeat Mag Mel.

Season 10 PlotEdit

At the end of Season 9, the Heroes of Legend sacrificed themselves to eradicate the Chaos Bakugan by becoming the core of the Smash World. However, when Zombie Reed, Smithy, Xaos and Mag Mel return, the Heroes of Legend are extracted from the core to fight once again. However, if they can't surpass the core's power, they shall become a part of the core once again. Meanwhile, Darkus Dragonoid has gone rogue and usurped leadership of the Bakugan. Can Naruto, Sasuke, Goku, Zombie Spider-Man, Sonic, Psycho Kirby, Fabia, and Ren defeat Zombie Reed and his allies and surpass the core's power before it is too late, and can Drago bring himself to defeat Darkus Dragonoid, Darkus Krakix, and Bronze Cyborg Helios despite their old friendship, or will the Bakugan in the bedroom be forced to suffer for eternity?

Season 11 PlotEdit

Zombie Reed has been defeated, but a new threat has come in the form of Reiaz, who appeared earlier in Season 10. Reiaz plans to reset the world in his own image and he has brainwashed Ganondorf, Link, and Lucario to do so. Zenet has also revealed that she serves him. While the Heroes of Legend attempt to stop Reiaz, Pikachu, who was captured by Meta Knight in the previous season, faces inner turmoil after Pichu, one of Reiaz's victims and Pikachu's best friend, is sent to the Shadow Realm. The battle is rough, but Pichu, who escaped the Shadow Realm, manages to defeat Reiaz.

Season 13 Plot (First Arc)Edit

After ending the apocalypse, Master Hand combined Brawl with the online world of Smashtasm, allowing more people to compete in the Smash World Grand Prix. However, Crazy Hand forgot to keep Smashtasm's bans on, allowing various hackers who had been banned to return and cause havoc. Can Pichu and the Heroes of Legend keep things under control, or will their world collapse into chaos?

Season 13 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Sasuke, Fabia, Zombie Spider-Man, Psycho Kirby, and Pichu have taken a far more brutal approach to battling following their rebirth. With Goku, Sonic, and Ren having had their essence absorbed back into the Smash core, Naruto Uzumaki appears to be the only one left that is capable of stopping them and bringing them back to their senses, but can he bring himself to fight his former allies?

Season 14 PlotEdit

The battle has escalated, as Naruto and the others must fight a new batch of villains, such as Sephiroth, and at the same time protect the online gamers competing in the tournament. Meanwhile, Sasuke comes to regret his actions, but his essence is returned to Smash core as a result of his acts. Meanwhile, a greater evil is making its move. Can the Heroes of Legend stop this evil before its too late?

Season 15 Plot (First Arc)Edit

The Smash World Grand Prix is about to come to an end, and Ganondorf, Sephiroth, Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed are launching their final assaults. However, Yami Bakura decides to put his final plot into motion, the ressurection of Zorc Necrophades. Can the Heroes of Legend stop Yami Bakura before its too late?

Season 15 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

With Yami Bakura and Zorc Necrophades finally defeated, the tournament is reaching its climax. However, Sephiroth prepares to begin the final phases of his master plan. Can the Heroes of Legend win the Smash World Grand Prix and beat Sephiroth for good, or will the defeat of Zorc be their last accomplishment?

Season 16 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Marik Ishtar joins forces with Dartz to make Season 16, but 4Kids will have none of that. The head of 4Kids, Noah Kaiba, decides to send assasins to SSBC in an attempt to bring it down. The Heroes of Legend are dragged into this conflict, but will they survive the wrath of 4Kids?

Season 16 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Noah has been defeated, but Ganondorf is making his move. The Heroes of Legend have to stop him, but even with Link and Zelda back on their side and Yami Bakura having reformed, can they beat Ganondorf permanently?

Season 16 Plot (Third Arc)Edit

Gigadark Bowser has been unleashed. The Heroes of Legend are ready to fight him, but due to having the powers of Bowser, Zombie Reed, and Samus Aran, as well as the power of everyone Samus absorbed energy from, Gigadark Bowser appears unstoppable. Can the Heroes of Legend defeat their greatest foe yet, or will the Earth be destroyed as we know it.

