The Dimensional War is an ongoing conflict in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Following the Heroes of Legend's defection and Vile's declaration of war, the dimensions have joined forces to combat the threat of the League of Villains and the Heroes of Legend. However, what the other characters didn't realize until after the Battle at the Stadium is that Midna orchestrated the Dimensional War.

Battles of the Dimensional WarEdit

Day 1: Battle at the StadiumEdit

Dimension Army Combatants: Kirby, Meta Knight, Kakashi Hatake, Mecha Sally, Ridley, Mecha Ino, Proto Man, Neon, Jill, Necrosis, Dusk, Nathan, and Mirror World Dedede.

The Revolutionaries: Mechtavius Destroyer, Ganondorf, Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Dark Samus, Ghirahim, Wolf O'Donnell, King Dedede (Masked), Zelda, Sigma, and Vile.

Other Combatants: Heroes of Legend.

Outcome: Midna is revealed to be the leader of the Revolutionaries, and the Dark Brawl Spectator Society retreats. Mephiles the Dark is ressurected by Sasuke Uchiha.

Location: Stadium

On the first day of the Dimensional War, Meta Knight revealed to Mirror World Dedede the full truth behind the Heroes of Legend's actions. However, the Heroes of Legend arrived at the Stadium during the interrogation, and attacked Meta Knight and Mirror World Dedede after Meta Knight was finished talking. Meta Knight battled the Heroes of Legend on his own, as he felt responsible for their actions, and unleashed his Hyper Mode and Hyper Mode 2 during the fight. The Egg Carrier arrived at the Stadium after Kirby and the others onboard noticed the light caused by Meta Knight's Hyper Mode 2, and Kirby joined the battle to help Meta Knight, as he recently found out that Zenet Surrow gave birth to her and Meta Knight's daughter, Seeker, and didn't want his niece to grow up without a father figure, in addition to not wanting his brother to die. During the battle, Kirby tried to reach the Heroes of Legend one more time, but was scorned by Madara Uchiha, revealing that the Dark Brawl Spectator Society was watching the fight the entire time. Despite this, the fight continued without interference.

Meanwhile, Kakashi, who was protecting those who weren't participating in the war (including Zenet) along with Might Guy, was thinking about the recent events prior to the war, confused as to how Obito was alive and why he was doing the acts he commited as Tobi. Despite wanting answers, Kakashi was unable to leave his post despite the fact that Zenet offered to help him leave. Luckily, a Sandbag appeared and teleported Kakashi out while leaving a dummy of Kakashi in his place. When Kakashi asked why the Sandbag would help him, Sandbag explained that one of his kind was at the Stadium and was at risk of getting destroyed, as well as the fact that the Stadium was the only way the Sandbags got paid. Grateful for this opprotunity, Kakashi headed to the Stadium, but was intercepted by Zelda upon arrival. Unwilling to be denied the answers he seeked, Kakashi prepared to fight Zelda, but is surprised when Zelda reveals she was in Hyper Mode. After Zelda reveals that she was manipulating the war to accomplish her ultimate goal as well as her motivations, Zelda powers up into Hyper Mode 2 and teleports to where Kirby and Meta Knight are fighting the Heroes of Legend and releases Vile. Realizing they will need backup, Team Metal teleports the Egg Carrier back to Smash City to retrieve reinforcements while they help Kirby, Meta Knight, and Kakashi fight against the Heroes of Legend and the Dark Brawl Spectator Society. During the battle, Meta Knight learns that Kirby is meant to be the savior of the Smash World, and unlocks his Ultimate Mode in order to protect Kirby. However, Zelda reveals that she serves Midna, much to the shock of those present. Midna then reveals that she is the leader of the Revolutionaries, as well as the one responsible for orchestrating the Dimensional War. Before the fight can continue, however, Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi arrive and escape with the Dark Brawl Spectator Society. As a result of the current situation, Mirror World Dedede leaves with everyone except Team Metal and the Freedom Fighters to discuss this information with the rest of the dimensional leaders.

After everyone leaves, the Heroes of Legend contemplate what has happened, with Bowser stating that the Heroes of Legend are constantly being manipulated. Sasuke then reminds the Heroes of Legend that their goal is to remake the world and claim revenge on those who have wronged them, but says they need to figure out who should live and who should die. As a result, Sasuke begins a ritual, stating that there is only one person who has the answers that the Heroes of Legend seek, culminating in the revival of the former Creator, Mephiles the Dark.

Day 2: The Destined Battle/Struggle Against the Midna VirusEdit

Dimension Army Combatants: Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., Ike, Captain Olimar, Meta Knight, Toon Link, Link, Lucario, Pikachu, Piccolo, Future Trunks, Mega Man, Knuckles the Echidna, Kracko, Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi, Alice Gehabich/Masquerade, Marucho Marukura, Shun Kazami, Spectra Phantom, Kakashi Hatake, Gwen Tennyson, Kevin Levin, Itachi Uchiha, Galacta Knight, Azula, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Wasp, Silver Surfer, Solid Snake, Roy, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Pit, Jigglypuff, and Kirby.

