Yami Kirby

Yami Kirby

Yami Kirby is the second reincarnation of Yami Bakura and a major antagonist during Arc 3 of Season 20. When Yami Bakura faked his death, he spawned a clone in Kirby. However, since the clone couldn't get out of Kirby, it became Yami Kirby. Yami Kirby is mostly on the sidelines since then, so his true power is a mystery. Yami Kirby is later absorbed by Samus Aran (which he likely allowed) in her quest to become complete. Yami Kirby later escapes the Home For Infinite Losers with the other Offspring of Zorc, and takes refuge in the Millennium Ring. In Season 23, Yami Kirby learns he is connected to the Smash Core, and ultimately redeems himself after defeating Wiseman. Yami Kirby later returns to his evil ways after being tempted to do so by Mechtavius Destroyer. However, Yami Kirby is killed along with the rest of the Offspring of Zorc (except for Bowser and Samus) by Mechtavius Destroyer. Yami Kirby is revived due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past. However, Yami Kirby and the other Offspring of Zorc, with the exceptions of Samus, Bowser, and Zombie Reed, are erased from existence by Sonic after the Heroes of Legend kill Mechtavius Destroyer in the past before his mutation. Yami Kirby is later revived alongside Yami Zelda to battle against the Heroes of Legend. Yami Kirby later reappears after being released from Mechtavius Destroyer by Zane Truesdale. Yami Kirby later joins the heroes after learning that Mechtavius Destroyer used him and the Offspring of Zorc. Following the Grand Design, Yami Kirby returns to being a villain.


Yami Kirby is a blue Kirby with Yami Bakura's hair. Unlike the other Yamis, Yami Kirby carries the Millennium Ring, as he has no neck.


Yami Kirby is as sadistic as the original Yami Bakura.


  • Yami Kirby is the smallest Offspring of Zorc.
  • Yami Kirby and Zombie Reed are the least featured Offspring of Zorc.

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