Season 17 Plot (First Arc)Edit

After the events of Season 16, Seto Kaiba decides to host an intergalactic Duel Monsters tournament. However, Ganondorf and Nightshroud have survived after nearly being killed and have joined forces. Even worse is that Samus has gone insane once again, and the evil zombies are making their move. Can Naruto and the others defeat the villainous team, defeat the zombies, and win the tournament?

Season 17 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Just as the struggle against Samus Aran and Yami Bakura reaches its peak, a third threat escapes from the Silly Melee Universe known as Razanak. Razanak intends to possess the body of the strongest being on Earth to become invincible. Can the Heroes of Legend beat Samus, Yami Bakura, and Razanak once and for all?

Season 18 PlotEdit

Zorc Necrophades may have been defeated, but Yami Bakura still lives. The Heroes of Legend are prepared to take him down, especially Samus, but unknown to them, Yami Bakura is secretly residing in their bodies as well. Can the Heroes of Legend defeat Yami Bakura before he can revive Zorc again?

Season 19 PlotEdit

Yami Bakura has survived his previous battle with the Heroes of Legend and is making his next move. Can the Heroes of Legend defeat Yami Bakura once and for all and save what remains of life on Earth?

Season 20 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Sasuke may have been defeated, but the Akatsuki are making their move at last. Can the Heroes of Legend prevent the Eye of The Moon Plan from coming to fruition?

Season 20 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

The Akatsuki has been defeated, but Yami Bakura is on the move. Even with fusion at their disposal, can the Heroes of Legend defeat Yami Bakura once and for all before he revives Zorc with invincibility?

Season 20 Plot (Third Arc)Edit

Yami Bakura has finally been defeated, and peace appears to have finally returned to the universe, or so it seems. Unknown to the heroes, the malicious spirit has cheated death and has spawned another reincarnate known as Yami Kirby. However, a new threat known as Time Eater has emerged. Can the Heroes of Legend beat these vicious foes?

Season 20 Plot (Fourth Arc)Edit

Time Eater has been defeated, and Zorc's ressurection has been stopped due to the destruction of the Millennium Stone. However, the Heroes of Legend acquired a mysterious key after Time Eater was defeated. Can they learn its purpose and protect it from falling into the wrong hands?

Season 20 (Conclusion)Edit

The final showdown between the Heroes of Legend against Samus Aran is about to begin, but can they bring themselves to kill their former friend?

Season 21 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Samus has been defeated, but the peace is not meant to last as she quickly escapes the asylum. Meanwhile, Yami Bakura and Patient Zero begin to make their move. Can the Heroes of Legend recapture their former friend and stop the spread of the cannibal virus?

Season 21 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Gigadark Bowser has finally been destroyed, but Yami Bakura is one step closer to restoring the Millennium Stone. Can the Heroes of Legend stop Yami Bakura from reviving Zorc and save the world?

Season 22 PlotEdit

Now that peace has finally returned to Smash, Master Hand decides to host the Neo Smash Champion Tourney, with the winner being allowed to fight the Heroes of Legend. However, Uka Uka and Yami Bakura refuse to quit, and send Ganondorf, Yami Zelda, and Yami Kirby to compete in the tourney. Can Gohan and the others beat the villains without the help of the Heroes of Legend?

Season 23 PlotEdit

Thanks to Gohan, Wiseman has been defeated. However, Wiseman isn't dead, and has rejoined Yami Bakura's side. He also has an plan to bring wipe out the Multiverse and bring genocide by deceiving Tikal The Echidna and Heroes of Legend to attack the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, luckily Master Chief is psychic enough to see Coredegon's plan. Meanwhile To make matters worse, the high tiers of the Silly Melee Universe have decided to launch a tier war, which has led to disaster in the past, and the cannibals and Vampire Avengers are making their move. Can Master Chief stop Coredegon from bringing his disaster and save Tikal The Echidna at the hands of him and can the Heroes of Legend defeat these new foes and save the Smash Bros. Galaxy once again?

Season 24 PlotEdit

Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor have finally been destroyed, but the peace is not meant to last. Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, and the other villains are more determined than ever to destroy the heroes and Android 18, under the influence of the creepypastas, is making her move. Can the Heroes of Legend triumph over the villains once again, and will Sasuke and Fabia be saved from the darkness?