Heroes of Legend: Bowser, Marth, Luigi, Samus Aran, Yoshi, Mario, Mewtwo, Pichu, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Bass, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Boo Rock, Yami Bakura, Fabia Sheen, Ren Krawler, Sellon, Anubias, Sakura Haruno, Ben Tennyson, Sasuke Uchiha, Psycho Kirby, Princess Peach, Rosalina, Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Wolverine, Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Wasp, The Dark Surfer, The Punisher (Earth-TRN028), Metal Sonic, and Naruto Uzumaki.

Outcome: Itachi Uchiha dies from illness, Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. are forced to rejoin The Revolutionaries to avoid being killed by Midna's forces. Vile takes Marth, Mewtwo, Goku, Sonic, Yami Bakura, Naruto, and Kirby to help Bowser fight against Midna. Mario is presumed dead after using up the last ounce of his strength to defeat Link. Kabuto Yakushi stops the fight between Ben, Gwen, and Kevin in order to rally a resistance against Midna, and it is revealed that the Dimensional Army is infected by the Midna Virus, a virus that will paralyze the infected and put them under Midna's control after she says "Mephiles is defeated". Everyone except for Thor, E-123 Omega, E-102 Gamma, Mega Man, Mega Man X, the Heroes of Legend, Kirby, Ridley, Ganondorf, Mechtavius Destroyer, Zero, R.O.B., and Vile are infected by the Midna Virus. Omega, Gamma, and R.O.B. are reprogrammed by Mecha Sally to serve her.

Locations: Bridge of Eldin (Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, & R.O.B. vs. Bowser), Temple (Ike vs. Marth), Ice Land (Captain Olimar vs. Luigi), Final Destination (Meta Knight vs. Samus), Pirate Ship (Toon Link vs. Yoshi), Battlefield (Link vs. Mario), the Glacial Peak (Lucario vs. Mewtwo), N64 Yoshi's Island (Pikachu vs. Pichu), Midair Stadium (Piccolo vs. Goku & Gohan), Fountain of Dreams (Future Trunks vs. Vegeta), New Pork City (Mega Man vs. Bass), Angel Island (Knuckles vs. Sonic, Shadow, & Silver), Luigi's Mansion (Kracko vs. Boo Rock), Abandoned Duel Dome (Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi vs. Yami Bakura), Neathia (Alice/Masquerade vs. Fabia), Gundalia (Marucho vs. Ren), Bakugan Battle Arena (Shun & Spectra vs. Sellon & Anubias), Hidden Leaf Village (Kakashi vs. Sakura), the Ruined Hall (Gwen & Kevin vs. Ben), Itachi Uchiha Memorial Zone (Itachi vs. Sasuke), Green Greens (Galacta Knight vs. Psycho Kirby), Princess Peach's Castle (Azula vs. Princess Peach & Rosalina), Pandemonium (Spider-Man vs. Zombie Spider-Man), Xavier Institute (Wolverine vs. Zombie Wolverine), Stark Towers (Iron Man vs. Zombie Iron Man), Avengers Mansion (Wasp vs. Zombie Wasp), Lylat Cruise (Silver Surfer vs. Dark Surfer), Shadow Moses Island (Snake vs. the Punisher), Norfair (Roy, Captain Falcon, Fox, Falco, Pit, & Jigglypuff vs. Metal Sonic & Bass), and Subspace (Kirby vs. Naruto).

Following the events of the Battle at the Stadium, Sasuke revived Mephiles in order to figure out who the Heroes of Legend's enemies really were. However, Mephiles told the Heroes of Legend that they had to figure that out by themselves. As a result, the Heroes of Legend decided to challenge their former friends to find out which of them can be trusted. In order to be able to fight each of the heroes to their full potential, Ben Tennyson contacted R.O.B. and told him to tell several of the heroes to go to various locations, and to tell Wario and Mr. Game & Watch to go to the Bridge of Eldin.

