During the course of the Yami Bakura Arc, the evil spirit known formally as Yami Bakura has reincarnated in multiple forms.

Yami Bakura (Original)Edit

Yami bakura

Yami Bakura (original)

The original form of the psychotic spirit. This is Yami Bakura's main form, and has displayed the most abilities out of all the Yami Bakura reincarnations.

Yami ZeldaEdit


Yami Zelda

The first reincarnation of Yami Bakura. When Yami Bakura nearly died while merged with Zorc Necrophades, he sealed a part of his soul in the Millennium Ring. However, since Zelda had the Millennium Ring on at the time, Yami Bakura was reborn as Yami Zelda. Yami Zelda later reappeared in Season 20, as a seperate being from Yami Bakura but still a part of him.

Yami KirbyEdit

Yami Kirby

Yami Kirby

The most recent reincarnation of Yami Bakura. Yami Kirby was created when a Yami Bakura clone formed within Kirby, therefore becoming Yami Kirby instead.


  • A common trait of all the Yami Bakura Forms is that they all have Yami Bakura's trademark hair.

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