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Syrus Truesdale

Syrus Truesdale is Jaden Yuki's best friend, the younger brother of Zane Truesdale, and a supporting character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Syrus first appears in Season 15, where he is kidnapped by Yami Bakura in order to force Jaden to duel him. Later, Syrus is brainwashed during Sephiroth's siege, and is freed upon his defeat. In Season 17, Syrus shows up during Zane and Naruto Uzumaki's tag duel against Nightshroud, and witnesses Zane sacrifice himself to liberate Samus Aran from Nightshroud's influence. Later, Syrus is told to follow Sasuke Uchiha after he decides to hunt Ganondorf rather than find Samus, who ran away. However, Syrus, Sasuke, and Zombie Wolverine find Samus, who has become a zombie and is insane once again. When Syrus tries to leave and get the others, he stops and remembers that Zane gave his life to save Samus. When the others arrive, however, Syrus is killed by Samus, who sends him to the stars. Syrus is revived after Samus is defeated.


Syrus's main appearance is based off his appearance during Season 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


  • Syrus is the first person to be killed by Samus herself.

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