After Wario and Mr. Game & Watch arrived late, much to R.O.B.'s chargin, Bowser ambushed the trio. Declaring that he is too far gone, Bowser tells Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. to fight him with everything they had at their disposal. During the fight, Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. reveal to Bowser that they only joined the Revolutionaries to bring beneficial changes to their world, and wanted to leave after learning the true goal of the Revolutionaries, but didn't do it out of fear until Bowser abandoned the Revolutionaries. However, Zero, N, and Terra Branford arrive and inform Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. that Midna is hunting down those who have left the Revolutionaries, and ask them to rejoin the Revolutionaries to avoid death since Midna is doomed to fail eventually. Despite Bowser's protests, Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. reluctantly go with Zero, N, and Terra, but promise that they will return after Midna's defeat. Meanwhile, Ike arrives at Temple at R.O.B.'s request and finds Team Olimar, consisting of Captain Olimar, Ness, and Lucas. After explaining why he recruited Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. as members of Team Ike, Ike detects Marth's presence and knocks Ness and Lucas away. Ike then confronts Marth, asking why he is doing all of this even though he knows that Midna was manipulating him. Marth then replies that he is one of The Creator's Triune, and coldly rebukes Ike by saying he cannot trust him after everything that has happened, and that the Heroes of Legend's plan is too far along now to be stopped. Ike tells Olimar to run and get help while he fights Marth. Although Ike and Marth are evenly matched, the fight is interrupted by Vile, who turns Ike into a trophy and tells Marth to come with him to help Bowser fight Midna. Olimar flees, but is ambushed by Luigi in Ice Land. Panicking at the sight of Luigi, Olimar remembers the resolve the heroes made, and decides to fight Luigi despite his power. Meanwhile, Meta Knight arrives at Final Destination, searching for Midna to apprehend her. After informing Princess Kiwi that Midna isn't at Final Destination, Meta Knight prepares to leave only to be shot with a missile by Samus, who still wants a rematch with Meta Knight. When Meta Knight tells Samus that she doesn't have to do what Midna wants, Samus coldly states that she is doing this of her own free will, and states that she is the REAL threat. Left with no other choice, Meta Knight engages Samus in battle for the first time since his defeat at her hands, determined to bring her to her senses. However, Samus begins to suffer from the negative side effects of the Mangekyo Sharingan as her eyesight starts to deteriorate, forcing her to contact Sasuke and ask him to take Itachi's eyes and transplant them into her. Meta Knight, due to his honor, refuses to fight Samus while she is weak, and waits patiently while Sasuke arrives and transplants Itachi's eyes into Samus. After Sasuke leaves, Meta Knight says he now knows why Samus really challenged him and states that he has to prove he is worthy of Samus' trust, with Samus stating that this is how things were meant to be as she removes the bandages from her eyes. Elsewhere, Toon Link is on the Pirate Ship, reminiscing on everything that has happened and the fact that Midna is the leader of the Revolutionaries and that Zelda is part of the Revolutionaries as well, and wonders what Link thinks about all this. Toon Link is then ambushed by Yoshi, who states his intent to fight Toon Link and that the Heroes of Legend are too far gone to be saved. Unable to escape, Toon Link accepts Yoshi's challenge despite the fact that Yoshi is much stronger than him. Meanwhile, Link arrives at Battlefield, where he is ambushed by Mario. Link then questions Mario as to why he has sided with Sasuke and Bowser's cause even though he knows the Revolutionaries manipulated him (refusing to accept Midna and Zelda's betrayal). Mario then states that even if Midna and Zelda manipulated him, Sasuke is right in saying that the Heroes of Legend are too far gone and that they will remake the world as soon as they figure out how to do so. The mention of Midna and Zelda's names angers Link, who tells Mario not to mention them in front of him again. Mario then states how Link hasn't accepted Midna and Zelda's betrayal. Link then has a mental breakdown, stating that he doesn't understand why Midna and Zelda acted behind his back, revealing that he was like Zelda in the fact that he never wanted to be a hero, but did so because he thought he had friends in Midna and Zelda, who he felt he could trust with his life. Mario compares Link's situation to Bowser's reaction to Wolf O'Donnell's betrayal, and reveals that he wanted to fight Link to see if he could be trusted, but now knows he can trusted. However, Link asks Mario why he should trust him, angrily stating that the Heroes of Legend won't be able to figure out who they should trust, therefore making Link the only person who would be reborn in the new world with his painful memories, and accesses his Ascent Mode, saying that if Mario wants to be able to trust him, then he'll have see for himself. Reluctantly, Mario decides to fight Link, telling him to give him a reason to trust Link again, with Link telling Mario to do the same. Mario and Link both fight seriously and to their full potential, but it quickly becomes apparent that Link is determined to kill Mario. Not wanting his friend to make the same mistakes he made, Mario puts all his strength and energy into one super charged punch after saying his final good bye to Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, and Rosalina in order to defeat Link, sending him to areas unknown. Exhausted from his final attack, Mario falls off Battlefield and to his apparent death. Meanwhile, Lucario arrives at the Glacial Peak at R.O.B.'s request, where he is ambushed by Mewtwo. Having sensed Mewtwo's aura, Lucario tells him that he knows what Mewtwo wants, to which Mewtwo says they don't have to waste any time then. Although Lucario and Mewtwo are evenly matched, the fight is interrupted by Marth and Vile, who ask Mewtwo to come with them to stop Midna once and for all. Despite the fact that Vile is an enemy, Lucario allows the trio to leave as everything is at stake now. Elsewhere, Pikachu arrives at N64 Yoshi's Island, where he confronts Pichu. Telling Pichu that he won't allow him to sink any lower, Pikachu decides to fight Pichu to bring him back to the side of good, to which Pichu replies by saying that he won't hold anything back. Meanwhile, Piccolo arrives at the Midair Stadium, where he is confronted by Goku and Gohan. Stating how he never expected Goku and Gohan to side with Sasuke and Bowser's cause, Piccolo removes his cape and turban, declaring that he will put his life on the line to bring Goku and Gohan to their senses. Pleased with Piccolo's answer, Goku tells Piccolo that everything will be