The Revolutionaries are an organization founded by Midna to help Madara Uchiha fufill his goal of dimensional conquest, and are one of the primary antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Crossover as they are responsible for the Heroes of Legend's descent into darkness and The Dimensional War. The Revolutionaries have existed since the first cycle of the Smash World, although they were relatively small until the last cycle of the old Smash World. The Revolutionaries are the most widespread organization, since it has been stated that the Revolutionaries have allies everywhere. In Season 35, the Revolutionaries are divided due to Mechtavius Destroyer and Kabuto Yakushi's actions, with Midna's faction currently existing to serve the Heroes of Legend while Kabuto's faction exists to conquer the world. However, following the events of Season 36, the Revolutionaries returned to their original purpose due to Gwen Tennyson's despair at the death of Kevin Levin until it was revealed that Kabuto and Sonic.exe manipulated the Revolutionaries for their plans, resulting in the Revolutionaries teaming up with the Heroes of Legend and their allies against Kabuto, Sonic.exe, and Solaris. After the Heroes of Legend die from the Kabuto Virus, however, the Revolutionaries have vowed to destroy Master Hand for doing nothing to help the Heroes of Legend after they sacrificed everything to save the Smash World, although the Revolutionaries' hatred is soon directed towards the entire Smash World after Mechtavius Destroyer vaporizes the corpses of the Heroes of Legend's past incarnation, who the Revolutionaries intended to ressurect with Master Hand's power, and the Revolutionaries are once again the primary antagonists of Season 38. After Midna passes away, the Revolutionaries are permanently cemented as the main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Crossover due to Obito's radically different beliefs from the ones Midna has, and in part due to Light Yagami's manipulations. Despite the fact that Midna is later revealed to have survived due to her immortality, the Revolutionaries remain the primary antagonistic force in Super Smash Bros. Crossover due to Midna's crush on Obito, as the Revolutionaries begin enter the final phase of their grand plan. With Midna's recent ressurection and decision to reincarnate Madara, the Revolutionaries are now fully assembled for the final phase of their plan. After being overshadowed by Kabuto during Project: Armegeddon and falling into a state of disarray due to Mega Man X standing up to Midna, the Revolutionaries are reunited by Master Hand in order to help him regain his status as the Creator from the Heroes of Legend, with Whis, the Male and Female Wireframes, and Giga Bowser joining the Revolutionaries to keep the group in line.




  • Orochimaru has stated that he has kept tabs on the Revolutionaries, but has no involvement in its creation (it is later revealed that Orochimaru was involved in the formation of the Revolutionaries, he just wasn't aware of it). Ironically, Orochimaru would later join the Revolutionaries after its change in purpose.
  • The Revolutionaries are very secretive, as Mephiles never knew of their existence until recently.
  • Interestingly, Midna, Zant, and Dark Meta Knight are the only Revolutionaries that are from another dimension, as most of the Revolutionaries hail from the prime dimension.
  • The Revolutionaries are the first antagonistic organization to include characters from Super Smash Bros.
  • The Revolutionaries are the most powerful antagonistic organization in Super Smash Bros. Crossover, as Dr. Eggman and Cell both defected to the organization since it was "the winning side".
  • Although the Revolutionaries are the main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Crossover, half of the members are actually protagonists, but are too reluctant to defy the Revolutionaries.
  • According to Blaze, the Revolutionaries are essentially a group of psychopaths.
  • The Revolutionaries are the only antagonists to succeed in their goal, as Gwen managed to kill Master Hand for good.
  • The Revolutionaries are very unstable, as several members have their own goals and agendas that contrast with Midna's original purpose for the group.

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