Tabuu is one of the main antagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Unlike Brawl, Tabuu is not restricted to Subspace and also has a human form which he is seen in more frequently. Tabuu also served as the central antagonist of the series until Sasuke Uchiha became the main antagonist. However, Tabuu is still a big threat. Tabuu is also quite powerful, as he took on a majority of the heroes in Season 4. In Season 13, Tabuu battles Alice/Masquerade and wins, turning her into a trophy and bringing her to the villains' doomship. In Season 18, Tabuu and Dr. Doom are ordered by Magneto to save as many civilians as they can. However, Tabuu is infected when Thrax weakens his immunity to the virus, allowing Zombie Thing to infect him. Before getting zombified, Tabuu calls Bowser a traitor for siding with the undead. Tabuu is later cured by Shenron. In Season 22, Tabuu abandons the villains, as there is nothing to gain in pointless genocide. In Season 23, Tabuu is killed by Mechtavius Destroyer, although his death isn't shown. Tabuu's death is undone due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past.


In his true form, Tabuu looks just like he does in Brawl. Tabuu's human disguise is quite different, as Tabuu is always changing his outfit. His most frequent one is a jacket similar to Miror B. in Pokemon XD and a pair of black jeans. Tabuu doesn't wear a shirt under the jacket. Tabuu also has a few scars, one being on his face similar to Mello's scar that was caused by an explosion, and a scar in the form of an X across his chest caused by twin swords that were stolen from Tabuu. Tabuu's hair is similar to Zuko's, but it occassionally grows to the length of Naraku's hair, but Tabuu cuts it.


Tabuu's personality is that of a rebel's. Tabuu also has a complicated past, courtesy of Magneto and as such Tabuu has a grudge against Magneto. Despite this, the two work together quite well.


  • Tabuu is the first character to have 3 external links.

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