resolved after the battle, while Gohan tells Piccolo to not hold anything back. During the fight, Goku reveals that he only sided with the Heroes of Legend because he wanted to fight the others if they perceived him as an enemy. Relieved that Goku is still on the side of good, Piccolo continues his fight with Goku and Gohan, but for fun. However, the fight is briefly interrupted by the arrival of Marth, Mewtwo, and Vile, who take Goku with them to face Midna, leaving Piccolo and Gohan to continue their fight. Meanwhile, Future Trunks arrives at the Fountain of Dreams, where he is confronted by Vegeta. Trunks then asks Vegeta why he is doing this, with Vegeta stating that the only way to find out is to defeat him. Trunks turns Super Saiyan in response, to which Vegeta tells Trunks to show him how much stronger he has gotten. Meanwhile, Mega Man arrives at New Pork City, where he is confronted by Bass. Mega Man asks Bass why he is doing this, to which Bass replies by saying that his only goal in life is to destroy Mega Man and tells him to fight him with everything he's got, while bitterly thinking to himself how fighting Mega Man will make him trust him. Throughout the fight, Bass has the upper hand due to Mega Man's refusal to fight Bass, but the fight is left with no outcome after Ike, Lucario, and Yugi arrive to pick up Mega Man after Ridley reveals Mecha Sally's plans for a rebellion, resulting in Bass heading to Norfair to help Metal Sonic. Elsewhere, Knuckles returns to Angel Island at R.O.B.'s request, where he is ambushed by Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Sonic then tells Knuckles that the fated battle that Meta Knight mentioned earlier has finally arrived. Unwilling to allow his friends to sink any lower, Knuckles tells Sonic, Shadow, and Silver that he isn't going to hold back for one second. Shadow then tells Sonic that he can't let his past friendship with Knuckles hinder him, with Silver saying that Sonic can't hold back either. Shedding a tear, Sonic replies that he knows that already as they prepare to fight Knuckles. Although the fight is fierce, it is interrupted by the arrival of Marth, Mewtwo, Goku, and Vile, who take Sonic with them to face Midna, leaving Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Kracko arrives at Luigi's Mansion, where he is confronted by Boo Rock. Remembering how Boo Rock was not only Cocoon Academy's top student, but one of his few friends, Kracko says that he will stop Boo Rock and become famous. Shedding a tear at how much Kracko has grown and how he has become what he always wanted to be, Boo Rock tells Kracko to get ready for the fight of his life. Meanwhile, Kakashi returns to the Hidden Leaf Village and heads to the area where he first trained Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Reminiscing on how much things have changed and remembering Obito Uchiha's words, Kakashi is ambushed by Sakura. Stating that this is where she first became a genin (junior ninja), Sakura tells Kakashi to show her how much stronger he has become. Shedding a tear at what his students have become due to the actions of his former friend, Kakashi remorsefully tells Sakura to try and forgive him when the battle is over. Elsewhere, Yugi Muto enters the Abandoned Duel Dome at R.O.B.'s request, where he is ambushed by Yami Bakura. Stating how he knows that Yugi never trusted him, Yami Bakura tells Yugi that if he wants to save the Heroes of Legend, then he will have to put his life on the line in a Shadow Duel. Prepared to put everything on the line, Yugi transforms into Yami Yugi, who tells Yami Bakura that this is just like old times, to which Yami Bakura replies by telling Yami Yugi to remind him why he is the King of Games. Although both duelists fight to their hardest, Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura are interrupted by the arrival of Marth, Mewtwo, Goku, Sonic, and Vile, who ask Yami Bakura to come with them to help Bowser against Midna. Although reluctant, Yami Bakura agrees, leaving Yami Yugi alone to contemplate why Yami Bakura really challenged him. Meanwhile, Masquerade arrives at the ravaged Neathia, where he removes his mask and gives control back to Alice Gehabich. Wondering why R.O.B. told her to come her, Alice is ambushed by Fabia. Stating that she knows that Fabia didn't call her here to talk, Alice says that she will battle Fabia with everything she's got. Pleased at Alice's response, Fabia tells her to brace herself for her toughest battle ever. Meanwhile, Marucho Marukura arrives at the equally ravaged Gundalia with Akwimos' help. Commenting at how horrible the zombie plague is and wondering why R.O.B. told him to come here, Marucho is caught off guard by Infinity Trister, who tells him how he missed Marucho. However, Marucho's reunion with Infinity Trister is cut short by the arrival of Ren, who reveals that he and the other Heroes of Legend knew that the Bakugan were acting as double agents for the heroes. Disgusted at how low Ren has fallen, Marucho asks Ren why the Heroes of Legend are doing what they are doing, to which Ren replies by stating the only way to find out is to defeat him. Elsewhere, Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin enter the Ruined Hall, where they are confronted by Ben. Upset at how her cousin has become an interdimensional criminal, Gwen states that she will put her life on the line to save Ben from his inner darkness, with Kevin stating that neither he or Gwen are afraid to fight Ben. Shedding a tear at Gwen and Kevin's answers, Ben states that things will return to normal after the war ends. During the battle, Ben uses Alien X to give Gwen the ability to access her Anodite form at will while giving Kevin the ability to use his Ultimate Kevin mutation without losing his sanity. However, the fight is interrupted by Kabuto Yakushi, who informs the trio that Midna has released Primal Dialga and that everyone, with the exceptions of Mephiles, the Heroes of Legend, Kirby, Ridley, Ganondorf, Mechtavius Destroyer, and the Revolutionaries, has been infected by the Midna Virus, a virus created by Midna to induce paralysis in the infected and ultimately brainwash them upon her successful overthrow of Mephiles, and that Shadow has been tampered by Midna with a failsafe that has the same paralyzing effects of the Midna Virus, essentially compromising the entire Dimensional Army, and that he already sent Link to deliver Midna's diary to the Dimensional Army. Realizing what is at stake, Kevin asks Ben to transport him to Link, while Kabuto tells Gwen to remain in her Anodite form, since Kabuto believes the Midna Virus won't affect her in her Anodite form, and gather everyone she can while telling Ben to stop the fights between the Heroes of Legend and their former allies. After Gwen and Kabuto leave, Mario's spirit asks Ben what he plans to do, with Ben replying that he is going to do something he hasn't done since his transformation into pure Phazon, the right thing. Meanwhile, Shun Kazami and Spectra Phantom arrive at