The Galactic Empire is the government of antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. It was established by Emperor Palpatine to bring Sith rule to the Smash Bros. Galaxy and the Multiverse. The Galactic Empire have brought devastating bombardments or full-scale invasions to other planets such as Mobius, Mushroom Kingdom, Dreamland. Emperor Palpatine is the final antagonist to the Heroes.


After the Downfall of Ultrom, Darth Sidious has finally established the Galactic Empire to rule the Smash Bros. Galaxy. As the early Empire expanded into the galaxy's periphery, most worlds would see their planets ecologically devastated, with rampant industrialization and mass-produced garments eroding local culture and ecological health. Men and women would see their sons and daughters drafted into Imperial service, while corrupt governors and magistrates would often exploit local populations on worlds such as Jelucan, Devaron and Tangenine. Parades, obligatory attendance at patriotic functions and the erection of barracks and garrisons on various worlds across the galaxy would become the norm. While the Empire turned a blind eye to various abuses, it still maintained a policy of zero corruption and maintained its high standards of conduct, resulting in numerous Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) officials actively hunting down corrupt and negligent officials, even resulting in investigations by Darth Vader himself.


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