Zombie Zelda is a former member of the Pecking Order and a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.


Zombie Zelda

Zombie Zelda is basically Zelda covered in blood, but is a seperate entity from Zelda. Zombie Zelda used to be incapable of saying anything, but in Season 10, it was revealed that it was just a ruse and she could talk perfectly fine. Zombie Zelda

is also a professional lawyer, as she helped Pikachu when he was put on trial by the Porygon family. Zombie Zelda can turn into Zombie Sheik, but unlike Zelda, she doesn't do it as often, though her reason is that she pwns everyone as Zombie Sheik. In Season 23, Coredegon reveals that Zombie Zelda is an artificial creepypasta that he created alongside BEN. Later, Zombie Zelda tries to run away after Fabia Sheen murders the rest of the Pecking Order (except BEN), but is unable to escape the vengeful Neathian queen's wrath, and is killed by being decapitated. Due to Drago going back in time and killing Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor shortly after they created Master Hand and Crazy Hand, Zombie Zelda was erased from existence. Zombie Zelda is later revived when Coredegon recreates her and BEN. Later, Zombie Zelda betrays Coredegon after he begins having a change of heart and starts to assume Mandibor's appearance. Zombie Zelda is later killed by Mechtavius Destroyer after losing to Link since Princess Peach was able to beat him easily. Zombie Zelda is revived in Season 31, and helps out in the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer. After returning to the prime dimension, Zombie Zelda and BEN leave the League of Villains with the intention of reviving the Pecking Order. Due to Zelda's death, Zombie Zelda is forced to abandon her old body and takes the body of a creepypasta version of Yarn Kirby. However, Zombie Zelda is erased from existence by Sonic after the Heroes of Legend gain Master Hand's power to create life and worlds. Zombie Zelda is later revived by the Heroes of Legend as part of their final plan to remake the world as they see fit.


  • As of Season 23, Zombie Zelda is revealed to be an artificial being, making her the only non-zombie character with the title of "Zombie" in her name.
  • Zombie Zelda has a sick view on what beauty is, as she chose her appearance after seeing a creepypasta where Zelda was brutally murdered and covered in blood.
  • Zombie Zelda's impersonation of Mandibor is black in the areas where Mandibor would be blue.

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