the Bakugan Battle Arena, where Spectra tells Shun that he doesn't understand what R.O.B. wanted them to accomplish by coming here. Shun then sees Taylean and Master Ingram float towards him, with Taylean stating that he's glad Shun and Spectra arrived. Shun then tells Spectra to stay on guard, saying that he has a bad feeling about this. Anubias and Sellon then arrive, with Anubias arrogantly telling Shun that he is right to keep his guard up while Sellon asks them to skip the greeting and get to business, to which Spectra replies by stating that it's fine by him, with Shun in agreement, saying it's time for the real battle to begin. Meanwhile, Itachi Uchiha arrives at the location where he fought what he thought was Sasuke. Turning his back on the statue of himself, Itachi says that he knows Sasuke is nearby. In response, Sasuke jumps down from the statue of Itachi, telling Itachi that he should know why he is here. Itachi replies by saying he does, and expresses how he is disappointed at what Sasuke has become, and says that he will fight to his last breath to save his brother from his path of darkness. Silently shedding a tear like Sonic, Boo Rock, Kakashi, and Ben did, Sasuke tells Itachi that he hopes that by battling Itachi, he will figure out what he really wants with his life. However, Itachi begins succumbing to his illness, but uses his final moments to reveal to Sasuke the full extent of the truth of the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and tells Sasuke to never let anyone manipulate him ever again, and that no matter what he does next, Itachi will always love him. Elsewhere, Galacta Knight arrives at Green Greens, where he is greeted by Psycho Kirby. Galacta Knight coldly tells Psycho Kirby to drop the act. Psycho Kirby asks why Galacta Knight hates creepypastas so much, with Galacta Knight stating that the way creepypastas warp people who are seen as heroes into heartless monsters makes him sick, calling it an insult to heroes everywhere. Psycho Kirby then tells Galacta Knight that he is different, but states that the only way he can prove it is to show Galacta Knight firsthand. Meanwhile, Azula arrives at Princess Peach's Castle, where she tells Peach and Rosalina that they can't surprise her. Peach and Rosalina then reveal themselves, with Peach disappointedly saying that she wanted to shock Azula, while Rosalina states that she and Peach are full of surprises. Azula then produces blue flames with her Firebending, telling Peach and Rosalina to bring it on. Meanwhile, Spider-Man arrives at Pandemonium, wondering if Venus knows about the Dimensional War when his Spider Sense starts tingling, alerting Spider-Man of Zombie Spider-Man's presence. Zombie Spider-Man then tells his living counterpart how he envies his life, saying that he wishes that he could be like his living counterpart. Spider-Man tells Zombie Spider-Man that if he wants to be like him, then he has to stop what he is doing now, but Zombie Spider-Man says that he is too far gone to be saved, and tells his living counterpart to brace himself as he unleashes his full power on him. Meanwhile, Wolverine returns to the Xavier Institute, saying that he hasn't seen the place for a while. Upon entering the gates, however, Wolverine is greeted by Zombie Wolverine, who tells him that he is late. Wolverine then states that he doesn't keep up with other people's schedules, and tells his zombie counterpart to cut the chit-chat and get on with it. Grinning, Zombie Wolverine tells his living counterpart that he is going to enjoy this. Elsewhere, Iron Man arrives at Stark Towers, wondering why R.O.B. wanted him to come to his own company, where he is greeted by Zombie Iron Man. Zombie Iron Man asks his living counterpart what he thinks about the Dimensional War and how he feels about starting a war. Iron Man angrily tells his zombie counterpart that he was defending the Heroes of Legend, and that he had nothing to do with Midna. Zombie Iron Man then tells Iron Man that he knows that, but he wanted to know how his living counterpart felt before he kills him. Meanwhile, Wasp arrives at Avengers Mansion at R.O.B.'s request, where she is ambushed by Zombie Wasp. Zombie Wasp sadistically asks her living counterpart if she is enjoying the Dimensional War, to which Wasp, disgusted, tells Zombie Wasp that wars are nothing to joke about. Zombie Wasp then states that she knows this already because she's been alive for 40 years, and tells Wasp to prepare to embrace oblivion. Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer is patrolling Lylat Cruise, where he is ambushed by the Dark Surfer. The Silver Surfer asks his counterpart if this is really what he wants with his life, with the Dark Surfer saying that it is too late to try and save him, as the Heroes of Legend are set to remake the world at any moment. The Silver Surfer then says that he will die before he allows the Heroes of Legend to succeed, to which the Dark Surfer replies by telling his counterpart to show him what he's got. Elsewhere, Solid Snake arrives at Shadow Moses Island, where he is confronted by the Punisher of Earth-TRN028. The Punisher tells Snake that the two of them aren't so different, to which Snake rebukes by saying that while the Punisher may be right, he chose the wrong path while Snake chose the right one. The Punisher then challenges Snake, telling to prove that which of their paths are the right one. Meanwhile, Roy, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Pit, and Jigglypuff arrive at Norfair at R.O.B.'s request, wondering why R.O.B. wanted them to come here, where they are ambushed by Metal Sonic. Roy says that he is pretty sure why Metal Sonic is here, to which Metal Sonic replies by saying that he doesn't have to waste any time then, and tells the Brawl Spectator Society to prepare for their demises. Midway during the fight, Bass arrives to help Metal Sonic, since he has no one to fight now. Meanwhile, Kirby enters Subspace on the Warp Star and heads to the top of the Heroes of Legend's castle where he is confronted by Naruto. Kirby says that he has a pretty good feeling why R.O.B. wanted him to come to Subspace, to which Naruto replies by saying that Kirby knew this day would come eventually. Kirby then states that he did know, and tells Naruto to not hold anything back, with Naruto saying he had no intention of doing so. During the fight, Naruto and Kirby are evenly matched, but the fight is interrupted by Vile, who tells them that he needs them to help him defeat Midna, and informs them of Mecha Sally's rebellion. Realizing what is at stake, Naruto and Kirby stop fighting and head to the Brawl Spectator Society HQ to help Bowser defeat Midna once and for all. During the battle, however, Midna activates her last resort, the Midna Virus, and infects every member of the Dimensional Army except for Thor and the robotic members of the Dimensional Army, turning the Heroes of Legend's battle to determine if their friends can be trusted again into a nightmare battle for survival.