Season 25 Plot (First Arc)Edit

With Mechtavius Destroyer and his creations permanently erased from existence, peace has finally returned to the Smash World. However, with Mechtavius Destroyer and Zorc Necrophades gone, Metal Sonic is now ready to begin his rise to power. Can the Heroes of Legend put an end to Metal Sonic and save the Smash World once again?

Season 25 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Just when the apocalypse is about to come to fruition, Drago loses control of his power and resets the universe, with a light Smash Core keeping it alive while trapping Mechtavius Destroyer and his creations within a dark Smash Core. However, the heroes are now seperated, and the Eggman Empire now rules the Planet Earth. Can the heroes reunite to bring an end to Dr. Eggman permanently.

NOTE: At this point, the series has been renamed as Super Smash Bros. Crossover: Evolution, marking the start of the Evolution arc of the series.

Season 26 PlotEdit

A short amount of time has passed since Mechtavius Destroyer was defeated, but the Internet has returned to its peaceful state. In addition, the Internet has now been expanded. A whole bunch of exotic activities await the heroes, but while they enjoy themselves, a new evil starts to rear its head. Luckily, the new and improved Heroes of Legend are there to protect their friends, but will they be prepared for what is to come.

Season 27 PlotEdit

Not long after Mechtavius Destroyer was killed again with the other villains, one of his creations, Metal Mario, began to make his move. Taking advantage of peaceful residents of the Internet, Metal Mario has begun his own plan for multiversal conquest. To make matters worse, the Internet has recreated the villains that were destroyed at the end of Season 26, including Mechtavius Destroyer. Can the Heroes of Legend defeat Metal Mario before it's too late.

Season 28 PlotEdit

The Heroes of Legend and their friends have finally returned to Earth-616 after their universe is restored in an improved state. However, the fight is far from over, as the Heroes of Legend are starting to become unstable following Sasuke's corruption as part of the Grand Design. Can the Heroes of Legend continue to fight against Mechtavius Destroyer, Yami Bakura, and Sasuke after everything that has happened, or will they fall in defeat?

NOTE: This is the first season to feature all 3 primary antagonists (Sasuke, Yami Bakura, and Coredegon) as active villains at the same time.

Season 29 PlotEdit

The battle against Mechtavius Destroyer is reaching its climax, and the Destroyer of Worlds is pulling out all the stops. To make matters worse, the Heroes of Legend are falling apart, even with the additions of Boo Rock and Mewtwo. Can the Heroes of Legend and their comrades survive The Grand Finale, or will they perish with the Earth?

NOTE: This is the second season to feature all 3 primary antagonists (Sasuke, Yami Bakura, and Coredegon) as active villains at the same time.

Season 30 PlotEdit

Even though Mechtavius Destroyer is gone, the Smash Bros. Galaxy is still falling under siege as multiple enemies attack from all fronts. As the Heroes of Legend continue to deteriorate, Fawful emerges from the shadows and begins orchestrating an apocalypse unlike any other. Can the Heroes of Legend and their friends win against Fawful before they are consumed by the darkness in their souls?

Season 31 PlotEdit

Despite the fact that Mechtavius Destroyer has been defeated, the chaotic state of the Earth continues to escalate. To make matters worse, Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor have returned from the dead once again. As Marth begins to turn the others against the Heroes of Legend, Link and Zelda are also making their move as well. Can the Heroes of Legend survive against the Nomadic Mechtogan, Link, and Zelda, while their bonds with their friends are deteriorating?

Season 32 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Things have finally begun to settle down on Earth, but in the dead of night Kirby is arrested for something he didn't even do. Meanwhile, an old enemy starts to resurface with the intent to destroy the Smash Bros. Galaxy. Can the Heroes of Legend prevail over this threat and clear Kirby's name.

Season 32 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Following the deaths of Meta Knight and Galacta Knight, along with the revelation that they were his family, Kirby has declared war on the Dark Matter responsible for his family's suffering. However, Dark Matter flees from Kirby and the other heroes, and implies that they have been compromised by the Skrulls. Will the Heroes of Legend be able to defeat the Skrulls when they can't tell friend from foe, and will Kirby be saved from his desire for revenge before it pushes him into darkness?

