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Time Eater

The Time Eater was the main antagonist of the Time Eater Arc. He first appeared as Yami Bakura was reviving Zorc Necrophades, interrupting the revival and damaging the timeline. He was eventually confronted and defeated by the heroes. In Season 22, it is revealed that Dr. Eggman collected some of his essence, and this prompts Uka Uka to revive Time Eater as their slave. Even with Dr. Eggman's Classic self helping them, Time Eater's ressurection took one week to finish. However, Time Eater wasn't released immediately, as Samus Aran felt there was no need for Time Eater. After Samus is defeated by the combined efforts of Gohan, the Heroes of Legend, and Bowser however, Uka Uka tells the villains to release the revived Time Eater. Luckily, the Time Eater is destroyed during the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. In Season 32, the Time Eater returns as part of the League of Villains' latest plans.


  • Time Eater's voice in the Time Eater Arc was similar to Black Doom's voice.
  • The reason for Time Eater's revival was because he debuted before the ending of Sonic Generations was revealed.

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