Battle Against the Revolutionaries IEdit

Heroes of Legend: Sasuke Uchiha

The Revolutionaries Combatants: Vile (initially), Sigma, King Dedede (Masked), Dark Samus, Madara Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Mechtavius Destroyer, Ganondorf, Zelda, Wolf O'Donnell, and Ghirahim.

Other Combatants: Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., Zero, N, Terra Branford, Mephiles the Dark, Orochimaru, and Vile (later).

Outcome: Vile is briefly incapacitated due to shutting down as a result of overexerting himself. Ness and Lucas are captured by the Revolutionaries. Madara Uchiha is released from the Impure World Reincarnation.

Location: Brawl Spectator Society HQ

Following Itachi's demise, Sasuke resolves to destroy Midna and put an end to her rebellion once and for all. After arriving at New Pork City, Sasuke declares his intent to destroy Midna, and tells her to come out and face him. However, Midna tells Sasuke that if he wants to stop her, he'll have to get to her first, and allows Sasuke to enter the Brawl Spectator Society HQ. Upon entering, Sasuke notices holograms of the Revolutionaries, with Midna stating that if Sasuke wants to get to her, he'll have to defeat the Revolutionaries first. Remembering Itachi's final words, Sasuke accepts Midna's challenge, but tells Midna that when he's finished with the Revolutionaries he's going to kill her. During Sasuke's battle with Sigma, Zero teleports into Midna's office with Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., N, and Terra Branford, requesting to rejoin the Revolutionaries. To prove their "loyalty" to the Revolutionaries' cause, Zero offers Midna the trophicized forms of Ness and Lucas. As a result, Midna allows the six to rejoin the Revolutionaries, but warns them that they will be punished if they cross her again, and has Zero, N, and Terra wait for Sasuke on the floor between Dark Samus and Madara Uchiha's floors while having Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. wait for Sasuke on the floor between Ganondorf and Zelda. Due to this, Mephiles (who was watching the events from Midna's office) informs Sasuke of the change in the order of his opponents after telling Midna to wait for Sasuke in the Twilight Realm where she will have the advantage, while saying to himself that Sasuke will not get the chance to fight Midna and hopes to be able to compensate. During Sasuke's battle with King Dedede, Orochimaru arrives to aide Sasuke, as he wants to pay Midna a visit but has to accompany Sasuke due to Midna's renovations. During Sasuke's battle with Zero, N, and Terra, Vile unexpectedly arrives and helps him defeat them. When Sasuke asks why Vile helped him, Vile says that he needs all of The Creator's Triune to join forces in order to defeat Midna once and for all. After Midna activates her Midna Virus, Orochimaru is brainwashed by Midna, and Mephiles finally allows Sasuke to go to the Twilight Realm to fight Midna while Vile remains behind to fight against the Revolutionaries.

Battle Against the Revolutionaries IIEdit

Dimensional Army Combatants: Ridley, Kirby

The Revolutionaries: Midna

Other Combatants: Ganondorf, Mechtavius Destroyer, Heroes of Legend

Outcome: Everyone infected by the Midna Virus is cured. Gwen Tennyson is captured and roboticized by Mecha Sally. Mario is revealed to be alive after his presumed death. The Revolutionaries retreat and release the Brawl Spectator's Society's HQ. The Heroes of Legend turn themselves in and are put under the Brawl Spectator Society's custody. Vile, Orochimaru, and Kabuto Yakushi are put under the Dimensional Army's surveilance as they agree to reveal what they know about Midna.