Season 33 PlotEdit

With Master Hand finally defeated, peace has returned to the dimensions. However, the League of Villains are unable to access Phaaze to harvest the Phazon there for Dark Samus' survival. While this would be a good thing, this happened after Master Hand was defeated. Later, Bass is driven beserk by Phazon he touched earlier, being manipulated by an unknown being. While the Heroes of Legend are always prepared to protect the Earth, when the mastermind behind the Phaaze lockdown and Bass' temporary insanity is revealed to be Sonic, the Heroes of Legend are devastated by the sudden betrayal. However, while Ganondorf is later revealed to be controlling Sonic, the Heroes of Legend have already become corrupted due to a Phazon attack by Sonic. With the Heroes of Legend intent on destroying the current dimensions, can the Heroes of the World and the League of Villains put their differences aside to save the dimensions from destruction?

Season 34 PlotEdit

Following the reset of the Smash Bros. Galaxy, the Heroes of Legend are still suffering from guilt at their actions in the past cycle. As Fawful and Dark Samus make their move, will the Heroes of Legend manage to regain the trust of their allies to prevent the destruction of the dimensions?

Season 35 PlotEdit

As the Heroes of Legend continue their descent into darkness, the Heroes of the World are running out of time to bring them to their senses. As The Revolutionaries begin making their final stand, the other dimensions are prepared to execute the Heroes of Legend for their crimes against the dimensions. Can the Heroes of the World save the Heroes of Legend from sinking any lower before it is too late?

Season 36 PlotEdit

Following the redemption of the Heroes of Legend in the eyes of the public, the Heroes of the World willingly imprison themselves out of guilt for everything that has happened. Unfortunately, Blaze, Gunz, Lena, and Tikal begin putting their ultimate plan into action as Sasuke and Sonic.exe declare war on the other dimensional cycles. To make matters worse, Mecha Sally has been ressurected and deceived into thinking that Sonic never cared for her while Metal Sonic has reverted to his psychopathic ways. As the Heroes of Legend find themselves assaulted on all fronts, the Heroes of the World are infected by the EXE Virus, only to be "cured" by a reborn Kabuto Yakushi, with the virus warping their minds into thinking that they should get revenge for the Heroes of Legend, ultimately putting them at odds with the Heroes of Legend. Can the Heroes of Legend survive the conflict against the Neo Subspace Army, or have the League of Villains finally managed to defeat the Heroes of Legend?

Season 37 PlotEdit

Following the final battle against the Heroes of the World, which ended with them dying from the EXE Virus, the Heroes of Legend renew their morals and vow to avoid making the same mistakes that led to their own corruption. Meanwhile, the Heroes of the World have been recreated with no memories of their past, giving the Heroes of Legend a second chance to protect their friends. However, The Revolutionaries intend to take advantage of the Heroes of the World to destroy the ressurected Master Hand forever and remake the world in their perfect image. While the Heroes of the World begin reuniting and start to seek out the answers to their past, the Heroes of Legend take on the Revolutionaries to protect their loved ones, but with the Justice Lords pressuring the Heroes of Legend with the task of dealing with their friends if they step out of line again and the Revolutionaries' more aggressive assault on the Heroes of Legend both physically and psychologically, can the Heroes of Legend remain true to their promise, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Season 38 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Following the deaths of the Heroes of Legend from the Kabuto Virus, Superman launches Project: Utopia, a joint project with the Smash World designed to maintain the peace that the Heroes of Legend died for. Unfortunately, the Revolutionaries have become hellbent on destroying Master Hand due to his inability to save the Heroes of Legend. Although the Heroes of Legend are soon reincarnated by Master Hand, they find that their power has diminished significantly. Can the Heroes of Legend finally settle the score with the Revolutionaries and save the Smash World before it is too late, or will Kabuto's actions before his death finally bring about the end of the Smash World?

Note: At this point, the series has been renamed as Super Smash Bros. Crossover: Unlimited, marking the beginning of the Unlimited arc.

