101px-Tea Gardner

Tea Gardner

Tea Gardner is one of Yugi Muto's closest friends. In Super Smash Bros. Crossover, however, Tea is possessed by Nightshroud during Yugi's duel with Seto Kaiba, who was also possessed, and acts as an unwilling antagonist as a result. After the duel, Tea proceeds to kick Yugi off the building he was dueling Kaiba on after he unties her. Later, Tea is seen carrying Yugi after the fall broke his leg. Tea is briefly freed from Nightshroud's grasp after Zane loses to him. Later, Tea and Samus Aran duel against Zane Truesdale and Naruto Uzumaki in a Tag Duel. Tea is finally freed from Nightshroud's influence due to being near Samus when Zane freed her.


Tea's appearance is based off her appearance during Battle City. When Tea is possessed by Nightshroud, she wears Nightshroud's mask to signify her possession. During her duel with Zane and Naruto, Tea wore a black cloak as an addition to this outfit.


While possessed by Nightshroud, Tea uses an Exodia Necross deck, and uses cards like Swords of Revealing Light to fool the opponent into thinking its a regular Exodia deck.

Tea has yet to be seen dueling unpossessed, but her known cards are Mystical Elf and Exodia The Forbidden One.


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