Location: The Twilight Realm and Smash City.

Following Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B.'s forced decision to rejoin the Revolutionaries, Bowser begins to regret not trusting them before, and tells himself that for someone who is trying to bring peace, he seems to do nothing but perpetuate the cycle of hatred. Bowser is then confronted by a vision of Princess Peach's first incarnation (the one that he loved), and confesses his biggest regrets to her, including how he couldn't save her, failed to protect Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings, and failed to save Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., King Dedede, and even Ganondorf from the Revolutionaries, having a flashback of his first life. After finishing his tale, Bowser explains to Peach that he knew all along that Zelda was a spy for the Revolutionaries, but didn't tell anyone because he was afraid of Link's reaction. Bowser also tells Peach that he was conflicted with himself for his entire life, and reveals that he viewed Wolf O'Donnell as his first friend since his days as a member of the Revolutionaries since Wolf gave Bowser a chance to gain the respect of others and overlooked his reputation at the time, making Wolf's betrayal all the more heartbreaking for Bowser. As a result, Bowser realized why Obito Uchiha wanted to destroy the current reality, as Bowser just gave up on his life right then and there. However, after learning that Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. wanted to be like him, Bowser realized he was wrong and regretted his actions. When Peach questions why Bowser is upset when Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, and R.O.B. promised they would return after Sasuke Uchiha defeats Midna, Bowser says that Sasuke will never reach Midna since he won't be able to defeat Madara Uchiha, as Bowser was brutally beaten by Madara himself. However, Peach reminds Bowser that he made her a promise, and that the only way to fufill that promise is to defeat Midna himself. Realizing that she is right, Bowser decides to face Midna personally, and thanks Peach for not giving up on him. However, Bowser realizes that getting to Midna won't be easy if Sasuke is being forced to fight all of the Revolutionaries, and begins to wonder how he is going to get to Midna when he recalls that Zero said that Mephiles the Dark saved him, N, and Terra Branford from the Revolutionaries. Realizing that Mephiles had a ulterior motive for doing so, Bowser realizes that Mephiles is in Midna's office, but since Midna is watching everything from her office, Bowser instead teleports to New Pork City. Upon arriving, Bowser notices Midna's cameras, and realizes Midna will see him if he attempts to go in normally. Instead of challenging Midna head-on like Sasuke did, Bowser decides to sneak in through the roof. While heading for Midna's office, Bowser recalls Ganondorf's battle with King Dedede on the roof, Zelda's anger at having to act like someone she wasn't, Link's revelation that he never wanted to be the Hero of Time, Obito explaining to Kakashi Hatake that the reason he became Tobi was due to Kakashi's failure to protect Rin, and Madara saying that the Uchiha clan is destined to live a life of hatred. While recalling on all this, Bowser (in his thoughts) apologizes to Ganondorf for failing to save him, criticizes Zelda for not confiding in Link, telling Link that he should've said that he never wanted to be the Hero of Time, asks Obito why he didn't protect Rin himself, and taunts Madara for believing that all Uchiha are like him. Pausing before reaching the elevator, Bowser recalls Itachi Uchiha's final words to Sasuke, and tells Itachi that he made the right choice in sparing Sasuke, and says that he was right in saying that Sasuke will change the fate of the Uchiha clan, stating that he has nothing but respect for Sasuke, calling him a true genius. Bowser then enters the elevator and goes down to the lobby and goes down another elevator into Midna's office. However, upon arriving in Midna's office, Bowser is confronted by Mephiles. However, Mephiles tells Bowser that he told Midna to go to the Twilight Realm so she wouldn't see Bowser coming, and opens a portal to the Twilight Realm. Commenting that Mephiles is starting to go soft, Mephiles rebukes Bowser, saying that he still intends to regain his lost power, but will wait for Bowser to put an end to Midna's rebellion first. Sarcastically thanking Mephiles, Bowser prepares to go into the Twilight Realm, but shocked when Mephiles tells Bowser to win. Bowser then enters the Twilight Realm and confronts Midna. Midna is surprised by Bowser's arrival, but Bowser declares that he will put an end to Midna's rebellion once and for all and bring peace back to the dimensions. Halfway through the fight, Ridley, Marth, Mewtwo, Goku, Sonic, Yami Bakura, Naruto, and Kirby arrive to help Bowser after being gathered together by Vile, who believes that only the combined forces of The Creator's Triune can defeat Midna. Later, Ganondorf and Mechtavius Destroyer arrive to help defeat Midna, with Mechtavius Destroyer's reasons being that since he is a part of Mephiles, Midna will likely destroy him and Ganondorf's reasons being that he refuses to allow Midna to rule the dimensions, believing he is the only one worthy of the status of Creator. After Kabuto Yakushi exposes Midna's deadliest creation, the Midna Virus, Midna decides to stop prolonging the fight and activates the Midna Virus, infecting everyone except the Heroes of Legend, the Bakugan associated with the Heroes of Legend, Kirby, Ridley, Ganondorf, Mechtavius Destroyer, E-123 Omega, E-102 Gamma, Mega Man, Mega Man X, Zero, R.O.B., Vile, and Thor. Shortly after this, Sasuke arrives using Chidori, and attempts to strike Midna down, but is unsuccessful due to the enhancements the Midna Virus provides for Midna. On the verge of defeat, a transmission suddenly activates created by Peach's past self, who reveals her ties to the Revolutionaries and how she betrayed the Revolutionaries after realizing that everyone would lose their freedom and went to Nazo and begged him to stop Midna, and then explains that Nazo took action by giving those with the Creator's Potential the power to destroy the Midna Virus and are the only hope for the dimensions now. Mario's past self then appears, saying that he has faith in the heroes of the future, especially Bowser. Midna then mocks Peach's past self, saying that an ancient transmission won't be enough to stop her. However, this transmission gives the Creator's Triune and the Heroes of Legend the strength to fight on, with Bowser declaring that Midna will be defeated once and for all. The battle is fierce, but the tide turns in the Heroes of Legend's favor when it is revealed that Mario survived his battle with Link as he shows up with Thor, the only living being that wasn't infected by the Midna Virus. As a result, the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune's full power is unlocked, which they use to cure everyone of the Midna Virus and eventually defeat Midna. After Midna is defeated and retreats with the Revolutionaries (including Ganondorf and Mechtavius Destroyer), the Heroes of Legend turn themselves in and are put under the Brawl Spectator's Society's custody until further notice, while Vile, Orochimaru, and Kabuto Yakushi are put under the Dimensional Army's surveilance as they agree to reveal everything they know about Midna.