Season 38 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Following the tragic events of the first arc, which ended in the deaths of Master Hand and Gwen Tennyson, the Revolutionaries are set to remake the world as they see fit. To make matters worse, the Heroes of Legend begin to lose their grip on their sanity, eventually turning against the Heroes of the World with the intention of destroying the Smash World in retaliation for causing them to suffer for years, and their instability is only worsened when Kabuto Yakushi revives Light Yagami, who begins trying to take advantage of the Heroes of Legend's condition in an attempt to have them pass judgement and create his ideal world. With the Heroes of Legend no longer willing to protect the Smash World and the Revolutionaries now ready to enter the final phase of their plans, it is up to Batman and Superman to help the Heroes of Legend put the past behind them in order to save the Smash World. Can Batman and Superman get through to the Heroes of Legend before it is too late, or has Armegeddon finally come?

Season 39 Plot (First Arc)Edit

Following the events of Armegeddon, Whis has put a bounty over the Heroes of Legend and their allies' heads due to his belief that they are a threat to the balance of the twelve universes. To make matters worse, the Heroes of Legend are spiraling further into insanity, straining the Justice League Unlimited's trust in them even more. With the Smash World collapsing around them, it is up to Batman, Superman, Zero, Sonic.exe, and Wolverine to save the Heroes of Legend and put an end to the Revolutionaries' ambitions once and for all. However, with the Heroes of Legend unwilling to stop their quest for vengeance, can Batman, Superman, Zero, Sonic.exe, and Wolverine survive the bloody conflict to come?

Season 39 Plot (Second Arc)Edit

Despite the destruction of Metal Solaris, the Smash World has fallen into a state of chaos and fear due to the manipulations of Zombie Angel, and the Heroes of Legend and their allies find themselves being persecuted by the people they once protected. To make matters worse, Ultron has unified the Revolutionaries, the League of Villains, the Neo-Acolytes, and the zombies into a single army to launch his imperative. With several heroes having defected or been brainwashed, the Justice League Unlimited is in disarray, unsure of who to trust. With a newfound desire to redeem themselves, can the Heroes of Legend bring their remaining allies together to combat Ultron's imperative?

Season 40 (New World) Edit

After Ultron is defeated, The Heroes of Legends are set to face the tremendous threat they never seen. Chancellor Palpatine transforms the entire Smash Bros. Galaxy in to the Galactic Empire. Will the Heroes of Legends and Justice League Unlimited stop the reign of Emperor Palpatine or the Smash Bros. Galaxy will be in the hands of the Emperor's iron fist?

Season 41 (The Adventure Continue) Edit

Season 42 (Mystery) Edit

Season 43 (Empty Dimension) Edit

Season 44 (Semi-Final Arc) Edit

Season 45 (Final Arc) Edit

Super Smash Bros. Crossover CharactersEdit


Naruto Uzumaki

  • Guardian Bakugan: Dragonoid - Neo Dragonoid - Helix Dragonoid - Blitz Dragonoid - Titanium Dragonoid - Fusion Dragonoid (Drago), Reptak, and Jaakor
  • BakuNano: Sonicanon
  • Mechtogan: Zenthon
  • Mechtogan Titan: Zenthon Titan
  • Mechtogan Destroyer: Dragonoid Destroyer


Sonic the Hedgehog


Ben Tennyson

  • Battle Gear: Gigarth
  • Mobile Assault: Raytheus (Preyas)

William Dunbar

Alice Gehabich/Masquerade

  • BakuNano: Crosstriker

Zombie Wolverine

Zombie Iron Man


Shadow the Hedgehog


Iron Man


Ren Krawler

  • Guardian Bakugan: Linehalt
  • Battle Gear: Boomix

Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi

Joey Wheeler

Tea Gardner

Tristan Taylor

Seto Kaiba

Jaden Yuki

  • Spirit Partners: Winged Kuriboh/Elemental HERO Neos/Yubel

Syrus Truesdale

Zane Truesdale

Chazz Princeton

  • Spirit Partner: Ojama Trio

Aster Phoenix



Yusei Fudo

Jack Atlas

Crow Hogan

Yuma Tsukumo

Killer B

Jesse Anderson

  • Spirit Partner: Crystal Beasts

Axel Brodie

Jim Crocodile Cook


Boo Rock



Monkey D. Luffy


Roronoa Zoro

SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Harry Potter


Darth Sidious



Dark Samus

Yami Zelda

Yami Kirby

Zorc Necrophades

Zombie Reed


Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic

Patient Zero




Emperor Barodius/Mag Mel

  • Guardian Bakugan: Razenoid - Evolved Razenoid





Axem Rangers X

Dr. Doom


Kabuto Yakushi

Dr. Eggman




Kisame Hoshigaki






Uka Uka

Dr. Neo Cortex


Dr. Wily


Pecking OrderEdit

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty)

Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged)


Zombie Zelda

Banana Bomb


Dirty the Pooh

Psycho Amy


Spectra Phantom

Wolf O'Donnell


Samus Aran

  • Bakugan: Nonet Bakugan (Betadron, Kodokor, Mutabrid, Spatterix, Stronk, Balista, Worton, & Tremblar) (Deceased)
  • Battle Suits: Combustoid, Clawbruk, & Fortatron


Sasuke Uchiha

Fabia Sheen

Zombie Galacti

Colonel America

Galacta Knight

Sakura Haruno

Metal Sonic

Yami Bakura

Psycho Kirby

Zombie Giant-Man

Nomadic Mechtogan

Master Hand

Neutral CharactersEdit

Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood

Hal and Jeff

Other CharactersEdit

Shun Kazami

  • Guardian Bakugan: Ingram, Hawktor, Taylean, Jaakor, Orbeum, & Skytruss

Team Melee

Smash Fighters

Ben (Team Anubias)

Jack (Team Anubias)

Noah (Team Anubias)




The Annoying Orange

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged)




Dan Kuso

  • Bakugan: Fusion Dragonoid (Shares with Naruto)

Mira Clay

Marucho Marukura

The Dark Surfer

Crazy Hand


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While Super Smash Bros. Crossover is a fighting series, like in some other series, the characters have the ability to break the fourth wall. However, the characters dislike it when someone breaks the fourth wall as doing it too much will make them forget the plot going on at the moment. Whenever the fourth wall is broken by someone, a character nearby will call the character who did it a "Wall breaker". In Season 12, after Psycho Kirby threw a bloody butcher knife at a fourth wall breaker, whenever someone broke the fourth wall, a bloody butcher knife will be thrown at the person, forcing them to duck or they'll die. However, this stopped in Season 13 due to "fan complaints". In Season 14, it seems breaking the fourth wall is tolerated now, as the plot goes along with occasional fourth wall breaking. However, the term "Wall breaker" is still used, most likely as a joke.

