402px-Ventus Taylean

Taylean in Bakugan Form

Ventus Taylean Open

Taylean in Ball Form

Taylean is one of Shun Kazami's primary Bakugan and a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Taylean's Mechtogan is Silent Strike, his Mechtogan Titan is Faser Titan, his BakuNano is Hammermor, and his Battle Suit is Blasterate.

Taylean made a cameo appearance in Season 5 and Season 8, and made his official debut in Season 22. In Season 24, Taylean would get killed several times by Mechtavius Destroyer, but would be revived due to history being altered or he would be freed from Mechtavius Destroyer's grasp. In Season 25, when Ben Tennyson and Shadow the Hedgehog were accused of being traitors thanks to Mephiles the Dark, Shadow caused a scene and took some of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers' Bakugan, including Taylean. Later, during the battle against the villains, Taylean is nearly killed by Samus Aran, but was saved by Preyas at the cost of his life. Taylean later retreated when Sonic the Hedgehog threw a smoke bomb, and went into Sakura Haruno's bag, making Taylean the only survivor of the massacre of the Battle Brawlers' Bakugan (excluding Drago and Reptak). Taylean then assisted in the battle against Mephiles and Metal Sonic until Sonic went out of control and became a Fleetified version of Hyper Sonic. After Mecha Sally calmed him down, Taylean tried to convince Will Harangue that Sonic didn't mean to hurt him, but Harangue coldly stated that the Heroes of Legend are indeed threats to humanity. In Season 26, Taylean officially becomes a Hero of Legend Bakugan, though he still belongs to Shun, who is willing to let Taylean train with the Heroes of Legend.


  • Taylean is third Battle Brawlers' Bakugan to be shared with the Heroes of Legend, and the first one that isn't a Baku-Sky Raider.

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