Bowser's FlashbackEdit

Bowser explains to Peach that before joining the Revolutionaries, he and Ganondorf used to be best friends, and were as close as brothers. Bowser says that when he wasn't seeing Peach, he would train with Ganondorf, and it was Ganondorf who inspired him to fight for the sake of gaining respect instead of trying to be number 1 on the Tier List. As a result, Bowser was able to focus better during Exhibition Matches, and even came close to defeating Meta Knight. However, Bowser reveals that everything changed one day, revealing that he witnessed Master Hand wipe Zelda's memories at the Temple, and lashed out at Master Hand when he said that he did it because Zelda and Ganondorf's relationship was becoming a threat to him, stating that it was prejudice because of Ganondorf's title as the "King of Evil", only to be taunted by Master Hand before the Creator left. Preparing to leave, presumably to tell Ganondorf what had happened, Bowser heard Zelda scream, and saw Midna restore Zelda's memories. Suspicious of Midna, Bowser hides behind the pillar, overhearing Midna's plans to overthrow the Creator and her intention to recruit Ganondorf to her side through Ghirahim. Realizing his friend is in danger, Bowser attempted to leave and warn him, but is too late as Ganondorf arrives, coincidentally at the same time as Link. Noticing the anger and hate in Ganondorf's eyes at the sight of Zelda flirting with Link, Bowser attempted to go up to Ganondorf and explain that Zelda is faking it, but is once again too late as Ghirahim arrives and informs Ganondorf of Zelda's memory wipe. Wanting to avoid being seen by Ghirahim, Bowser waited and listened to hear Ganondorf's response to Ghirahim's offer, praying that Ganondorf would think it over. Unfortunately, Ganondorf, consumed by his anger and hate, accepted Ghirahim's offer immediately, causing Bowser to realize he had just lost his best friend to darkness. Hoping to reach Ganondorf and save him from darkness, Bowser confronted Ghirahim and asked to join the Revolutionaries, stating that he too hated the Smash World, resulting in Ghirahim accepting Bowser into the Revolutionaries. Bowser says that his time as a member of the Revolutionaries was when he first met Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B., and King Dedede. Although Bowser befriended the other Revolutionaries, he didn't spend much time with them as he was trying to save Ganondorf from his hatred. However, one day, Bowser arrived late (something he did regularly since he knew of the Revolutionaries' true purpose and that Midna was the true leader) to a training session, where he witnessed Ganondorf brutally beat up King Dedede. At that point, Bowser gave up on trying to save Ganondorf, and decided not to attend the next meeting of the Revolutionaries. Unfortunately, Bowser didn't realize that Ghirahim was losing his patience each time he arrived late. As a result, Ghirahim came to Princess Peach's Castle, where he found Bowser and Peach sleeping together, where he realized that Bowser only resented being viewed as a weakling (which was true, but wasn't Bowser's true reason for joining the Revolutionaries). Not long after this, Ganondorf arrived at Princess Peach's Castle following the disbandment of the Revolutionaries, where he saw Bowser and Peach sleeping together as well, resulting in Mario explaining their relationship. As a result, Ganondorf screamed in rage, which woke Bowser up. When he looked behind him, he saw Ganondorf become consumed by his anger at Bowser for living a lifestyle identical to what he had lost while getting away with it, with his outfit changing from his green palette swap to his traditional palette swap before he left. Bowser tried to stop Ganondorf from leaving, but was too late as Ganondorf already left.

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