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  • This series is not real, but the characters are from real series.
  • Every season since Season 4 has been more serious than Seasons 1-3.
  • The minor characters of the series have been getting more focus since Season 4 onward.
  • Season 4 is the only season that the Xavier Institute didn't appear in.
  • Shun Kazami made a cameo appearance in Season 5 when Goku, Kirby, and Ness teleport to Bayview to head to the portal to Neathia. Since Shun was in his Mechtanium Surge outfit and he had Taylean, Super Smash Bros. Crossover takes place during the events of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Shun makes another cameo in Season 8, helping the heroes.
  • In Season 5, a tournament began called the Smash World Tourney, however, it has not been seen in Season 6. However, it is still going on, the heroes have just been competing offscreen. It is the main focus of Season 9.
  • Season 7 is the first season that Fabia appeared at the beginning.
  • Season 7 features the return of many things, such as the Zombie virus, Psycho Kirby, and the Beam Sword.
  • Season 8 is the first season to use texture hacks. (Zombie Zelda is Zelda covered in blood, Xaos is a darker color of Ganondorf, and Team Shadow have the same colors as Shadow [Venus even has her hair down])
  • Seasons 5 and 8, and from Season 9 onward are the only seasons that a Neathian other than Fabia has appeared.
  • Seasons 8-18 are the only seasons not to revolve around the possible apocalypse or have Sasuke as an antagonist.
  • Seasons 9-11 are the only seasons that Mecha Sonic isn't an antagonist.
  • Season 8 is the only season that Mecha Sonic didn't appear in.
  • Season 13 is the only season where Zombie Spider-Man is an antagonist.
  • Seasons 10 and 14 are the only seasons where the final antagonists are females.
  • Season 11 is the first season where a captured character fights against a antagonist.
  • Season 35 is easily the darkest and bloodiest season, due to how the Heroes of Legend and their allies' actions have resulted in the deaths of millions, especially with Sasuke due to how he ruthlessly kills his opponents.
  • Season 11 indirectly makes a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time, as the 3 main Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists appear together.
  • Season 14 has had the most instances of breaking the fourth wall.
  • Season 20 has had the most arcs to date.
  • Season 1 is the only season where Ren Krawler doesn't appear.
  • Seasons 5 and 6 are the only seasons where Psycho Kirby doesn't appear.
  • Seasons 1 and 3 are the only seasons where Fabia Sheen doesn't appear.
  • Season 20 is the first season since Season 6 that Fabia appeared during the midway point.
  • Season 20 has had the most character debuts and running gags.
  • Season 20 features the return of several characters, such as the members of Team Anubias and Team Sellon, Pandoria, and Yami Zelda.
  • Season 20 marks the debut of the Bakugan Battle Suits, Mechtogan Destroyers, Smash Core Level 2, Smash Core Fusion, and Smash Core LV 3.
  • Season 22 is the first season where the central cast wear alternate outfits without being brainwashed. This is a reference to Smash King.
  • Season 22 is the first season to feature Ike since Season 19, and the first to feature R.O.B. since Season 10.
  • Season 35 is the most violent season, due to the destruction of multiple planets and the siege launched by Samus.
  • Season 23 is the first season without a central antagonist (Season 1 was Smithy, Season 2 was Ganondorf, Season 3 was the zombies, Season 4 was Sasuke Uchiha, Season 5 was Dark Marth, Season 6 was Sasuke again, Season 7 was Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic, Season 8 was Xaos, Season 9 was Mag Mel/Barodius, Season 10 was Zombie Reed, Season 11 was Reiaz, Season 12 was Yami Bakura, Season 13 was Sasuke again, Season 14 was Pandoria, Season 15 was Sephiroth, Season 16 was Nightshroud, Seasons 17 and 18 were Yami Bakura again, Season 19 was Sasuke again, Season 20 was Samus Aran, Season 21 was Yami Bakura again, and Season 22 was Coredegon).
  • Season 35 has had the highest death toll in the entire series, as the inhabitants of the Twilight Realm, Star World, Mirror World, and Fourth Dimension were slaughtered by the corrupted Heroes of the World.
  • Due to learning about creepypastas, Super Smash Bros. Crossover now has a slight horror theme to it (which is ironic as the creepypasta was discovered in December, which is when Christmas [a peaceful holidays] occurs).
  • All characters in the series use artworks from their respective series.
  • Each character is different from their original counterparts. This is especially evident with Samus, who has been portrayed as an antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover despite being a protagonist in her own series.
  • Season 24 is the first time since Season 1 that Lyoko is seen.
  • As of Season 25, Super Smash Bros. Crossover has become more modernized every season.
  • Season 32 marks the last time that the Heroes of Legend are protagonists, as they become anti-heroes in Season 34 and act as major antagonists in Season 33 and Season 35.

