Could I have a hug?

"Could I have a hug"


"Why do we have a graveyard on this show if no one ever stays dead for long"

-Yami Marik

Melvin is the Abridged version of Yami Marik. He appears in Season 10 of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Like in the Abridged series, Melvin uses the bleep censorship rather than the EFF censorship. Prior to Season 10, Zombie Reed went to the Home For Infinite Losers to seek help with removing the stitches that keep him intact due to Psycho Kirby making him a mock trophy. After a long conversation, Melvin helped Zombie Reed by giving him a "hug". Unlike his usual "hugs" though, this one involved an Ivysaur fusing them together while removing the stitches at the same time. Melvin appears from time to time, usually before a battle, requesting a "hug" which he uses as euphemism for murder, though no one accepts his hugs. He has a habit of calling people Binky-Boy, which Zombie Reed does as well. He is killed by Lena Isis, but is somehow still alive. In Season 11, he is a combination of his Abridged personality and his original personality. Yami Marik was also the only one who remained loyal to Reiaz. Yami Marik returns in Season 12, seeking revenge on the heroes, especially Pichu. However, Yami Marik and Pichu are forced to play Yami Bakura's twisted RPG. Yami Marik returns in Season 16 when Bowser and Zombie Reed go missing as part of the team Magneto gathered to find them. In Season 19, Yami Marik tests a glove that has the powers of the Millennium Rod to open a gateway to the Shadow Realm so Itachi Uchiha can find Sasuke Uchiha. However, Itachi severs his tether to fake the glove as a failure. Yami Marik is later approached by Madara Uchiha, who wants to enter the Shadow Realm himself to find Itachi and Sasuke. Yami Marik escapes the Shadow Realm in Season 20, and is also no longer working with the League of Villains, instead working with Professor Viper and Dark Pichu.


  • Melvin has a habit of calling Sellon a "Neathian-Gundalian hybrid" due to the theory that she is half Gundalian and half Neathian.
  • Recently, Yami Marik is the dominant personality rather than Melvin.
  • Yami Marik doesn't trust Itachi, since Itachi betrayed the villains.