Errors in Super Smash Bros. CrossoverEdit

  • In Season 5, there is an error with Ren's teammates' Bakumeters. When they summon Battle Gear, it has its usual design. However, when they activate an ability, the Bakumeter has its Mechtanium Surge design, which is impossible due to it being part of their disguises.
  • In Season 24, Metal Sonic challenges Shadow to a friendly race. However, Metal Sonic didn't regain his memory chip at this point, and he is much crueler than he was with Shadow, who he acted friendly with.
  • When Android 18 arrives in Smash City after her metamorphisis, Sonic uses his Ascent Mode. However, when Sonic is fighting Metal Sonic, he is in his base form, but he was never shown powering down.
  • During Final Fury, the 16-year old Ben Tennyson tells 10-year old Ben that Sellon will add the Haywire Aliens function to the Ultimatrix. However, Wiseman was the one who created the Haywire Aliens, while Sellon just made it possible for Ben to use the Haywire Aliens at will.
  • During the battles against Mechtavius Destroyer in the past, Drago and the Heroes of Legend struggled against him despite Mechtavius Destroyer being much weaker in the past.
  • Even after preventing Coredegon from doing his disaster, Master Chief continues to have an nightmare of him doing destroying the multiverse
  • Mag Mel was able to retain his memories of the original timeline due to his link with Anubias and Sellon. However, Anubias severed the link in Season 22, so Mag Mel shouldn't have had the link.
  • During Drago and Razenoid's first battle against the Wolverine Bakugan and the Iron Man Bakugan, Razenoid's Raze It ability nullified all the Gate Cards. However, during subsequent battles against the BakuMarvels, Raze It only negated Razenoid and the Iron Man Bakugan's Gate Cards.
  • After fleeing to the Doom Dimension, Pyrus Infinity Helios kicked away Haos Clawbruk after he ejected from it (due to pain from using a Battle Suit that didn't match his attribute). However, when the Battle Brawlers' Bakugan that could access the bedroom went back there to free their friends, Tigrerra used Clawbruk even though it was left in the Doom Dimension.
  • When the Iron Man Bakugan uses the device that shows what happened to the others, Team Lyoko, Crash, and Spyro's battles aren't shown.
  • During Drago's montage about how the heroes share a bond like Dragonoid Destroyer said, the main protagonists are shown. However, there are 3 errors in this scene:
    • Zenet Surrow is in her new outfit and is wielding Caliburn the Sword, even though Drago did not see her new outfit or Caliburn.
    • Mechtavius Destroyer, Scourge the Hedgehog and Metal Sonic are present even though they are antagonists.
    • None of the younger heroes are present.
  • From the moment "Operation: Endgame" begins, Mag Mel's Razenoid isn't seen without Darkus Defendtrix, even though he is so powerful he doesn't need any enhancements.
  • It isn't explained why the Current of Time was in Metal Sonic's citadel.
  • Even though Metal Sonic destroyed the barriers of time, Ben Tennyson and Shadow the Hedgehog were still able to go back in time to try and stop Mephiles from going to fight Metal Sonic.
  • For some reason, Scourge is deroboticized after Ben and Shadow go to the past even though he wasn't deroboticized by Dr. Eggman until after Mephiles confronted Metal Sonic, which was stopped by Ben and Shadow.
  • During Nazo's explanation of the downfall of Solaris, there is a flashback of Solaris' fight with Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Silver. However, when Super Sonic said that Solaris' time is up, Sonic had his new voice when he should've had his '06 voice.
  • During the battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, Reptak, Radizen, and Jaakor were equipped with their Battle Suits. However, when the Brawlers' Bakugan began relentlessly attacking Mechtavius Destroyer, Reptak, Radizen, and Jaakor weren't wearing their Battle Suits.
  • Whenever Mechtavius Destroyer kills any of the Nonet Bakugan, he absorbs their energy. Despite this, when the Nonets self-destructed, Mechtavius Destroyer didn't absorb their energy right away.
  • Mechtavius Destroyer returned to his normal size after getting pulverized by the Bakugan, even though he only regurgitated Samus and the Nonets.
  • Ben transformed into Alien X to fight Mechtavius Destroyer even though he didn't insert the keys that unlocked Alien X into the Ultimatrix.
  • When Mario was riding his kart inside the League of Villains' base and grabbed a Super Leaf, Omochao errorneously called it a "Tanooki Leaf".
  • For some reason, Taylean and Infinity Helios are able to use BakuMutation with Drago II even when he is combined with Reptak.
  • After gathering enough energy, Metal Mario recited the chant to summon the Nomadic Mechtogan. However, only Coredegon appeared despite the fact that Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor were supposed to be summoned as well.
  • During the battle against Giovanni, and later the Heroes of Legend, Slycerak repeatedly used Diabolical Energy Cannon even though it is an ability exclusive to Mechtavius Destroyer and that Mechtogan can't use abilities to begin with.
  • During the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, Kodokor and Mutabrid were knocked out and reverted to ball form, yet they are later seen pummeling Mechtavius Destroyer as the Phoenix arrives even though they were never thrown back in. This is a reference to a similar scene in the second to last episode of Mechtanium Surge, where Skytruss and Orbeum were knocked out yet they are later seen fighting again even though Shun didn't throw them in again.

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